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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSORPTION

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Astrology, 335:of the lives: Of initiates. Of group absorption into synthesis. Of the significance of the thirdAstrology, 595:one great process of: Transmission. Reception. Absorption. Relation and Living Activity. The methodAstrology, 674:and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force...theBethlehem, 252:tombs but the passage from the death of self-absorption to the life of unselfish love, theDestiny, 116:such as was arrived at during the 19th century), absorption and the final disappearance of theDiscipleship1, 170:Fight it by non-recognition and by complete absorption in the immediate task; I refer to a wiseDiscipleship1, 170:in the immediate task; I refer to a wise absorption which neglects no due physical care nor dueDiscipleship1, 517:less hindering to your progress than your absorption in those you love, because they are well knownDiscipleship1, 689:out. You become absorbed in the vision and this absorption takes place upon the physical plane.Discipleship1, 696:responsibility. The work of integration and of absorption lies with the Ashram and not with theDiscipleship1, 718:(second, third and fourth) produces an absorption, a fusion and a blending process between theDiscipleship2, 6:cannot yet be depended upon to do this necessary absorption, the apparent rejection of certainDiscipleship2, 15:passes on the lighted way to the great Center of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass thatDiscipleship2, 327:by risks, and none more so than that of the absorption of light - on a worldwide scale - byDiscipleship2, 328:of the initiatory process. The "principle of absorption" emerges as one of the subjects to beDiscipleship2, 399:these initiatory processes there is a "spiritual absorption of the initiate into the circle andDiscipleship2, 760:and an eagerness to stimulate "the process of absorption," as it is called. This is a process whichEducation, 112:for a process of dissipation, distribution and absorption has been going on and may proveExternalisation, 63:does not exist, there is ever the danger of absorption into the vortex of hatred and separativenessExternalisation, 77:One to this where he must learn the lesson of absorption and cease his wandering. He has insistedExternalisation, 438:goodwill on Earth. This requires a great Act of Absorption by the Hierarchy. The Buddha will startExternalisation, 525:particularly the mineral kingdom. This latter absorption will lead eventually, when complete, toExternalisation, 538:lack of previous unity and integrity, but on the absorption of new energies, made available viaExternalisation, 554:this movement all over the world. The absorption of the Love which flows from the Heart of God toExternalisation, 563:this development - this unexpected right absorption of spiritual energy, and this seizing ofExternalisation, 691:of the soul; it must be motivated by an occult absorption in the task, and implemented by the willFire, 107:rapidity, giving no time for the subsidiary absorption, and the whole system is thereby the loser.Fire, 107:entity) likewise has his cycles, and in the absorption of [108] planetary prana, and in its correctFire, 108:to congestion. Destruction of tissue due to over-absorption of prana, or its too rapid blendingFire, 155:E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes 4. Absorption, through that depression which is seenFire, 155:the source from which the radiation comes. This absorption of extra-spheroidal emanation is theFire, 157:interior effect, Frictional, environal effect, Absorption, the receptive or attractive effect, inFire, 292:and not of synthesis. A synthetic absorption proceeds eventually in connection with all theseFire, 314:in connection with Man. Theoretically, the absorption of all faculty by the causal body, and theFire, 314:subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction, and the three planes of theFire, 322:is the plane of air, and is also the plane of absorption for the three worlds. This rarefiaction ofFire, 323:and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force. Again inFire, 415:This will be marked by the disappearance or absorption of certain chains as they find their polarFire, 420:He is approaching the hour of synthesis, or of absorption. When a solar Logos utters the words, aFire, 577:that results in adhesion, and leads to absorption. All these terms are needed to give a generalFire, 899:sea and the secret of its occult "drying up" or absorption, will be revealed eventually theFire, 933:escape of the imprisoned planetary life and the absorption of the life essence into itsFire, 1044:one, and finally, at a later period, the absorption of the life of the two planets by a thirdFire, 1067:the central positive energy is achieved, and its absorption into a greater form, to be held inFire, 1090:of partial pralaya through the process of the absorption of the lower solar life forces by theFire, 1102:Separation. Momentum. Frictional Activity. Absorption. Fire, 1106:the activity of the sheath as it manifests as absorption. These two concern, let us remember, theFire, 1108:Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Absorption: This is the faculty which produces theFire, 1108:are all that is possible for us to deal with. Absorption into devachan is absorption into aFire, 1108:for us to deal with. Absorption into devachan is absorption into a definite stage of consciousnessFire, 1127:three planes of the three worlds, producing thus absorption of the lower four centers on eachFire, 1169:of the two final planetary schemes after their absorption of the other forces. The cosmic marriage,Fire, 1173:kingdoms [1173] of nature are concerned. The absorption of the Spirit aspect proceeds under the LawGlamour, 202:The power to use the light not only through absorption and projection but also by a conscious useHealing, 76:the processes clearly defined in both cases of absorption, chemicalisation, and transmission. ThereHealing, 246:inorganic substances which are susceptible of absorption into the soil of the planet itself. Death,Healing, 248:accident, suicide or epidemics. The power of absorption with which the planet is endowed is veryHealing, 308:have patience and will be willing to learn by absorption more than by analysis, you will laterHealing, 314:cancer (that is, the healthy tissue) that the absorption of the weakened, diseased tissue by theHealing, 394:Integration demands consideration, so that absorption in the life of the soul will take the placeHealing, 394:in the life of the soul will take the place of absorption in the life of the body. Sorrow,Healing, 434:the astral body and the mental vehicle. Absorption, the mode whereby the human soul is integratedHealing, 435:who gave it" are a distorted reference to the absorption of the soul by the universal soul. TheHealing, 709:which brings release, the note which will bring absorption into one. He educates the listening earIntellect, 168:tell us what, psychologically, is ecstasy. "The absorption of the self in the one idea, the oneMagic, 307:and of mutual distrust. It causes a sad self-absorption and this we term a panic or a wave ofMagic, 311:factors constitutes his protection from complete absorption in the planetary sentient life, as isMagic, 487:be devitalized or disintegrated. The Law of Absorption will aid you here. Into your heart youMagic, 488:our Thought-Forms Inhibition - Disintegration - Absorption There are three main penalties whichMagic, 621:the problem of decentralizing themselves and at absorption in the whole? These and other questionsMeditation, 16:due to the accumulative faculty and systematic absorption of the Adaptability Ray. All these threePatanjali, 250:which has four outstanding characteristics: Absorption in the soul consciousness and thereforePsychology1, 202:and serene temper. Vices of Ray: Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others,Psychology2, 19:in full consciousness with the group and the absorption of the personal and individual into thePsychology2, 30:up before the adept of the fifth initiation. Absorption into the One Life is the nature of thisPsychology2, 706:interests in those of the Plan, and the absorption of personal desire in the aspects of the soul. ARays, 58:and personality; he finds his group through the absorption of this fusing soul-form with a Master'sRays, 58:of the stage of individualization, progressive absorption into ever larger wholes takes place, andRays, 61:plus esoteric experience, plus again an absorption into the Whole, and for all of this (as I haveRays, 118:concerns the negation, the obliteration, the absorption, the putting out or the synthesis of theRays, 173:to group work and to realization, plus a growing absorption in the Plan are some of the terms whichRays, 212:and such an expectation delay the complete absorption of the group into the inner Ashram. These areRays, 212:of the endeavor and unitedly strive for complete absorption in service - an absorption so deep thatRays, 212:strive for complete absorption in service - an absorption so deep that it excludes all otherRays, 239:is such that hundreds are now ready "for absorption." This readiness and success present aRays, 265:initiated disciple to the greater whole, as his absorption into the group through his obedience toRays, 296:of automatic spiritual living and of absorption into the Hierarchy [297] through the medium of anRays, 374:Ashram, the Hierarchy, radiating (after due absorption of light, understanding and power fromRays, 479:lies the hidden wisdom; in the doctrine of absorption lies the healing faculty; in the pointRays, 487:A process of energy gathering or of force absorption, in order that the needed energies areRays, 650:This he must do consciously. It is conscious absorption of energy and its conscious assimilation,Rays, 690:effect produced - according to his capacity of absorption and direction - will further the workingRays, 767:lies the hidden wisdom; in the doctrine of absorption lies the healing faculty; in the pointRays, 769:moisture disappears, but at the seventh great absorption naught is left save iridescent fire. ThreeTelepathy, 90:This integration into his environment, his absorption of its atmosphere and his potency inTelepathy, 160:three major centers - conditions: The disciple's absorption into one of the three departments ofTelepathy, 161:rays become the two rays, and later another absorption takes place into the second Ray of
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