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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABILITY

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Psychology1, 218:and are produced by the will and the organizing ability of the solar Deity. They embody thePsychology1, 230:sign of man's spiritual unfoldment lies in his ability to include in his consciousness not only thePsychology1, 280:seventh ray expresses the power to organize, the ability to integrate and to bring into syntheticPsychology1, 284:that vice and virtue have no real reference to ability and inability to conform to man-made laws,Psychology1, 309:possesses, but which also confers on him the ability to reap the benefits of this experience in thePsychology1, 362:The sixth ray influence conveyed to men the ability to recognize the historical Christ, and toPsychology2, 4:This naturally varies, according to the ability of the soul in any form to master its vehicle,Psychology2, 15:There is often an extreme versatility and an ability to do many outstanding things noticeably well.Psychology2, 59:upon the stage of conscious development. Ability to work in connection with the Plan, which isPsychology2, 102:been reached, the mechanism of suffering and the ability to register sensuous perception isPsychology2, 118:its penalties, if that evasion is conscious. Ability to serve marks a definite stage of advancePsychology2, 120:deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, and the ability to work without attachment. These qualitiesPsychology2, 197:must also be in process of awakening, and the ability to "hold the mind steady in the light" mustPsychology2, 223:to happen today. It is the result of the ability - sometimes adequate and sometimes inadequate - ofPsychology2, 250:and ambition of many artists. There is the ability to excel in some field and, in that onePsychology2, 250:than the average man. But there is not the ability to live as a soul and the vaunted excellence isPsychology2, 273:and the nearing approach of the Hierarchy. This ability to register the Approach, or the Touch ofPsychology2, 393:involves the use of the head center, demands the ability to focus the consciousness in the soulPsychology2, 400:power to respond intuitional, intellectual ability to interpret that which is sensed, focusedPsychology2, 423:of individual goals and group goals, between the ability to be social or anti-social. Much is beingPsychology2, 424:attention and is not based on any true creative ability. It is the sense of "I, the dramaticPsychology2, 428:Psychology can count definitely upon the innate ability of the [429] human unit to understand thePsychology2, 468:making of plans as indicative not only of mental ability but of real spiritual insight and wisdom.Psychology2, 495:to assert themselves, but they also include the ability of the spiritually-minded aspirant in thePsychology2, 503:of the man during the hours of sleep. The ability of the subject to bring through correctly thePsychology2, 503:through correctly the related experience. This ability is dependent upon the pre-establishing ofPsychology2, 555:the point of synthesis. The fact of the inherent ability (found in all forms of life [556] in allPsychology2, 568:the power of the unexpressed wish or the mental ability of the person or persons concerned. APsychology2, 583:what he has noted but there is no interpretative ability. It is seldom of a high order because thePsychology2, 629:prepared to share, to the best of their ability, in the response to the need of this crucial momentPsychology2, 635:due to the improving educational facilities, the ability to read, and the impact of the new methodsPsychology2, 652:stand for progressive righteousness and the ability of the disciples of the world to act in unison,Psychology2, 710:it may be; they have outstanding creative ability in some department of the creative arts; they areRays, 4:or of inertia. They work blindly and have no ability to respond [5] consciously to the plan. TheyRays, 6:which is brought about through the ability of the self to identify with its real nature as theRays, 10:of the lives which compose it, and in an ability to hear the voice of the "formless One" above theRays, 10:of the sounds of all beings, and the ability to speak the language of the soul is the clue to theRays, 42:through which the escaping AUM can pass." The ability to use this door or channel is brought aboutRays, 45:and with the Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability of the disciple rightly to love. It is theRays, 46:ideas of orientation, implacable determination, ability to wait and to preserve intention andRays, 47:is not the will of the separated self. As this ability to be selflessly decentralized grows andRays, 60:fusion is transmuted into fixity of intention, ability to move forward into the clear cold light ofRays, 63:with the underlying purpose, and the ability - through the medium of the higher mind, which is theRays, 119:than ever before. This is an instance of the ability of the initiate consciousness to function onRays, 125:given to applicants consequently concerns their ability to accept and adhere to a self-imposedRays, 125:of superiority, of pride and separativeness. His ability to sustain the discipline and hisRays, 155:to follow the light wherever it may lead, ability to begin work within the larger framework theRays, 155:his work within the individual framework and his ability to work within the greater framework inRays, 162:- consciousness, feeling, sensitivity, the ability to establish and register contact) they passRays, 205:of the distinction between love and will, and an ability to express in Himself a fusing, blendingRays, 206:enhanced and [206] amplified by the fused ability of a group of Lives Who - though not as farRays, 211:men, by other disciples, or by the Master. The ability to work without any token of recognition, toRays, 223:I seek to make: First, the attainment of the ability to use the group will dynamically can be moreRays, 226:energy, thus earning the reward of new utilized ability, i.e., the ability to work with theRays, 226:the reward of new utilized ability, i.e., the ability to work with the consciousness aspect in allRays, 228:after all only a symbolic phrase), but the [228] ability to use developed soul power. This is thatRays, 243:my brother, I mean just exactly that. This same ability to respond through pain is not to be foundRays, 253:own point of development and also upon their ability to recognize an advanced person, a disciple orRays, 258:interpreted and understood. It signifies the ability to view all life with a sense of divineRays, 275:its intelligent and practical purposes and its ability when rightly functioning to unite theRays, 286:initiate starts with knowing, and through his ability to express esoterically that which he knowsRays, 293:of expression, he is occupied with his ability to express the truth which he theoreticallyRays, 298:inclusiveness; the secondary goal is the ability to reveal the nature of that reality, Unity; theRays, 298:of that reality, Unity; the third goal is the ability to take those measures in the three worldsRays, 312:with the purpose of Shamballa and with his ability to react or respond to the will of the Monad. AsRays, 312:to the will of the Monad. As you know, this ability does not become an established fact andRays, 316:of the command to Know and of his innate ability to Express the will nature of the monad inRays, 334:Hierarchy and the demonstration of Their united ability to work from the physical plane up to theRays, 338:with the then endowed energies emerge as the ability of the initiate to express divinity more fullyRays, 407:only sensitivity to systemic purpose, but the ability to transmit that Purpose to the CouncilRays, 412:spiritual unfoldment of a human being and his ability to contact his soul produces incredibleRays, 425:you have spiritual imagination and speculative ability you can comprehend much. I have also askedRays, 438:emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being. Here againRays, 443:an illumined mind (with its thought-form making ability), is then wielded by the disciple in orderRays, 455:is not only through the development of creative ability in the three worlds that the necessaryRays, 478:presence. The process of recognizing creative ability and of opportunity falls into two phases orRays, 485:dynamic and group form; it may also be simply an ability to understand and to make othersRays, 504:in the building process is dependent upon the ability of the disciple to do three things: Hold theRays, 511:grasp of process. It is dependent upon your ability to live more definitely in the world of meaningRays, 513:no importance. What does matter is the ability of the disciple to feel the meaning of the Word ofRays, 513:significance which are of importance; it is the ability to think, to feel and silently to send outRays, 514:to meet the requirements to the best of his ability and to follow the four stages of the techniqueRays, 531:are not registered by the mind (with its ability to reduce realization into symbolic form) and thusRays, 543:approach to the Ashram and has demonstrated his ability to serve and thereby utilize any ashramicRays, 549:far greater and more inclusive than the ability of the mind of the disciple to register the contentRays, 560:mind capable of illumination, and great creative ability. In the Aryan race, which from the occultRays, 587:The awareness of the initiate and his ability to work consciously within this triplicity of groupsRays, 594:or the Negro and the Russian. It posits an ability to function with clarity upon the mental plane,Rays, 596:men, the attainment in consciousness of mental ability by many thousands, and the achievement ofRays, 617:for this focal point, will be the number and the ability and status of the disciples found activeRays, 638:disciple and all groups of disciples develop the ability to think sanely, with right orientationRays, 660:The factor of supreme importance is the ability of the planetary Logos to carry out His primaryRays, 667:must keep alert, developing in themselves the ability to register the quality for which search mustRays, 719:Hierarchy, learnt to make right choice, and his ability to do that emerges out of his effort whilstRays, 749:the mentality of man is daily developing and his ability to grasp world affairs is growing. That isReappearance, 16:keener, their sense of values more acute, their ability to discriminate and choose is fastReappearance, 22:the spiritual Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability of mankind to use what light it already hasReappearance, 33:interest in his own personal development, by his ability to see God immanent in all faiths and notReappearance, 70:only the will of His Father animates Him and the ability to make decisions which are a fullReappearance, 108:in His belief in divinity, in His service and in ability to penetrate into that area of
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