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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABILITY

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Fire, 268:by saying that the mind aspect is in reality the ability or capacity of the logoic Existence toFire, 279:Kingdom 1. Intelligent activity. All atoms show ability to select, to discriminate intelligentlyFire, 286:the difference between the two exists in the ability of the man consciously to remember, apprehend,Fire, 339:Ignorance the accumulative side of manas and its ability to store and acquire knowledge andFire, 345:selves, or spheres. Consciousness, above all. Ability to evolve. Capacity to "shine ever more andFire, 345:at the secret of this phenomenon through his ability to produce through scientific knowledge, thatFire, 376:except by an initiate, for it involves ability to study the cycles of the earlier solar system, butFire, 391:this present struggle has been to test the ability of the entities within the present human formsFire, 409:or progress. This is literally the distinctive ability of the ensouling life within the form toFire, 409:fifth principle. Capacity to cohere. This is the ability of all intelligent, active Lives duringFire, 418:is cognized in the external world. This is the ability to distinguish between oneself and all otherFire, 456:but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to thinkFire, 474:Resilience, Enormous physical magnetism, [474] Ability to reject false magnetism, Capacity toFire, 485:self-induced control, or authority, precedes ability to transmute. Initiates learn to transmute andFire, 501:On the, Abstract Levels of the Mental Plane. The ability of the Ego to discriminate as to time andFire, 502:Discriminative power here demonstrates as ability to distinguish between the abstract and theFire, 504:Ego functioning in the causal body, comes the ability to work scientifically with the problem ofFire, 508:hid spiritual potentialities in its inherent ability to respond to the higher vibration; from theFire, 508:of force. They are the conserves of faculty or ability to respond to a particular vibration. TheyFire, 516:is stored up and developed capacity, acquired ability, and the atomic memory, or in other words theFire, 517:physical atom of the solar Logos lies hid the ability to respond consciously to the vibration ofFire, 547:which will throw new light upon the possibility ability of work upon the physical plane for man.Fire, 547:is primarily based on two things: First, the ability of the Ego to work through the personality,Fire, 549:they can be led to appropriate the knowledge and ability of their higher self for use on theFire, 556:the concretion of the abstract, this inherent ability to "take form" has its fullest expression asFire, 558:seen when two great events transpire: [558] The ability of man consciously to create on mentalFire, 606:vitalizing, energizing power of Agni, and in His ability to stimulate. He is life itself, and theFire, 640:of these departments will be chosen for their ability to control the agnichaitans when manifestingFire, 646:of the shadows. They are distinguished by their ability to respond to a particular set of planetaryFire, 646:or other of the planets. In this fact lies the ability of man eventually - through the agency ofFire, 697:concern consciousness, and not fundamentally "ability to function on a plane," nor the energy ofFire, 702:intelligent cooperation in group work, and its ability to take its place in the body corporate. ItFire, 710:all innate capacity to progress, and all the ability to function as a self-conscious unit, thatFire, 721:is the law for this system, and deals with the ability of the Logos to "love wisely," in the occultFire, 737:depending upon the interest of the life, and the ability of the man to meditate upon experience.Fire, 740:of man from his etheric vehicle, and his ability then to function on the astral plane, dissociatedFire, 776:and the man is demonstrating character and ability, their work is rapidly increased, and they areFire, 807:[807] petals shielding the "jewel," and their ability to disclose at the right moment that whichFire, 859:the man himself and also upon others, [859] His ability to employ it or not as he may desire. It isFire, 929:law and order, a refusal to be governed, and an ability evidenced to follow out an individualFire, 930:power of sound, the law of vibration, and the ability to produce forms in conformity with law, thatFire, 952:comprehension as to the nature of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents, to disintegrateFire, 953:The whole trend of evolution is to bring about ability to build in mental matter, and two thingsFire, 955:sound and vitalization. It involves likewise the ability to negate or render futile all impulsesFire, 955:activity. This clear vision brings about an ability to read, even if unconsciously at first, theFire, 955:for the new and incoming thought impulses, an ability to lose sight of self interest in groupFire, 956:Man, the real Thinker on the physical plane, an ability, gradually developed once the mind isFire, 957:man has to work as a unit. This infers the ability, therefore, of the threefold lower man to beFire, 958:to all those students who - through their ability to concentrate - have developed a certain measureFire, 959:(or channel) as a means of contact. When to this ability is added that of utilizing with equal easeFire, 959:manner as to the stages of growth and consequent ability to become the agent of ever increasingFire, 962:It will be apparent, therefore, that man's ability to create in mental matter grows as he treadsFire, 962:to produce forms on the mental plane, but the ability of physical plane man to create upon theFire, 967:others, among which might be enumerated: The ability of the disciple to meditate. The capacity heFire, 968:effective of accomplishment according to the ability of the man to vitalize and hold in coherentFire, 970:to do. In this may be seen an instance of the ability of the Great Ones to utilize conditions ofFire, 983:of man as he faces the work of creation, and his ability to bring through, via the mental body, theFire, 986:Magic. - The art of divine Magic consists in the ability to perceive the essence of things in theFire, 997:with his manipulation of solar energy, and his ability to sweep the Builders into cooperation withFire, 1003:They did not achieve their ends through mental ability, but principally through a parrot-likeFire, 1022:the spread of mental science, and the consequent ability of thinkers to acquire and to create thoseFire, 1027:an embodied thought, and having dealt with the ability [1028] of man himself to create forms forFire, 1037:of their time; all gave a great impulse to the ability of man to interpret the laws of nature, andFire, 1038:agencies, and destructively through the ability of the force to destroy prior to building. Thus theFire, 1067:with it, the experimenting student must have the ability to release the essence from its form. HeFire, 1068:purely preventative. It will concentrate its ability on preserving the atomic life of the humanFire, 1071:(The term "liberation" really means the ability of any conscious atom to pass out of one sphere ofFire, 1077:or seven classes of entities which demonstrate ability to transcend their normal motion and toFire, 1128:alignment which must take place prior to full ability to serve in final liberation. We have studiedFire, 1132:objective. This objective might be defined as ability to vibrate synchronously with the greaterFire, 1144:surmounted. To comprehend this law involves ability to: Deal with the higher mathematical formulasFire, 1147:(apart from any extraneous fostering) the ability to arrive, and to achieve fullFire, 1173:which an initiate undergoes, and his ability to attract to himself through knowledge, His ownFire, 1198:the incarnating Jivas, imparting to them ability to realize the nature of group consciousness, theFire, 1217:of Repulsion. This law concerns itself with the ability of an atom to throw off, or refuse toFire, 1221:of the sword as man has developed the ability to soar and mount as an eagle on wings. Law 5. TheFire, 1235:the different grades in the Hall of Learning his ability so to work and his capacity to get at theFire, 1251:be found coupled with these two attributes an ability to "see the dancing of the particles of heatFire, 1254:color and sound predisposes the choice, and the ability to work with "psyche," or with the SpiritsGlamour, 3:gradually apparent. This brings with it the ability to contact the light center in all forms, andGlamour, 4:To have true understanding involves an increased ability to love all beings and yet, at the sameGlamour, 12:to the events of your daily life, and your ability to really meditate. I would like to make clearGlamour, 13:Instigator of the Plan. It presupposes a certain ability to interpret and the power to express theGlamour, 59:the technique of Raja Yoga. This results in the ability to hold the mind steady in the light, toGlamour, 81:to your meditation, cultivating ever the ability to reflect and to assume the attitude ofGlamour, 99:your effort to understand the problem and your ability to arrive at the solution in your own livesGlamour, 103:fourth initiation, the initiate demonstrates his ability to produce complete at-one-ment betweenGlamour, 130:for any other form of ideal. It precludes an ability, therefore, to contact ideas. The man is tiedGlamour, 145:the abandonment of the beloved glamor and the ability to recognize error and to admit mistakes, andGlamour, 163:conquer the three Axis Powers, by their growing ability to conceive ideas in terms of the whole, inGlamour, 165:defeat of the Axis Powers and, secondly, by the ability of the United Nations to demonstrate (whenGlamour, 172:its goal is the second initiation; it produces ability to tread the Path of Discipleship, andGlamour, 178:in approach to the Angel or the soul, and an ability to raise the consciousness to a point of soulGlamour, 186:the Christian Science Church is known for its ability to amass money and to teach its adherents toGlamour, 186:truth in its original simple form. They have no ability for [187] high sounding theologicalGlamour, 209:way towards dissipating glamor. He develops the ability to draw on the light of matter itselfGlamour, 213:and when the intention is fixed and the ability to focus has become an almost instinctual reaction,Glamour, 223:they add to this sensitivity to glamor an ability to suffer about it and to register theirGlamour, 224:of such groups. First of all there must be an ability to work "without attachment" to results andGlamour, 224:and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [225] do this is one of the factors which
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