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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABILITY

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Astrology, 39:the incarnating Jivas, imparting to them ability to realize the nature of group consciousness, theAstrology, 54:upon their point of development and upon the ability of the individual to identify himself with theAstrology, 124:with form) into detachment from form and ability to identify with the soul. The ordinary low-gradeAstrology, 155:partly because its correct delineation and the ability of the initiate to depict it produces anAstrology, 191:upon the path and to walk the Way, and also the ability to create in the higher and spiritualAstrology, 246:They work from too high a plane and have not the ability to carry through. I have here given youAstrology, 256:the consciousness aspect, as we understand the ability to be aware, was lacking entirely except inAstrology, 309:which he is notably capable. It is this innate ability to control which frequently gives the LeoAstrology, 319:influence of Pisces. He thus demonstrates his ability to react to the Shamballa influence and, whenAstrology, 322:to impacts from every side and his rapid ability to respond to contacts coming from "all points ofAstrology, 323:realize that without the form and without the ability to bear in mind the need to respondAstrology, 325:you to grasp this idea, for it necessitates the ability to identify oneself with the One Who thusAstrology, 327:saving factors lies in a coming intuitive ability to recognize the reincarnating groups, as groupsAstrology, 403:that potentially he possesses the creative ability to build and gradually to develop a betterAstrology, 494:it is awareness of requirements and ability to bring together into a fused relationship the needAstrology, 499:higher impression and the inner inspiration; his ability to live the vertical life of the spiritAstrology, 516:(as the philosopher understands it) is the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity ofAstrology, 516:to function. It is the sense of synthesis, the ability to think in wholes, and to touch the worldAstrology, 559:through activity. Upon these Crosses, the ability to see the Whole, purpose-motive-expression,Astrology, 561:This is by no means an easy thing to do, for the ability to think synthetically is only justAtom, 25:his place within the group. It necessitates an ability on his part to recognize a life greater thanAtom, 40:Digest of February 26th, 1921, he speaks of the ability of the microbe to select and reject, and inAtom, 41:in Great Britain, in which he dealt with the ability of the atom to choose its own path, to rejectAtom, 41:qualities of the atom - energy, intelligence, ability to select and reject, to attract and repel,Atom, 57:of discrimination, of selective power, and of ability to attract or repel. It may seem curious toAtom, 99:aware," or the condition of perceiving, the ability to respond to stimuli, the faculty ofAtom, 113:which results in mind control, and the ability to think clearly and to think only that which weAtom, 125:to every vibration and contact - that is, the ability to respond to the not-self on every plane.Atom, 126:not enter in, but simply the difference in the ability of different grades and types of men atAtom, 127:We have not yet cultivated within ourselves the ability to respond to the divine in our brother. WeAtom, 129:intercourse. Symptoms of this can be seen in the ability which some people have to communicateAtom, 132:recognized somewhat) is the development of the ability to see in subtler matter. Everywhere thereAtom, 135:which some people evince, and which we call the ability to be inspired. I am not here speaking ofAtom, 135:of mediumship, nor do I mean mediumistic ability. There is nothing more dangerous than that whichAtom, 138:is psychometry? It might be defined [138] as the ability to take a tangible something, belongingAtom, 138:as we do upon the physical. It will involve the ability to hear and see all that concerns the groupAtom, 138:it to me thus: "The fourth dimension is the ability to see through and around a thing. The fifthAtom, 138:and around a thing. The fifth dimension is the ability, for instance, to take an eye, and by meansAtom, 157:what it enables us to do within ourselves; our ability to think in wider and larger terms isAutobiography, 2:a step forward in understanding and a greater ability, therefore, to help. The result of thisAutobiography, 47:young) of everything - God, doctrine, my ability to do things, the sureness of my knowledge and theAutobiography, 50:belief in the fact of the human soul and of the ability of that soul to lead a man "out of darknessAutobiography, 90:culminating matter of this love affair. I had no ability to sit light in the saddle. I never haveAutobiography, 100:I don't think I mean a sense of fun but an ability to laugh at oneself and events and circumstancesAutobiography, 127:looked after the babies to the very best of my ability, and so what. Autobiography, 146:its promising surety, and its juvenile ability to settle all problems, their own and the rest ofAutobiography, 167:point of attention. It is almost like the ability which the advanced student of meditation canAutobiography, 220:product of the public schools of America. Given ability, a home where interesting things are valuedAutobiography, 270:task. He has been serving to the best of his ability in a Master's Ashram; he is acquainted withAutobiography, 292:student do not, in reality, interfere with his ability to grasp this spiritual fact, nor can theyBethlehem, 9:- owing to our more advanced evolution and the ability to express ourselves through more finelyBethlehem, 52:world in all the many religions cultivate the ability (through meditation) to hear the Voice whichBethlehem, 97:purification comes also a quiet spirit... and ability to see the Self." (The Yoga Sutras ofBethlehem, 127:the realization of capacity and the sensed ability to rule others because one rules oneself, haveBethlehem, 128:The mind, the integrating factor, with its ability to think clearly, to formulate definite purposeBethlehem, 167:of each initiation is the increased capacity and ability of the initiate to serve. ChristBethlehem, 167:men. His social value depends entirely on his ability to utter clearly what all feel in theirBethlehem, 196:sense of values, and (as the result of that) the ability to see the higher and the lower natures inDestiny, 6:displayed in creative activity. The creative ability of the future will emerge on a relativelyDiscipleship1, 22:It is the functioning of groups who have the ability to work as a unity, whose ideals are one,Discipleship1, 24:work out in three directions: In a demonstrated ability to be in telepathic rapport with me andDiscipleship1, 47:ever-widening ranges of contact. I refer to the ability to be alive, alert, keen to recognizeDiscipleship1, 60:for group work. Fusion. By this I mean the ability of the group to work as a unit. This isDiscipleship1, 74:according to the healthiness of the seed and its ability to cast strong roots downwards and toDiscipleship1, 78:deciding factor with me is to test out your ability to keep silent until it is no longer necessaryDiscipleship1, 85:of what this means and what it brings about. The ability of the group to stand united and with noDiscipleship1, 85:the above and seek - to the best of your ability - to meet them, that is all that I ask at present.Discipleship1, 89:upon this process; in it lies eventually the ability to use the creative powers of the imagination,Discipleship1, 91:imagination "pictures a form" through the ability to visualize and the thought energy of the mindDiscipleship1, 106:here for a cycle to teach you to the best of my ability and I prepare those who respond for theDiscipleship1, 108:himself? Do you not now realize that your mental ability to grasp his situation interested you moreDiscipleship1, 120:astral body conditioned by the second ray. Your ability to go forward in the face of obstacles inDiscipleship1, 126:which has brought you to us and not your mental ability. It is your devotion which has led youDiscipleship1, 127:as it does equality in aspiration and a general ability to make and hold certain spiritualDiscipleship1, 128:is not an easy matter for you. You question your ability to conform to the requirements and toDiscipleship1, 129:advanced second ray type. You have a marked ability to do many things well and a decided aptitudeDiscipleship1, 129:with and for them. You are apt to regard your ability to do well along so many lines as somewhat inDiscipleship1, 132:You are a creative worker and have also the ability to work in several creative ways. You are bothDiscipleship1, 146:taught. Secondly, you must acquire an increased ability to voice truth through the medium of theDiscipleship1, 147:training. Train yourself in that discriminative ability which will enable you to find those whoDiscipleship1, 149:the key to existence. Hence, therefore, the ability of the person upon this ray to "agonize towardsDiscipleship1, 150:the aspirants and the probationers, through your ability to reach them with the written and theDiscipleship1, 153:you can always succeed in doing. I refer to the ability always to act with a wise, clean-cutDiscipleship1, 153:the true second ray disciple. This involves the ability to identify yourself with others, theirDiscipleship1, 168:ray. Hence your Masonic opportunity and your ability to organize and to rule. I would remind youDiscipleship1, 187:as one who has proven his willingness and his ability to serve and to make sacrifices for hisDiscipleship1, 223:the individual, you can contribute much and your ability so to serve will increase... Again I wouldDiscipleship1, 229:to others. Your usefulness depends upon your ability to achieve a constant inner growth andDiscipleship1, 256:to stand alone and detached, and, through the ability to stand detached, comes the power which theDiscipleship1, 258:the success of your present effort and upon your ability to grasp the outlines of your task. YouDiscipleship1, 265:[265] He only recognizes achieved capacity and ability and then endeavors to use them for theDiscipleship1, 267:heart and the ajna centers will come increased ability to do this work. This linking will come asDiscipleship1, 271:ray type and is coincident with your second ray ability to react sensitively to others. It is,Discipleship1, 283:in their control of the time factor and their ability to understand the practical significance ofDiscipleship1, 288:To these also I will add a definite creative ability. As before I told you, the development of aDiscipleship1, 315:of the critical mind. This ray gives you ability in the field of knowledge, but it must be balancedDiscipleship1, 320:for that is not one of your faults), the ability to stand alone and unmoved. Your personality, asDiscipleship1, 331:there "wallows" in the sense of failure. This ability to see such failure and to sense at the sameDiscipleship1, 332:This is one thing which you have mastered, the ability as a soul to call the attention of theDiscipleship1, 332:to call the attention of the personality. This ability is your major asset and contribution where
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