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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSTRACT

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Astrology, 281:the expression of the concrete and the abstract mind of God. The lower concrete mind was unfoldedAstrology, 281:in the first solar system and the higher abstract intuitional mind, the pure reason, is unfoldingAstrology, 298:which awakens, in the disciple, the power of abstract thought. In connection with the horoscope ofAstrology, 354:rapid perfecting. Mercury, in this case, is the abstract mind - removed from all form contact as weAstrology, 427:Egoic love Ajna center Aspirant Spiritual mind (abstract) 6. Base of spine Initiate Personal WillAstrology, 436:as forming the three phases of the mind: The abstract mind - pure manas. The Son of Mind - soul,Astrology, 442:today. Of what use is all this abstruse and abstract information to a world in agony and a worldAstrology, 478:sought to awaken in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lying behind the two followingAstrology, 531:Thus the higher mind and the lower mind, the abstract and the concrete, the subjective and theAstrology, 615:is equally an act of the sustaining will - can abstract or withdraw the life consciousness intactAstrology, 615:which is transcendent or into the world of the abstract, i.e., into that which is abstracted fromAstrology, 629:Self is to the man in incarnation. As the abstract mind of man develops, these subjective themes,Atom, 16:processes, and until we are able to think in abstract terms as well as in concrete, it will not beAtom, 57:mind, involving purpose, intent, or perhaps some abstract concept. If this same method of study canAtom, 58:and to discriminate. It is, in reality, that abstract, inexplicable something which lies back ofAtom, 111:the highest perfection of austere penance and abstract meditation, by which the most unlimitedAtom, 135:also beginning to develop the power to think in abstract terms. When this is the case we shall seeAutobiography, 61:and this means that we do not love some far off, abstract Deity but that we love our fellowmen.Destiny, 29:destiny of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of Abstract Devotion or Idealism and the seventh Ray ofDestiny, 55:civilization, based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness which is a blend of theDestiny, 105:Thus the higher mind and the lower mind, the abstract and the concrete, the subjective and theDestiny, 112:have here and there demonstrated this power to abstract the consciousness from the material or formDestiny, 126:on other rays. The sixth ray devotee is far more abstract and mystical in his work and thought, andDiscipleship1, 113:to you the deepest meaning) until you reach as abstract a point as you can achieve. When you can goDiscipleship1, 124:which faces any disciple is to exchange the abstract vision of future glory and reward for theDiscipleship1, 173:concrete levels of the intellect nor the more abstract levels of the intuition. During the next fewDiscipleship1, 287:in the integrating process; the sense of the abstract and the formless was unduly developed in you.Discipleship1, 326:who work as you could work upon the distinctly abstract levels of existence frequently have aDiscipleship1, 327:the tendency to continue the ecstasy (known on abstract levels) into the concrete life on theDiscipleship1, 327:to two things: First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involving ecstatic realization.Discipleship1, 328:levels, functioning as a soul on its own abstract levels. Bringing through from those levels theDiscipleship1, 332:She is largely an expression of the higher or abstract mind, invading the lower mind, via the soul.Discipleship1, 333:and are impractical for they remain mystical and abstract, theoretical and divorced fromDiscipleship1, 447:of intelligent manifestation: the higher, abstract mind, the intelligent solar angel, and the lowerDiscipleship1, 456:down from the levels of consciousness which are abstract, mystical or egoic. Contact must be madeDiscipleship1, 600:for any length of time. You report growth in abstract consciousness. You need not that growth. YouDiscipleship1, 669:and meditational work is to avoid becoming too abstract; spiritual achievement for you in this lifeDiscipleship1, 733:warrants his thought and then to stimulate his abstract mind so that he can successfully find theDiscipleship1, 755:which evokes a response from the embryonic abstract mind of the disciple when the antahkarana isDiscipleship2, 10:train your minds to think in ever wider and more abstract terms, you draw from me a correspondinglyDiscipleship2, 145:levels or to the levels of the higher, abstract mind, via the antahkarana. This must happen, inDiscipleship2, 153:how the meditations have become increasingly abstract until - in this last one - you have beenDiscipleship2, 153:you are now ready for the next phase in this abstract work. I would like at this point to refer toDiscipleship2, 156:thinking of the planetary Logos. It is the most abstract form of meditation with which you have yetDiscipleship2, 157:to grasp abstractions. Look for the underlying abstract idea in this Invocation. It is there. FromDiscipleship2, 157:as "stepping-stones" to certain levels of abstract thought not hitherto attained, I shall be ableDiscipleship2, 187:in meditation. They were intended to evoke your abstract mind and their obvious meaning andDiscipleship2, 194:in consciousness between the lower mind and the abstract mind. The higher mind (being the lowestDiscipleship2, 208:utterly no idea in the highest flights of our abstract thinking (and this includes the mostDiscipleship2, 213:thought becoming clear thinking and, eventually, abstract and transcendent thought. ProlongedDiscipleship2, 238:human mind is now more highly responsive to abstract truth, and therefore to the next evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 261:Shamballa will be given forth. The effort of the abstract mind of man will be towards theDiscipleship2, 280:relation and correct evaluation between the abstract and the concrete realms of thought - thoseDiscipleship2, 280:earlier stages of discipleship, work through the abstract mind and the concrete mind. But theDiscipleship2, 280:He has not learned to discriminate between abstract thoughts and intuitive ideas. Here lies theDiscipleship2, 281:antahkarana, must be brought consciously down to abstract levels of thinking where (expressing itDiscipleship2, 281:- which contacts and reveals new ideas. The Abstract World - in which they are given form andDiscipleship2, 283:which I seek to indicate makes its appeal to the abstract mind and to the soul, whose values areDiscipleship2, 313:perception, to penetrate into the levels of abstract thought, the antechamber to the world of pureDiscipleship2, 319:teaching; from this isolated hint he has to abstract the significance, after removing it from itsDiscipleship2, 347:This means thought carried forward on purely abstract levels, and embodying, therefore, thoughtDiscipleship2, 349:the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, the abstract mind and buddhi or pure reason are allDiscipleship2, 399:concrete, lower mind, the Son of Mind and the abstract mind, a direct channel for vision isDiscipleship2, 400:the third eye is concerned. Initiation is not an abstract, mystical process to [401] which theDiscipleship2, 414:mind is unduly dominant (as it so often is); the abstract mind is likewise active, and faintDiscipleship2, 453:but to the life of Life itself. Am I being too abstract with you, my brother? I believe not. As IDiscipleship2, 454:lines of rhythmic abstraction: Twelve brief, abstract monthly interludes at the time of the twelveDiscipleship2, 536:of these definitions practical and four of them abstract and esoteric. This will not be easy, andEducation, 5:in the past has professed to deal. The higher abstract mind, the custodian of ideas, and that whichEducation, 31:through the two lower subplanes of the [31] abstract levels of the mental plane, and are beginningEducation, 35:The Son of Mind, the Soul, the Self. The higher, abstract or intuitional mind. or: The receptiveEducation, 81:penetrating into the world of ideas and of abstract truth. Knowledge comes from two directions. ItEducation, 83:of ideals and ideas and the development of abstract thinking and perception will be fostered; thisEducation, 98:or its idealism and its emphasis upon a seeming abstract group consciousness), will seem to themEducation, 140:all sounds to you necessarily peculiar and too abstract and farfetched to make much sense. I wouldEducation, 145:it is that there should be some capacity for abstract thinking before the true implications of thisExternalisation, 73:you must yourselves see clearly and relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that, inExternalisation, 98:and identification) and the higher abstract mind, which is essentially the power to comprehend thatExternalisation, 173:His Presence felt. The Spirit of Peace is not an abstract concept but a potent Individual, wieldingExternalisation, 532:the utilization (the trained utilization) of the abstract mind can possibly convey to you even anExternalisation, 579:interests, and free also to unfold the higher abstract mind and to interpret its conclusionsExternalisation, 629:against itself. Their main interest is on abstract spiritual levels, and they have not apparentlyExternalisation, 694:for upon mental levels. The possession of the abstract mind is not sufficient. It is useful, inExternalisation, 694:quite possible to possess a well developed abstract consciousness and yet to be quite devoid of allExternalisation, 694:is the major limitation of Z...He is a sound abstract thinker and they are somewhat rare, being,Fire, vi:restrictions of the English language) of abstract ideas and hitherto quite unknown concepts ofFire, 5:or Science. Ray VI - Ray of Devotion or of Abstract Idealism. Ray VII - Ray of Ceremonial Magic orFire, 79:much of interest to the metaphysician, and all abstract thinkers. The etheric body of man holds hidFire, 81:product of desire originating on the planes of abstract mind, whether cosmic, systemic, or mind inFire, 112:four planetary Logoi 50 of Harmony, Knowledge, Abstract Thought and Ceremonial, who [113] are inFire, 114:Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. The Ray of Abstract Idealism. The Ray of Ceremonial Order orFire, 119:the monadic plane in the same way that the three abstract subplanes of the mental are the group ofFire, 119:732. 54 Mulaprakriti. The Parabrahmic root, the abstract deific feminine principle -Fire, 148:for the desired period, and later to abstract them, and blend them again with their spiritualFire, 198:the Ego, the solar Angel, in his own body on the abstract levels of the mental plane. Fire, 228:to be seen. For a clearer comprehension of this abstract matter, we might consider the microcosm,Fire, 237:of Concrete Science. The Logos of Devotion or Abstract Idealism. The Logos of Ceremonial Law orFire, 265:mind 4. Concrete Mind. 3. Manas 5. Higher or abstract mind. 2. Buddhi 6. Wisdom, Christ force,Fire, 267:Manas - lower concrete mind. Higher manas - abstract or pure mind. Buddhi - pure reason, intuition.Fire, 316:the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as: Abstract Being. Darkness. Unity.
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