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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABNEGATION

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Discipleship2, 380:suffering of sacrifice in the sense of complete abnegation of all that might be regarded as goodExternalisation, 201:itself. In this expression of the spirit of self-abnegation may be seen the appearance of theFire, 162:deeds and thoughts, Serve his race in utter self-abnegation. In doing this he fulfils the law, heFire, 877:what is termed "a solar and lunar act of abnegation" it involves, therefore, a due comprehension ofHercules, 3:the Path is necessarily one of misery, of self-abnegation and of endless distress. His attitude isInitiation, 38:group of liberated souls who, in utter self-abnegation, stand silently behind the world panorama.Magic, 182:of this will involve discipline, pain, self-abnegation and abstinence. See you to it. The group ofMagic, 189:In self-forgetfulness he serves; in self-abnegation he walks the earth, and he gives no thought toMagic, 353:by knowledge of the future and complete self-abnegation. Therefore, you have the following: ThePatanjali, 204:this he does through an act of the will and self-abnegation; he is not impelled thereto by desirePsychology1, 306:upon the altar of sacrifice, and the self-abnegation required in the life of the family are
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