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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABLE

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Discipleship1, 616:us remains unbroken, though I have not been able for some time to contact you subjectively. ThisDiscipleship1, 633:January 1938 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you will be able to grasp my intention or if I shall be ableDiscipleship1, 633:be able to grasp my intention or if I shall be able to reach you. With disciples in my group, IDiscipleship1, 642:healing. This means that this group should be able to work with the whole person or with groups asDiscipleship1, 649:whole. Seek to see humanity liberated, free and able to live their daily lives in the light of loveDiscipleship1, 686:at the beginning of any help which I may be able to give you. What is this occult obedience which aDiscipleship1, 689:in the academic sense of the term and are able to render themselves receptive to spiritualDiscipleship1, 694:is little or nothing that the disciple will be able to contribute of any kind for a long time. OnlyDiscipleship1, 698:could be a potent destructive force. He must be able to trust himself before his Ashram can run onDiscipleship1, 708:being the best and highest they have been able to grasp to date) and with the conviction that theyDiscipleship1, 708:all human tendencies, good and bad, and hence is able to serve. The discovery that the thing whichDiscipleship1, 724:so that they can be definitely useful and able to communicate with the aspirant. It might beDiscipleship1, 754:privilege is never accorded to him unless he is able so to guard himself and the sphere ofDiscipleship1, 759:this stage, relatively free from glamor, he is able to respond from the angle of sensitivity andDiscipleship1, 759:of sensitivity and feeling and consequently able to bring through the Master's plans (his share ofDiscipleship1, 760:seven having a fourfold expression, he is not able to work with energy. When he works with energy,Discipleship1, 786:of all that A. A. B. and my disciples have been able to do, it is generally conceded that I am aDiscipleship2, XIII:1940 My BROTHER: May I say that when I am able to start my instruction to this New Seed Group withDiscipleship2, 11:and hence, therefore, the work we have been able to do together, even though I am not her Master. IDiscipleship2, 20:emerge clearly in your minds, and you will be able consequently to work intelligently andDiscipleship2, 71:simultaneously involved, the disciple is then able to take the higher major initiations. Much ofDiscipleship2, 124:the solar plexus in the right way and able to transmute the lower energies so that they will beDiscipleship2, 125:You will be thereby the gainer and will be able to grasp somewhat more clearly the nature of theDiscipleship2, 126:results - from my point of view. I shall not be able to give you another meditation unless youDiscipleship2, 145:of the monthly word-theme that you have been able to reach. You then relate that theme to theDiscipleship2, 149:his complete, new utterance. I have only been able to give their general significance. Nothing elseDiscipleship2, 151:can do your share in implementing it and will be able to recognize those who, in other groups andDiscipleship2, 152:which the human mechanism responds. He must be able to direct the flow of energy to any particularDiscipleship2, 157:thought not hitherto attained, I shall be able to judge your readiness, as individuals, for certainDiscipleship2, 166:of the divine Presence. All mystics have been able to do this to a greater or less degree, but heDiscipleship2, 166:he differs from those in the past in that he is able clearly to indicate to others the techniquesDiscipleship2, 200:and with a true background of knowledge - are able to "think through" into a higher state ofDiscipleship2, 238:attained the point in evolution where they are able to know the truth if and when presented,Discipleship2, 253:that - for aeons - the disciple has ever been able to do. But now he also perceives and recognizesDiscipleship2, 263:the soul, far more than the concrete mind is able to register. I would ask you, therefore, to ceaseDiscipleship2, 281:for you the process which the disciple will be able to follow when he is initiate; as eachDiscipleship2, 294:fewer, only the disciples and initiates, are able to glimpse the purpose of the spiritual eye andDiscipleship2, 294:which only initiates above the third degree are able to consider. With the sequential stages ofDiscipleship2, 314:unfold your latent possibilities, you will be able to help others to do the same. This is indeed aDiscipleship2, 343:the part becomes the whole; the disciple must be able also to register and respond practically toDiscipleship2, 356:you will assuredly learn much. I shall not be able to give you full and adequate interpretations orDiscipleship2, 448:and when you know what they are, you will be able to bring all the three phases of your life intoDiscipleship2, 489:resistance but remains quiescent and negative - able to make the Great Transition without concernDiscipleship2, 521:There is, nevertheless, little that I have been able to do for you because loneliness is one of theDiscipleship2, 599:- arrive at the point where you will be able to dissipate them. The glamor of "the flight intoDiscipleship2, 621:seek your sympathy? How will you discover and be able to answer these questions? That is for you toDiscipleship2, 644:I refer not here to the choice which every able bodied and sane man has to take when he determinesDiscipleship2, 645:comprehend the nature of your problem and so be able to handle it with increased poise,Discipleship2, 669:love as they essentially are and a love which is able to see in character and temperament theDiscipleship2, 681:I, the Master D.K., value what you will be able to do and be when you have released yourself fromDiscipleship2, 711:be needlessly circumscribed and you will not be able to serve as generously and successfully as youDiscipleship2, 761:as the serving disciple. You are strong and able to take what the process requires; you can restEducation, 34:becomes capable of more than this. He should be able to formulate his knowledge intelligently andEducation, 38:environment. To read, to write and to be able to add and do elementary arithmetic are regarded asEducation, 72:demanded curriculum as is possible, so as to be able to demonstrate their adequacy when inEducation, 90:to bear in mind. The time when humanity will be able to think in universal terms still lies farEducation, 104:below me in the social order and how far am I able to mount in the social scale and so betterEducation, 115:our trained intuitive and thinkers who will be able to work directly in the world of concepts andExternalisation, 33:alive to the interior values; they should be able to function upon the outer plane of appearancesExternalisation, 48:under the mass systems of the present time, able occasionally to think and rise to mentalExternalisation, 111:bewilderment may disappear and you may then be able to help others to live calmly through thisExternalisation, 145:factors within himself as far as he is able to do so at his particular point in evolution. All thatExternalisation, 147:physical plane and in everyday life who will be able to combine their efforts with those of theExternalisation, 148:to spiritual contact and teaching and so able rightly to interpret the intent of the Hierarchy. Externalisation, 154:more wide-reaching in effect than you have been able to conceive. A recognition of this and aExternalisation, 180:it is also true that there are not enough people able to think to do this work. Also, there is notExternalisation, 195:because the average Jew is lonely and unsettled, able to do little to put himself right before theExternalisation, 204:are found in every land but are at present only able to express themselves effectively in theExternalisation, 209:tremendous issues. As they do so they must be able to count upon the support of the men and womenExternalisation, 216:where you, as a soul, stand. You will then be able - if you are sincere and clear-thinking - toExternalisation, 260:new Invocation phrase [260] by phrase, I may be able to make this matter clearer, for there areExternalisation, 272:assume more importance, and you will then be able intelligently to invoke Those Who can inspire toExternalisation, 299:were not only human-divine Avatars, and hence able to link humanity with the Hierarchy, but TheyExternalisation, 302:as much of the divine purpose as humanity is able to grasp through its best minds and mostExternalisation, 317:of the chaos and conflict cannot and will not be able to judge accurately the measure ofExternalisation, 337:New Age; on that decision, the Hierarchy will be able to make prediction and determine action; inExternalisation, 353:disciplining your personality. Thus you will be able to present a tiny focal point through whichExternalisation, 384:world. Through it the Forces of Light will be able to work and you, in your place and sphere, willExternalisation, 395:the fact that humanity has now, as a whole, been able to see and grasp more clearly than everExternalisation, 401:as He is so are we in this world and that we are able to do still greater things than Christ didExternalisation, 453:potently defeated that never again will they be able to wreak such universal destruction uponExternalisation, 476:of spiritual and humanitarian purpose and are able thus to work - consciously or unconsciously -Externalisation, 478:and also the fact that two nations have been able to withstand - until the past few months - anExternalisation, 489:His complete, new utterance. I have only been able to give their general significance. Nothing elseExternalisation, 491:can do your share in implementing it and will be able to recognize those who in other groups and inExternalisation, 525:Members of the Hierarchy so that They have been able to grasp and work out the emerging Plan. ButExternalisation, 541:They are the only two Members of the Hierarchy able to register the divine Purpose (in regard toExternalisation, 571:contact with their particular Ashram are able to work in this way. Occult bodies and esotericExternalisation, 585:of effective work along some particular line, able to influence and direct others in similarExternalisation, 590:to those who follow Him, Who is a strong and able executive and not a sweet and sentimentalExternalisation, 635:picture in your minds - you will find yourselves able to do still more. I intend to indicate (stillExternalisation, 650:as well as chaotic democracy, will not be able to stand against them. This is no mystical orExternalisation, 659:and is far more important than you are perhaps able to appreciate. Externalisation, 697:as these "transitting initiates" would not be able to identify themselves. This form of appearanceExternalisation, 699:for which all men wait and to which they will be able to respond, owing to the needed and newFire, xii:these potencies. Man is already, through the able work of the scientists, discovering the neededFire, 53:from the etheric which makes a man a healer, and able to transmit active heat. It is necessary toFire, 139:a ray of it in him and being supposed to be able to identify himself with and to merge himself intoFire, 139:true kundalini fire fully aroused, and therefore able to perform its work of cleansing through theFire, 146:Brahma (the logoic cycle) [146] we shall not be able to conceive of the first aspect of will or
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