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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABILITY

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Discipleship1, 339:and - losing nothing of your present intuitive ability and power to feel and love - to work fromDiscipleship1, 339:each day, I will ask you to practice the ability to withdraw into the mind. You usually get focusedDiscipleship1, 368:joy to register in you growth and an increasing ability to move forward. Let me tell you now thatDiscipleship1, 391:if soiled or hidden by a blind. This and your ability to project yourself into the immensity of theDiscipleship1, 414:day learn, my brother. One is to cultivate the ability to "sit light in the saddle" (to use an oldDiscipleship1, 414:in your case? It is based upon an inner inherent ability to touch soul levels and thus to be openDiscipleship1, 415:may think to the contrary - you have the mental ability and the leisure (if you organized yourDiscipleship1, 415:people can do just as well as you can) or the ability to see things not done. I have written thusDiscipleship1, 416:because I was testing out your motive and your ability to work without attention from me. It is theDiscipleship1, 456:call aloud for cessation of the effort, the ability to stand steady when the sense of futilityDiscipleship1, 484:one's own capacity, the intensification of one's ability to love one's fellowmen, the power to drawDiscipleship1, 487:to life, no power to be or do anything, and no ability to be aught else except passive andDiscipleship1, 499:of inner contact, the power to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideas must beDiscipleship1, 545:readjustments and the steady development of the ability to stand as a conscious soul in the light.Discipleship1, 550:this. There is much you can do to increase your ability to unfold continuity of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 553:by day, do so with the recollection that your ability to express spiritual thoughts must be usedDiscipleship1, 566:in your life and attitudes, leading to a new ability to serve. In connection with your rays, myDiscipleship1, 589:not have the personal magnetism or the executive ability which would enable you to form your ownDiscipleship1, 600:to have it. In one case, you fail to grow in ability to stand alone and to make wise decisionsDiscipleship1, 606:which could be of service to others. You have ability to write; therefore, at present serve throughDiscipleship1, 614:collaborate with what already is? You have no ability to work in a big way from the worldly angleDiscipleship1, 618:The success of this will be dependent upon your ability to walk humbly and to recognize the factDiscipleship1, 618:rests upon you, and my confidence in your ability to stand steady and to avoid glamor is alwaysDiscipleship1, 622:in a new and helpful way and increase your ability to serve. You can work with many groups, if youDiscipleship1, 627:for meditation. You have power in writing and ability in the expression of the deeper truthsDiscipleship1, 638:goes on. You have an over-active mind and an ability to grasp all sides of a question and to doDiscipleship1, 640:the task of your soul, and will account for the ability which you will discover in yourself to be aDiscipleship1, 641:healing enterprise, therefore, depends upon the ability of the group members to work at will and onDiscipleship1, 646:levels. Other groups are chosen because of their ability to work on astral levels. The task of thisDiscipleship1, 648:the meditation I have assigned) will give you an ability to tune [649] in on "things as they are"Discipleship1, 681:important as the inner unity of vision and the ability to concede where no wrong is involved andDiscipleship1, 684:to the united hierarchical purpose and a growing ability to respond to Shamballa. By his ability toDiscipleship1, 684:growing ability to respond to Shamballa. By his ability to integrate the center of power (his groupDiscipleship1, 688:after the vision, of searching for it, of ability or inability to contact it and, [689] frequently,Discipleship1, 690:all of you have the opportunity to help. Your ability to become world disciples eventually isDiscipleship1, 698:and motivated by love. According to the ability of the group, as a whole, to function under theDiscipleship1, 699:understanding of the Plan, and his [699] ability to convey the embodied mental energy to theDiscipleship1, 704:instead of a fixed habit of life. The ability to make comparisons to the detriment of othersDiscipleship1, 720:means the love of the greater Whole and the ability to do that which is needed for the good of theDiscipleship1, 731:the imparted truths and Plan, according to their ability to sense the need and to bring the needDiscipleship1, 737:vital and strenuous effort, there must be the ability to focus upon the work and its needs and toDiscipleship1, 743:more than one life and who has demonstrated his ability to work with selflessness and pertinacity.Discipleship1, 746:fulfilment of the divine Plan to the best of his ability. It is the reward, if I might so expressDiscipleship1, 749:to him than the part. This in no way negates his ability to work with individuals or to giveDiscipleship1, 753:point, which is the focus of all the trained ability and the high-powered spiritual life of theDiscipleship1, 754:in the consciousness of the disciple, the ability to respond to the quality and the radiation,Discipleship2, 20:to each other. This relation, which indicates ability to touch the sources of power, love andDiscipleship2, 27:and phenomena. Success will depend upon your ability to achieve a strong mental reorientation andDiscipleship2, 46:more difficult to express, for it involves the ability not only to use the spiritual will, but toDiscipleship2, 47:goal to be achieved. It necessitates the ability to think in terms of the whole, an appreciation ofDiscipleship2, 60:ashramic stability. He has also to consider the ability of the neophyte under training to take andDiscipleship2, 66:to the world? Do you appreciate the keen ability of the trained disciple to react to the harrowingDiscipleship2, 69:think. From the angle of the Master, it is the ability of the soul to control its instrument, theDiscipleship2, 69:that is of interest; it is for these types of ability that he looks, and not at the reaction of theDiscipleship2, 78:your potential as a light bearer, and your ability to serve your fellowmen will demonstrate to yourDiscipleship2, 84:leadership. You have shown no organized group ability to take a piece of work embodying some one orDiscipleship2, 99:group? These four questions concern largely your ability to live as a soul in your little outerDiscipleship2, 100:give? This last question goes deeply into your ability to react to impression from me and from theDiscipleship2, 100:I would have you answer it, to the best of your ability, from that angle. Pass on, my disciples,Discipleship2, 103:embryonic condition, awaiting the "focusing ability" of some initiate who is today preparing forDiscipleship2, 103:Master's group. It is ancient relationships, the ability to demonstrate certain aspects of life toDiscipleship2, 104:Custodian of the Plan, and this is based on his ability to "face the greater Light which shines inDiscipleship2, 105:developed through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within the field of intuitiveDiscipleship2, 109:the Hierarchy and thus [109] demonstrate their ability to work within an Ashram. Disciples - in theDiscipleship2, 113:devastates most disciples is the solar plexus ability (when purified [114] and consecrated) toDiscipleship2, 145:with the theme of your meditation. The ability to do this will grow with practice, and willDiscipleship2, 153:body [153] of the disciple. This results in the ability of these centers to register and transferDiscipleship2, 157:you to move forward in your thinking and in your ability to grasp abstractions. Look for theDiscipleship2, 157:From your reaction to this Invocation, and your ability to use its phrases as "stepping-stones" toDiscipleship2, 162:to record that "descending knowledge." Practical ability to relate the idea to the ideal and toDiscipleship2, 166:interest in his own personal development, by his ability to see God immanent in all faiths and notDiscipleship2, 202:them to work intelligently and with creative ability. 3. A mysterious body of what have been calledDiscipleship2, 202:yet are giving all they have of scientific ability and knowledge to the service of humanity - eachDiscipleship2, 237:occupied with the rules which govern the ability to do group work - which is the work to which theDiscipleship2, 276:necessary in the early stages; the power or the ability to divide, subtract, multiply and add wereDiscipleship2, 276:add were conferred, but it is the power and the ability which are now used, and not the exercises.Discipleship2, 282:powers and energies will manifest, and your ability to use them will indicate to you, to yourDiscipleship2, 287:imperative in the fullest sense, owing to the ability of the planetary Logos to identify himself inDiscipleship2, 289:there is present no capacity for thought and no ability to think in the heart; i.e., from soulDiscipleship2, 289:the goal of attention changes. There follows the ability to focus in the soul-consciousness and soDiscipleship2, 293:we use the phrase "the mind's eye," and this ability is the common possession of humanity inDiscipleship2, 314:to call your attention. I spoke of the coming ability of mankind to "share in the greatDiscipleship2, 317:- according to their status and developed ability. The difference, brother of mine, between theDiscipleship2, 327:stages upon the Path indicate a progressive ability to "take the Light." When the aspirant prays inDiscipleship2, 343:of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see this inclusive entity and to noteDiscipleship2, 354:of the disciple. A Master can gauge a disciple's ability to pass onward and arrive at his attainedDiscipleship2, 359:training, circumstances and prejudices, plus his ability to make choices. This is as far as he canDiscipleship2, 360:to him within the precincts of the Ashram. His ability to use a measure of the true divine Will asDiscipleship2, 361:assumes control, and with it the disciple's ability to think and work with the group in terms ofDiscipleship2, 362:the work, requiring a spirit of synthesis and an ability to hold streams of hierarchical energyDiscipleship2, 388:of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole,Discipleship2, 391:a trained and functioning disciple lies in his ability to "see with the Ashram" that activity whichDiscipleship2, 394:seeing no light anywhere; they forget that the ability to work in the dark or in the light is allDiscipleship2, 401:reaction to the Light of the World, and an ability to register in the physical brain (if theDiscipleship2, 418:of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole,Discipleship2, 420:the application of the Rod of Initiation. His ability to contemplate significances rests upon hisDiscipleship2, 420:of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see this expanding and inclusive Entity,Discipleship2, 421:pass on to a deeper meaning and significance. Ability to see the expanding Whole. This leadsDiscipleship2, 422:volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V. Ability to see the... inclusive Whole. This is theDiscipleship2, 432:or else he is serving to the utmost of his ability in the precipitation of the energies which will
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