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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation
  • Ray Three - Active Intelligence

The processes of Intention and Visualization have been followed, and again the four stages of the Projection technique have been concluded. At the point of highest tension, the disciple utters the Word of Power for the third ray. It is not easy for the disciple on this ray to achieve the necessary focal point of silence; his intense fluidity leads to many words or to great mental activity, frequently carried forward under the impulse of glamor. This lessens the potency of what he seeks to do. But when he has succeeded in achieving "mental silence" and is simply a point of intelligent concentration, then he can use the Word of Power with great effectiveness. The difficulty is that he has to overcome the tendency to use it with the idea of physical plane results in his consciousness. Always he works from the angle of that divine quality which characterizes matter; just as the second ray disciple works always from the angle of quality and the first ray disciple from the positivity of spirit. But once he intuitively comprehends and factually grasps the concept that spirit-matter are one reality, and once he has achieved within himself the sublimation of matter, then he can divorce himself from all that the human being understands in relation to form. He can then utter the Word of Power which will make possible his complete identification with spirit, via the antahkarana. This word is "Purpose itself am I." [518]

As regards the other and remaining Words of Power connected with the four Rays of Attribute, I shall simply list them, as there is little that I can say about them. They can be comprehended in the light of what I have said anent the three Words of Power used upon the Rays of Aspect.

  • Ray Four - Harmony through Conflict - "Two merge with One"
  • Ray Five - Concrete Knowledge or Science - "Three Minds unite"
    (This asserts the fact that the Universal Mind, the higher mind and the lower concrete mind are blended through the projected antahkarana.)
  • Ray Six - Devotion or Idealism - "The highest Light controls"
  • Ray Seven - Ceremonial Law or Order - "The highest and the lowest meet"
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