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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSENCE

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Autobiography, 68:on my life became very hectic. I was (in the absence of Miss Schofield) supposed to be responsibleAutobiography, 192:to the group of men to study and read during our absence. In many cases this letter seemedBethlehem, 83:of ascetic purification takes place, in the absence of which there can be no spiritual life,Bethlehem, 232:must have endured during the three days of His absence it is not hard for us to imagine.Discipleship2, 562:new cycle of service. This requires on his part absence or a state of withdrawal, [563] for theExternalisation, 522:been arranged for the Hierarchy after so long an absence, will call for a fuller expression of theFire, 730:evolution, and no periods wherein there is total absence of any one aspect; all are ever presentHealing, 342:clairvoyance and clairaudience. Obsession. Absence of mind. Soullessness. This is, of course, aHealing, 403:return to physical rebirth - so many years of absence are proclaimed, dependent upon the age of theHealing, 403:If, we are told, the soul is very advanced, absence from the physical plane is prolonged, whereasHercules, 126:group. But Hercules and Pholos opened it in the absence of their brothers, calling to Cherion,Intellect, 109:reaction in the meditator, either of pleasure or absence of pleasure. Emotional reactions areMagic, 144:form. Light is known by what is revealed. The absence of light produces the fading away, intoMeditation, 65:use of the Word. In the meantime, owing to the absence of a teacher and the defects of the pupil,Meditation, 298:and the consciousness of the causal level. The absence of a Master in personal presence, able andPatanjali, 283:in another aspect. The two must conjoin; the absence of luminosity [284] or its being disconnectedPsychology1, 204:on philosophic studies, patience, caution, absence of the tendency to worry himself or others overSoul, 36:It is a gruesome thought to realize that the absence of one chemical can result in a failure of
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