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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABILITY

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Glamour, 231:be apparent to you that much depends upon the ability of the group members to visualize clearly asGlamour, 255:of India, lacks will, dynamic incentive and the ability to exert that inner pressure upon himselfHealing, 13:freedom. They indicate his discriminative ability to sense perfection, to vision the goal, andHealing, 96:must be aided by the power to visualize, by an ability to work with particular forces as is deemedHealing, 96:it is called. To these powers must be added the ability to be en rapport with the one to be healed,Healing, 102:they can wield. They have also to discover their ability to keep the will in the background and toHealing, 157:the heart is often confused with thinking. The ability to think in the heart is the result of theHealing, 166:cooperation of the patient, and if they had the ability to add to all the above requirements theHealing, 167:But the future holds the promise clear, and the ability of the human eye to function synthetically,Healing, 246:It is necessary here to point out that this ability of the planetary Logos to extract the lifeHealing, 251:to the causes of disease; it can engender an ability to absorb evil contamination with facility. OnHealing, 287:be emphasized in a healing group, and the [287] ability should be developed to send streams ofHealing, 291:and distressing circumstances, but the ability to respond to such conditions with commensurate painHealing, 321:but not all those exposed to it succumb. The ability to throw off infection and immunity fromHealing, 353:as far as you see them and to the best of your ability. Remember, nevertheless, that your best wayHealing, 358:shared suffering and limitations and the gained ability of failure rightly met. So let true love,Healing, 375:who will all express this to the best of their ability in their own peculiar field, in their ownHealing, 376:thought of those on the other side, and their ability to project [377] thought-forms of themselves,Healing, 382:the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real ability to resist infections; this will eliminateHealing, 382:karma of the three worlds and are liberated. The ability - developed during the past fifty years -Healing, 385:in the law of immediate Karma. By that I mean an ability on the part of the patient or of theHealing, 434:in the three worlds and in his consequent ability to wield, with full understanding, the Law ofHealing, 529:healed when the right time comes because of the ability of the healer in the New Age to express inHealing, 529:The healer in the New Age will possess the ability to make the following contacts with both easeHealing, 531:are equally a divine expression and indicate the ability of the human mind to search, to record, toHealing, 541:ascertained these points to the best of his ability, he will then, under the law of "inhibited soulHealing, 575:construction of thought-forms. It involves the ability to move and direct energy currents. Healing, 576:upon his understanding of the rules and on his ability to interpret them correctly. They are aHealing, 585:erroneously apply the term living to the ability of a form to manifest and express its quality andHealing, 604:the major protective measure consists in the ability of the healer to hold his consciousness steadyHealing, 604:center. This involves a dual focus, and for the ability to do this the healer must strive. It isHealing, 643:working on a much higher level and employing an ability to draw down soul energy into the body (orHealing, 653:is dependent, to a great extent, upon the ability of his own soul to establish a firm relation withHealing, 666:as yet unclaimed, of the individual. Man's ability to resist slavery has become apparentHealing, 673:also, on the higher turn of the spiral, an ability to function freely on buddhic levels, owing toHealing, 673:reactions, your clarity of mind and your ability to think clearly would be enormously increased,Hercules, 82:mind, a capacity to register illumination, an ability to contact his immortal aspect andHercules, 130:it. In this incident we observe the Libran's ability to find unusual solutions, and to perceive theHercules, 134:understand both sides of an issue, and this ability serves him well as a mediator and arbitrator.Hercules, 150:labor in which he will have to demonstrate his ability to control the powers and potencies of theHercules, 161:through that little gate, we demonstrate our ability to rightly use the arrows of thought. That isInitiation, 13:of God's plans for the world, and an increased ability to enter into those plans and to furtherInitiation, 24:fires, suffices to give them a firm hand, an ability to persist even when the form may seem to haveInitiation, 52:to recognize these facts, and to cultivate the ability to recognize the hierarchical vibration asInitiation, 86:[86] of the lower mind. It imparts the ability to give forth and utter that which is helpful,Initiation, 86:measure, the laws of his own nature, hence his ability experimentally to be master on the fourInitiation, 88:of the Monad, then with prepared bodies can the ability to see and hear on all the planes beInitiation, 105:been ended too soon. Their confidence in the ability of men duly to adjust conditions wasInitiation, 121:group relations, and having developed the ability to work with units in group formation, theInitiation, 121:will demonstrate on the physical plane as an ability to work wisely, intelligently and harmoniouslyInitiation, 123:cooperating with them with ever greater ability, as time elapses, he becomes ready for the sixthInitiation, 140:in the synthesis of the three fires. Upon his ability to retain that realization, and himself toInitiation, 157:and their due manipulation, and is based on an ability to wield mental matter, and to set it inInitiation, 184:the same procedure can be seen, and the ability of the disciple to pass these greater tests andInitiation, 184:greater tests and stages is dependent upon his ability to meet and surmount the daily lesser ones.Initiation, 187:color and sound predisposes the choice, and the ability to work with "psyche," or the spirits inInitiation, 188:for the most intricate mathematics, and an ability to geometric in a manner incomprehensible to ourInitiation, 197:avoided. Secondly, a recognition of time, and an ability to move slowly when effecting changes inInitiation, 202:affiliation. Karmic links of long standing. Ability to work in harmonious relation. Superficially,Intellect, 8:to add to this first function of the mind an ability to turn in another direction, and to registerIntellect, 8:facility the inner or intangible world. This ability to reorient itself will enable the mind toIntellect, 36:quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to think things through." Who said this I doIntellect, 49:human family) Being stands for a recognition of ability to register contacts that are universal andIntellect, 49:the Being of a man in contradistinction to his ability, we mean his vital soul; and when we sayIntellect, 56:the outer garment of Deity; he finds that his ability to love and to feel makes him aware of theIntellect, 86:outer environment on the other) and finally his ability to use that mind at will as he may choose.Intellect, 115:As he passes through the different stages, his ability so to work and his capacity to get at theIntellect, 147:so, that to many the achievement of intellectual ability is the consummation of the work ofIntellect, 159:to other minds which have achieved an ability to function on soul levels. I do not here refer toIntellect, 214:has been done, and the aspirant is acquiring the ability so to focus in the head, the result ofIntellect, 245:and with unshaken belief in his capacity, his ability to influence thousands, even if he isIntellect, 257:the mental capacity and so bring about the ability to live in the head and not in the emotionalMagic, 41:is superseded by monadic life. This involves an ability to know, to love, and to participate in theMagic, 65:to arrive at absolute purity of motive. The ability to enter the silence of the high places willMagic, 69:decisions of his own soul. It involves also the ability to go forward upon the grounds of theMagic, 103:life caution in judgment, reticence in speech, ability to refrain from impulsive action, and theMagic, 107:body, by past karma and achievement, and by the ability of the aspirant to bring down "power fromMagic, 112:in mind and with their recognition comes the ability to be adaptable. Clarity of vision results inMagic, 114:members of the Lodge have achieved is their ability to view the destruction of form as unimportant.Magic, 129:discrimination, patient endurance, and an ability to proceed along the probationary path toward theMagic, 130:of matter of the higher subplanes and the ability to synchronize one's vibrations with the GreatMagic, 136:of the disciples in the world, and their ability to sense the higher vision and to achieve at theMagic, 139:the individual forms a fragmentary part. The ability to do this is one of the things that the GreatMagic, 139:achieved capacity and by his own hard won ability. When there is capacity, ability, and faculty,Magic, 139:own hard won ability. When there is capacity, ability, and faculty, then the Great Ones joyfullyMagic, 164:has been completed to the best of the man's ability. Now he must, with steadiness, contemplate thatMagic, 169:to the activity of the whole, to the best of his ability. Increased psychic sensitiveness. This isMagic, 180:in the case of H. P. B. you have deep knowledge, ability to be inspired and mental clairaudienceMagic, 180:dictation. In the fourth case, you have the ability to read in the astral light but frequently noMagic, 180:to read in the astral light but frequently no ability to differentiate between that which is past,Magic, 180:will come into incarnation who will have the ability temporarily to create and vitalize theseMagic, 182:They look for is that of teachableness and the ability to record and refrain from questioning untilMagic, 193:matters, so that the mental apprehension and ability to reason logically and sanely may parallelMagic, 193:there is lack of understanding and of mental ability, there is danger of misapprehension, ofMagic, 226:in the world of forms, and develops ability to react to those forms with wisdom and intelligence.Magic, 248:to the physical plane, be carried out. This ability to project the consciousness from the plane ofMagic, 251:and much of his success is dependent upon his ability to register impressions exactly, and to seeMagic, 252:upon a focused mind, a capacity to visualize, an ability to build thought-forms, and an accurateMagic, 260:An inner sensitiveness to the Plan. An ability to recognize principles, governing conduct andMagic, 280:personal self and the soul which will result in ability to build organized forms and groups on the
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