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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSORB

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Astrology, 19:capacity to attract, to respond, to reject, to absorb and to transmute is entirely dependent uponAstrology, 125:through the planetary rulers and which absorb or collaborate with the influences of the sign PiscesAstrology, 595:three major energies so that our solar Logos can absorb them; they "tune out" those aspects ofAstrology, 670:expand at the final pralaya into seven suns and absorb the material of the whole universe." (S.D.Autobiography, 143:with me, by the doctor's orders, so she could absorb my vitality. Day after day by carefulBethlehem, 270:worthy of man's attention, nor one which will so absorb every power he has, every gift and talentDestiny, 146:lead to deep seated insensitiveness. You need to absorb and to act upon the information you alreadyDiscipleship1, 158:to do. Go forward as at present. Let the Plan absorb you but remember at the same time that itDiscipleship1, 360:and to the inner realities that you promptly absorb much more than you can use. You are renderedDiscipleship1, 734:all ashrams (viewing them as wholes) is to absorb new members and disciples, either singly or inDiscipleship2, 6:between the group members, but upon capacity to absorb and assimilate, to lift, to change and toDiscipleship2, 60:degree, and upon the power of the Ashrams to absorb and assimilate the much larger numbers, withoutDiscipleship2, 95:reactions of a co-disciple; you welcome them and absorb them and - whilst dealing with them - youDiscipleship2, 180:no more; the solar plexus center could take or absorb no more. Nothing was left to the sufferer butDiscipleship2, 185:therefore intended to teach the disciple how to absorb energy and what to contribute of energy toDiscipleship2, 536:is the way, par excellence, for you to learn, to absorb and to demonstrate. Guard your physicalDiscipleship2, 571:world workers everywhere who are attempting to absorb the world's sorrow, who are giving time andDiscipleship2, 678:F.B. and A.A.B. have done what they could to "absorb" you into the work of the new cycle, butDiscipleship2, 719:meditation, when the aura of the group will absorb the incoming energies and you will not then beDiscipleship2, 748:plane. Disciples are therefore needed who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. For this taskEducation, 85:will be considered. Thus the child will absorb a vast amount of historical information, of creativeExternalisation, 15:methods. The leaders of these schools need to absorb the following fact. All schools whichExternalisation, 34:and current culture) and at the same time to absorb and thus transmit knowledge, wisdom, force andExternalisation, 131:which shows itself in an ability to absorb vastly divergent elements and yet to present equalExternalisation, 152:sensitivity and the ability to tune in and to absorb world pain, world reactions, and worldExternalisation, 530:any vibration of this nature. Though They cannot absorb it or react to it or redevelop it again, itExternalisation, 562:the Council Chamber at Shamballa to react to and absorb certain extra-planetary energies and to useExternalisation, 690:Law of Love, the more easily does he tune in and absorb the thoughts and register the desires ofFire, 323:of initiation. First there are seven, then three absorb the lower four through electricalFire, 437:cosmic influences our Heavenly Men respond. They absorb the influence, being centers in the bodyFire, 474:Ability to reject false magnetism, Capacity to absorb solar rays, Great strength and resistance, AFire, 537:and eventually synthesize the other four, or absorb their force or energy. This produces theirFire, 964:tends to negate that of the lower centers, to absorb their vitality and deflect the direction ofFire, 1021:so closely to himself that he would be forced to absorb it. This can be harmlessly accomplished byFire, 1107:of the fourth order." They receive energy and absorb from the Ego on the one hand in the firstFire, 1107:of the incarnation process, and on the other absorb the energies of the personality at the close ofFire, 1172:sacred planets) will eventually synthesize, or absorb the life of the planets which are not termedFire, 1190:of the note will mean that our scheme will absorb that which expresses the note of another scheme,Glamour, 159:- absorbed in the PRESENCE yet ready to absorb the Dweller. Humanity has advanced in consciousnessGlamour, 202:a dense fog or as the rays of the sun dry up and absorb the mist. It acts also as a beam alongHealing, 251:causes of disease; it can engender an ability to absorb evil contamination with facility. On this IHealing, 309:should only be employed by those who know how to absorb and to dissipate. In this case, the healerHealing, 616:in nature - the only four which humanity could absorb. Only one of these four is as yet beginningHealing, 649:hand was negative, the healer would be liable to absorb into himself those diseased atoms which,Healing, 676:The patient would not be able to receive or absorb it. It is, however, assumed that goodwill colorsHealing, 677:the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt to absorb the patient's difficulty and will experienceInitiation, 3:one which will, at the end of the greater cycle, absorb the others in the achievement of syntheticInitiation, 133:to the centers on etheric levels, which finally absorb it. This is the stupendous moment for theMagic, 319:a later stage wherein the disciple learns to absorb and transmute the wrong vibrations and theMagic, 487:will aid you here. Into your heart you absorb the thought-form you encounter and there transmute itMagic, 611:meet in their appointed place that which will absorb them and raise them to the fiery point fromMeditation, 171:manifestation is supreme, and will eventually absorb all the others. The man who meditates on thisMeditation, 234:end of a greater mahamanvantara. The three rays absorb the seven and lead eventually to a mergingMeditation, 234:and the Personality will likewise dominate and absorb the seven, and in time also lead to a mergingProblems, 58:will be considered. Thus the child will absorb a vast amount of historical information, of creativePsychology2, 531:active enough or sufficiently awakened to absorb and utilize the sacral energies. They are arrestedPsychology2, 548:again and again until the higher center can absorb and transmute it. The stage wherein the energyPsychology2, 584:dominant in its own field (the material) and can absorb - through the many etheric orifices - thePsychology2, 593:being. The Science of Meditation will eventually absorb the science of laya-yoga, but only in theRays, 68:major functions, esoterically speaking, is to absorb, share, circulate, and then distribute energy.Rays, 69:of its full membership in order rightly to absorb the incoming energies, and later wisely toRays, 374:and nearing the periphery of the Ashram, to absorb with profit the radiation of the Hierarchy. IRays, 691:and with right understanding to work with, absorb, transmute and distribute energy as his majorTelepathy, 42:to the higher impression, that They [42] absorb or appropriate the impression so that it becomes a
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