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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABLE

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Fire, 157:way an occult statement of fact and we should be able to work out these four effects: Separation,Fire, 309:of the fire of the intelligence, and should be able accurately to comprehend its correlatingFire, 320:to those advanced beings who are individually able to cognize their place in the body of a Logos ofFire, 396:then - and then only - will the sons of men be able to study with profit the place of manas in theFire, 397:and from thence into the intuition, will man be able to understand the significance of manas. WeFire, 419:himself until he is of full strength, and able to take his share in the work of his group. Only theFire, 428:First, physical plane scientists will be able to speak with authority anent the fourth ether, evenFire, 474:people will possess etheric vision, and will be able normally and naturally to live consciously onFire, 485:supervision. Advanced intellectual man should be able to cooperate in the synthesis of the work,Fire, 500:leaving the student as far as he is able to work out analogous ideas in relation to the HeavenlyFire, 509:[509] triadal permanent atoms, he is simply able to function consciously in the etheric body of hisFire, 557:the close of the mahamanvantara) shall we be able to formulate any ideas anent the cosmic astralFire, 656:coloring, vibrant to His own particular key, and able to demonstrate His own unique quality. ThisFire, 690:therefore, during manifestation, man is able to express himself fully when he attains theFire, 707:generation. Each generation should produce those able to ascertain subjective fact for themselves;Fire, 715:of the necessary resistance to the force and able to receive and hold it. To transmit it as energyFire, 746:center of energy and becomes consciously able to use it; he becomes, therefore, aware of his realFire, 915:be distinguished from the astral devas by those able to see clairvoyantly. As we consider the devasFire, 936:our thoughts into two sections, we may be able to cover the ground somewhat more easily, dealingFire, 963:little prior to the third Initiation) or is able to transmit, coupled with, That much of the fireFire, 963:fire) or the egoic aspect which the Ego is able to transmit. This is but little in average man, aFire, 966:are forced to work with groups, being seldom able to find a man or woman whose three physical headFire, 977:First, owing to his stage in evolution, he is able to enforce his words in a manner which wouldFire, 1063:The Cause of Radiation The student will only be able to get a true view of this matter if he viewsFire, 1067:To comprehend the law and therefore to be able to work perfectly with it, the experimenting studentFire, 1078:from out of it, becoming thus conscious of, and able to participate in, the activity of the stillFire, 1098:the law of correspondence, the student should be able to arrive at certain conclusions and judgeFire, 1153:causal ovoid on the cosmic mental planes is able to flow unimpeded through to the physical planeFire, 1153:electric energy. This electric energy is able to circulate through the schemes owing to theFire, 1198:quality of the seven Heavenly Men, but not being able to express themselves fully. Some clue toFire, 1201:stage in another solar system, but were not able to proceed beyond that owing to the coming in ofFire, 1212:of burning matter and veiled in smoke" to be able to mount of themselves into regions where standGlamour, 15:is firm and true. The Hierarchy will be able to use the world aspirants as an instrument for theGlamour, 37:the "light shines upon his way." He is not yet able to see truly in the larger sweeps ofGlamour, 44:the reader must bear in mind that he will not be able to distinguish the truth or isolate thatGlamour, 60:his highest and his best, and though he may be able in some measure to hold his mind steady in theGlamour, 68:of the world glamor. This you may later be able to do, if you submit to training and, asGlamour, 145:for none of you (as you will discover) will be able to work effectively on this matter if you feelGlamour, 150:manner that the aspirant will find himself more able to function as a soul than might otherwiseGlamour, 211:in the eradication of glamor must be able to distinguish between glamor and the reality. TheseGlamour, 212:reception of the truth. They must also be able to distinguish between a major and a minor glamor. AGlamour, 222:ray person is faced with the difficulty of being able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-formsGlamour, 228:some measure of inner polarization and to be able to withdraw themselves to their spiritual centerGlamour, 264:mind and a growing soul contact: He will be able then to "see" clearly in the light of the soul,Glamour, 264:he can consequently dispel illusion. He will be able to project light, consciously, on to theGlamour, 264:plane and can thus dissipate glamor. He will be able to pour light energy through the etheric bodyHealing, 20:with its chain of consequences, do you feel able to grasp the significance of what I am saying? Healing, 35:in the consciousness of the healer before he is able to work constructively. First of all, thatHealing, 86:and mental states, in so far as those are able or not able to [87] find expression through theHealing, 86:states, in so far as those are able or not able to [87] find expression through the medium of theHealing, 150:student is a disciple or an initiate, he will be able also to study the life aspect. [151] OurHealing, 167:a subject to be dealt with here, but I may be able to make it somewhat clearer as we deal with ourHealing, 278:reaction, and advanced thinkers seek to be able to do this at this time through the medium ofHealing, 349:unless a healer is an advanced initiate and so able to work effectively and intelligently on theHealing, 354:greater understanding and knowledge, we shall be able to handle such diseases as cancer far moreHealing, 366:passing into another and higher one) you will be able to help them more intelligently. A largeHealing, 369:positively or negatively charged, and they are able to produce artificially electrified air; thatHealing, 370:he is an astral type, as are so many, will he be able to respond to the magnetism of a mentalHealing, 550:basis of the existent trouble. He will be able then to ascertain the location of the effect (theHealing, 575:of a very advanced person who is consciously able to cooperate, the third eye of the patient canHealing, 577:thought which conditions the patient. He must be able to penetrate to the source of the difficulty,Healing, 577:therefore, he must use thought power. He must be able to relate cause and effect; the relatingHealing, 603:must have awakened them in some measure and be able, consciously and by the power of thought, underHealing, 624:consideration; all stimulation which he may be able, for instance, to convey to a center in theHealing, 650:to that ray; then, when adequately efficient and able to use facility and skill, they can add theHealing, 653:the patient. When the patient is conscious and able to cooperate, the work is greatly helped;Healing, 653:will be the quality of the aid he will be able to give to the one who needs his assistance. WhenHealing, 676:upon an individual. The patient would not be able to receive or absorb it. It is, however, assumedHealing, 693:of this happening, and farsighted enough to be able to vision, imagine and plan for the new future.Healing, 694:expectancy which will use the little that I am able to impart, and the symbolic words I mayHealing, 696:on this line of basic energy, he will not be able to heal. This is seldom realized. It is rare,Hercules, 70:in the different constellations, we should be able to retrace the history of man, recover theHercules, 71:is full of encouragement for them, had they been able to recognize the happening. Like Hercules,Hercules, 166:In Sagittarius, the gift of power. Do you feel able to have power? One definition of an occultistHercules, 174:up walls; it is loving everyone because we are able to see people as they truly are with theirHercules, 179:prepares humanity to recognize him and to be able to endure the quality of the emanations thatHercules, 192:struggling with separativeness. We are not able to be world conscious, to be en rapport with everyHercules, 192:be some day. Let me ask a question. Are you able to enter intelligently, sympathetically andHercules, 228:the world as a savior, a liberated son of God, able to work in Hell, on Earth, or in Heaven. HeInitiation, 10:to deal with it adequately one [10] should be able to write from the viewpoint of an initiate; whenInitiation, 87:Not only can he use these faculties, but he is able now to create and vivify thought-forms that areInitiation, 102:of a definite decision by the Ego. A man may be able better to work off certain karma and to carryInitiation, 117:stands free of both, fully liberated and able to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned toInitiation, 172:of energy in a greatly increased degree, being able to dispense or retract force currents. TheInitiation, 185:a higher point of development, we shall be able to comprehend more, but under the law of economy itInitiation, 185:must be a Brother of Compassion, and he must be able, through intelligence and love, to wield theIntellect, 5:with intuitive perception have always been able to penetrate. The science of the West, with itsIntellect, 7:mind is apparently an instrument which we are able to use in two directions. One direction isIntellect, 18:means of which the race [18] as a whole will be able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the EastIntellect, 37:get a different 'feel' of one's world if one is able to develop another habit of mind. It is, inIntellect, 68:and understanding, the illuminated man is able to enter at will into the kingdom of the soul, andIntellect, 127:it) nor his circumstances and environment seem able to give. This can be called the search forIntellect, 137:perceiving the "things of the Kingdom of God," able to ascertain truth at first hand, and aware inIntellect, 170:personal experience. As far as I have ever been able to understand it, the phenomenon seems to haveIntellect, 181:body and the psychical nature, may we not be able now to pass on to our next evolutionaryIntellect, 210:The aspirant discovers that besides being able to record impressions from the phenomenal world, heIntellect, 210:impressions from the phenomenal world, he is able to register also impressions from that of spirit.Intellect, 216:not be truly said, if any one claims not to be able to find fifteen minutes out of the one thousandIntellect, 224:because we are not yet in a position to be able to conceive of higher forms or types of substanceIntellect, 224:This process goes on, whether we are, as yet, able to see it with the mental eye or not. It does
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