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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSOLUTE

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Astrology, 240:- all relative in nature but leading to an absolute consummation. This is Initiation, or activityAstrology, 608:are the three aspects of that Indescribable, Absolute Monad, the Ineffable Cause of the seven solarAstrology, 672:(time)... is represented as mutilating Uranus... Absolute time is made to become finite andAtom, 38:to another. One writer has remarked that "absolute intelligence thrills through every atom in theAtom, 53:in a word, to the full realization of the Absolute of God." This proceeds from those minuteAtom, 99:which we might enumerate as follows: Absolute consciousness, universal consciousness, andAtom, 100:to define two in any way with clarity. [100] Absolute consciousness, to the ordinary thinker, isAtom, 100:occurring, or going to occur. This is, possibly, absolute consciousness, and from the standpoint ofAtom, 100:Now, to understand these vague expressions - absolute, universal, and individual consciousness - itAtom, 101:it as the unit which incorporates the atom. Absolute consciousness to the atom might be consideredAtom, 101:down and consider more practical matters than absolute consciousness. Atom, 154:Him also there must be a goal. You can call this Absolute Consciousness, if you like. Let us againAtom, 154:consciousness of the solar Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness, might it not? This thoughtBethlehem, 38:on the one hand or with the life of the absolute on the other. Our idea has been throughout... thatBethlehem, 38:is, on the other hand, a thread or fiber of the absolute life, ...a stream or tide within it ofBethlehem, 103:of revelation." - A Pilgrim's Quest for the Absolute, by Lord Conway of Allington, p. 8. ThisBethlehem, 198:terms. "Calvinism is built upon the dogma of the absolute sovereignty of God, includingBethlehem, 240:Goodness what his own right hand is to a man.' Absolute devotion or surrender of the self to theBethlehem, 241:is the only event which we can predict with absolute certainty, and yet it is the event about whichBethlehem, 248:"in so far as we can identify ourselves with the absolute values, we are sure of immortality." WhatBethlehem, 255:unity, the joy of self-abandonment, the calm of absolute contemplation, the vision of God. On theExternalisation, 426:for launching this horror on humanity is an absolute necessity and bounden duty, if security,Fire, xviii:There is one Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which antecedes all manifestedFire, xviii:The manifested Universe is contained within this Absolute Reality and is a conditioned symbol ofFire, 49:period in time and any point in space - we call Absolute Consciousness. It is the All, the Eternal,Fire, 49:standpoint of cosmic evolution, and in terms of absolute consciousness, may again be rotary. Fire, 85:in the three worlds of the Thinker as the Absolute is in the threefold solar system of the Logos.Fire, 87:will cease. All will be reabsorbed within the Absolute; pralaya, 38 or the cosmic heaven of restFire, 216:the withdrawal of Spirit (the Destroyer aspect), Absolute homogeneity and absolute essential unity,Fire, 216:(the Destroyer aspect), Absolute homogeneity and absolute essential unity, Progressive forwardFire, 238:God, the Universal Mind, Energy, Force, the Absolute, the Unknown, - these terms and many othersFire, 245:633. Consciousness may be roughly divided into: Absolute or God Consciousness - Unmanifested Logos.Fire, 245:goal of consciousness for: A planetary Logos - Absolute Consciousness. Man - Group Consciousness.Fire, 247:with the Atom, the Secret Doctrine says: Absolute intelligence thrills through every atom. - S. D.,Fire, 261:The Monad stands to him in the position of the Absolute, in the same sense as the undifferentiatedFire, 262:Therefore we have: Monad, the microcosmic absolute. Pure Spirit. The one and only. The monadicFire, 263:in certain places. We might express it thus: The Absolute - The Monad. 1. Prakriti - ActiveFire, 263:and the highest one as the correspondence to the Absolute as He manifests in duality. This is priorFire, 265:the standpoint of the Ego what can be seen? The Absolute - Atma. Pure will-to-be. The Duad. BuddhiFire, 483:note, 273. I, 293. H. P. B. says: "I speak with 'absolute certainty' only so far as my own personalFire, 510:"Each human center is a crystallized ray of the Absolute One that has worked through processes ofFire, 640:own entirely neutral ground. Hylozoism demands absolute Divine Thought, which would pervade theFire, 740:The Path of the Solar Logos. Path 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship. Fire, 800:body who - though a great abstraction or the Absolute where the cellular life is concerned - isFire, 1042:seven grades and indwelt by life of some kind. Absolute intelligence informs each atom. - S. D., I,Fire, 1042:intelligence informs each atom. - S. D., I, 298. Absolute life informs each atom. - S. D., I, 278,Fire, 1042:He is in process of developing is that of the absolute will and purpose of the solar Logos, as itFire, 1242:Path of the Solar Logos. Path VII - The Path of Absolute Sonship. [1243] It must be borne in mindFire, 1244:forms, with the true abstraction or the Absolute. Spirit and matter are never dissociated duringFire, 1249:all pass on to Path VII, which is the Path of Absolute Sonship. All that can be said here in regardFire, 1250:mentioned above. They are then known as "Absolute sparks of parental love," or (in the exotericFire, 1250:initiates) they pass on to Path VII, that of "Absolute Sonship." [1251] The attributes which theFire, 1266:Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path VII. The Path of Absolute Sonship This Sonship is a correspondenceFire, 1281:IV (From Archive 63) PATH VII. The Path of Absolute Sonship. That which hath no beginning and noInitiation, 92:he it is who reveals to the initiate that the Absolute is consciousness in its fullest expression,Initiation, 92:though at the stage of human existence the Absolute must be regarded as unconsciousness. Each ofInitiation, 133:and brings to him a realization of the literal absolute truth of the phrase that "God is aInitiation, 162:out, and at the ninth the one sound of the Absolute stands revealed, and its significance is heardInitiation, 190:Path the sixth can be entered. 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship This Sonship is a correspondence onInitiation, 191:a personal intimate sense, pass to the Path of absolute Sonship. It is the Path of the specialIntellect, 144:It develops the power of apprehending the Absolute, Pure Being, the utterly Transcendent... ThisIntellect, 155:illuminated state entails a vision of the Absolute: a sense of the Divine Presence: but not trueIntellect, 186:of this... "Enlightenment we can thus see is an absolute state of mind in which no 'discrimination'Intellect, 187:that Nirvana was not vanishing into a state of absolute non-existence which [188] was anIntellect, 189:which is eternal, pure, free, alone (in Its absolute perfection), incessantly filled withIntellect, 190:darkness (of ignorance veiling the [190] single absolute Reality), it pervades all, envelops all,Magic, 65:that there should be an endeavor to arrive at absolute purity of motive. The ability to enter theMagic, 258:is purity within the group limitations, for absolute purity only exists when entire freedom fromMagic, 258:of any kind, physical, emotional and mental. But absolute purity need not here be considered by theMagic, 408:to use such unmeaning terms in Their teaching as Absolute Reality, and Ultimate Realization. Magic, 525:in the sense of the One Self-Existent Life, or Absolute Being. Sentient energy - the energy whichMeditation, 9:upon the realization by the student of the absolute necessity for the domination of the PersonalityMeditation, 56:the seventh subtone crystallization occurred and absolute conformity to the law of approach. ItMeditation, 93:made my point clear? I seek but to bring out the absolute necessity for the occult student to haveMeditation, 154:only for the reason that they demonstrate the absolute necessity there is for the worker to build aMeditation, 232:sufficiently to permit the pupil to realize the absolute necessity of steadily refining hisMeditation, 347:through the stillness. From the Silence of the Absolute was projected the universe. From darknessPatanjali, 40:contacted and that Presence is pure spirit, the absolute, the Father of Being. The self and thePatanjali, 99:mark. Behind these three again is found the Absolute Principle but these three are all that man canPatanjali, 137:As long as the Logos of our solar system, or the Absolute Spirit, incarnates through the medium ofPatanjali, 160:light upon it in the words: "The spectator is absolute sentience, and though pure, still beholdsPatanjali, 171:result of the union of the two polarities of the Absolute All, spirit and matter, discrimination isPatanjali, 298:Logoic Plane Tatya World of the emanating cause. Absolute consciousness. World of the first aspect.Patanjali, 311:in the well or pit of the throat) he can achieve absolute immobility and rigidity of the humanPatanjali, 326:One who longs for the final goal of life, the absolute assuagement of the threefold anguish, howPatanjali, 368:and it is a sure index of Kaivalya (state of absolute oneness A. B.) to be described in theProblems, 89:whether called God, Brahma, the Abstract or the Absolute - is universally recognized. Again, underPsychology1, 55:potential, and is the basis of brotherhood, of absolute unity, of universal synthesis and divinePsychology1, 168:each became limited (i.e. separated from the absolute consciousness of the Logos by even the finestPsychology1, 201:steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to graspPsychology1, 203:characteristic desire for pure knowledge and for absolute truth - cold and selfish, if withoutPsychology2, 29:own identity in a higher identification with the Absolute One, let us carry our thoughts forward toRays, 109:of developing the will-to-good on Earth and the absolute importance of fostering goodwill among theRays, 124:of life - which is purpose, divine will, and absolute determination - and the eternal planning ofRays, 152:The group relations of the initiate and his absolute need to work with his group and as anRays, 396:Path on which our Logos is found. The Path of Absolute Sonship. In that first book which I wroteRays, 399:to the cosmic buddhic plane. Path 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship leads to the cosmic mental plane.Rays, 422:and the Mysteries of Initiation 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship As I have previously pointed out,Rays, 427:LOGOS Not given Not given PATH VII. THE PATH OF ABSOLUTE SONSHIP Not given Not given [428] Rays, 487:and holding them there in a state of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behind
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