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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABDERIS

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Hercules, 27:this far land and those who live upon it." "Abderis," cried Hercules, "come forth and aid me withHercules, 27:in his steps as he went from place to place. And Abderis came forth and took his stand beside hisHercules, 28:Way to Diomedes. He called his friend, saying: "Abderis, come hither and drive these horses throughHercules, 28:his back and pridefully marched forward. But Abderis was weak and feared the task. He could notHercules, 28:and drove them through the Gate himself. But Abderis lay dead. The Teacher looked him o'er withHercules, 28:acclaiming Hercules as savior of the land. But Abderis lay dead.The Teacher turned to Hercules andHercules, 30:Hercules, having caught the horses, gave them to Abderis to hold, whilst he strutted on ahead, notHercules, 30:take steps to prevent it, the mares turned on Abderis and trampled him to death, and again escapedHercules, 37:their potency and strength, so he gave them to Abderis, the symbol of the lower personal self, toHercules, 37:self, to hold. But Hercules, the soul, and Abderis, the personality [38] in unison were needed toHercules, 38:were needed to guard these devastating horses. Abderis alone was not strong enough, and what hadHercules, 38:to the people in the neighborhood, happened to Abderis; they killed him. This is an instance of theHercules, 38:One, and ponders on his failure, and mourns for Abderis, and seeks for help within himself." "It isHercules, 116:stalked on ahead in pride and left the mares to Abderis, his personality, with the result that theyHercules, 116:escaped and the labor had to be repeated. "But Abderis lay dead." And in the labor in Virgo,he
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