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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSTRACTION

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Astrology, 631:triple manifestation: Attraction, Subtraction, Abstraction and these three are related (as far asAtom, 137:as does the Logos, in that very metaphysical abstraction, the Eternal Now. Another power of theDestiny, 112:has been the unfolding of the "capacity for abstraction," as it has been called. The outstandingDestiny, 132:should be turned from the realm of [132] abstraction (which is their line of least resistance) andDestiny, 137:called [137] "cycles of withdrawal but not of abstraction." They are three thousand years also inDestiny, 145:Knowledge Science The Scientist. Ray VI Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee. Ray VIIDiscipleship1, 113:can go no further and have entered the world of abstraction, then stay poised in thought and holdDiscipleship1, 253:correct and supervised breathing and eventual abstraction. Ponder on these two requirements for youDiscipleship1, 314:refers in The Yoga Sutras under the term "right abstraction." It differs somewhat from the processDiscipleship1, 347:of time in healing. 4th month - The "occult abstraction" of the personality in healing. 5th month -Discipleship1, 349:factor of time primarily affect and why? "Occult abstraction" takes place in two directions inDiscipleship1, 669:is the ray that always brings withdrawal and abstraction and is the ray of the destroyer or ofDiscipleship2, 115:periphery of activity and also of a conscious abstraction of the consciousness from the outerDiscipleship2, 268:passing Piscean Age and with all processes of "abstraction." These Formulas have sevenDiscipleship2, 316:of darkness, of aridity and a cycle of "blank abstraction," which persisted in its crudest formDiscipleship2, 453:and Recognition. Without these interludes of abstraction, his work would slowly weaken as theDiscipleship2, 453:cyclic attitude of determined and planned abstraction. [454] If you will study your rayDiscipleship2, 454:are initiated in the silence of the process of abstraction, released when the interlude of tensionDiscipleship2, 454:could work along the following lines of rhythmic abstraction: Twelve brief, abstract monthlyDiscipleship2, 455:Two longer periods of interludes or of abstraction at the time of May and June full moons. TheseDiscipleship2, 455:May and June full moons. These points of inner abstraction, of interludes in your subjective life,Discipleship2, 505:orientation, and interior withdrawing or abstraction. The relation of these three activities orDiscipleship2, 505:or express itself upon the mental plane? Or "abstraction and withdrawal" upon the physical level ofDiscipleship2, 692:to work under the influence of the Law of Abstraction. [693] This is a law which is ever present inDiscipleship2, 693:under direction of the Ashram. When the Law of Abstraction is wielded consciously by you fromDiscipleship2, 693:such as: 1. Death or the effect of the Law of Abstraction upon the physical plane. This can referDiscipleship2, 693:upon the physical plane. This can refer to the abstraction of the life principle from the physicalDiscipleship2, 693:a relation to a physical plane group, or to the abstraction of an interest regarded hitherto asDiscipleship2, 694:in many and varied directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardest lesson which a disciple has toDiscipleship2, 694:the truth. The entire process is one of abstraction, involving pain. There is a close relationDiscipleship2, 694:law with which I am dealing. It is the Law of Abstraction which lifts a disciple out of the threeDiscipleship2, 694:the following words for meditative reflection: Abstraction Detachement Liberation RelinquishementDiscipleship2, 695:great divine potencies can be used, and as one abstraction after another is mastered an increasingDiscipleship2, 695:all together and write a paper upon the Law of Abstraction as it makes its presence felt in theDiscipleship2, 695:is made under the influence of the Law of Abstraction. Be strong, therefore, and know that theDiscipleship2, 699:D.I.J. to learn to work with the Law of Abstraction; I tell you to practice a reverse attitude toFire, 85:the causal consciousness; this is as much an abstraction in the three worlds of the Thinker as theFire, 130:entirely within the atom upon the plane of abstraction. This "plane of abstraction" is a differentFire, 130:upon the plane of abstraction. This "plane of abstraction" is a different one for the entitiesFire, 131:by the solar Logos; from His high place of abstraction, He ceases to be attracted by His body ofFire, 148:This is a spiritual relationship that tends to abstraction or to that synthesis of the spiritualFire, 148:Logos is called the Destroyer, because He is abstraction, if viewed from below upwards. His work isFire, 149:of Spirit with Spirit, their [149] eventual abstraction from matter, and their unification withFire, 187:(counting from below upwards) then the planes of abstraction - from the standpoint of man in theFire, 187:the solar system, and the two higher planes of abstraction, the spiritual or monadic and theFire, 188:that we have not summed up the two planes of abstraction on the atmic and the buddhic planes, theFire, 201:means of their differentiation in the process of abstraction; the intuition concerns unity and isFire, 216:of matter and Spirit. It demonstrates as: [216] Abstraction, Spiritual liberation, Destruction ofFire, 227:are more correct, for during the period of abstraction consciousness is not, form is not, and life,Fire, 241:use with wisdom the form. Pure will is as yet an abstraction, and will only be brought into fullFire, 241:of the Logos. Mind or Intelligence is not an abstraction; it is something that IS. Neither isFire, 241:is something that IS. Neither is love-wisdom an abstraction. It is in process of development orFire, 261:the Monad or the Father in Heaven - a point of abstraction to man as he views the subject from theFire, 276:stage of adequacy is reached and the period of abstraction. Cyclic evolution proceeds. A humanFire, 314:of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction, and the three planes of the threeFire, 345:the coming together (out of the darkness of abstraction), of the two factors of Spirit and matterFire, 349:the second, but in a peculiar process of "occult abstraction" (using the word "abstraction" in itsFire, 349:process of "occult abstraction" (using the word "abstraction" in its basic sense as "the drawingFire, 349:as "the drawing out" of essence). This occult abstraction is brought about by an effort of the willFire, 376:analogous function. Globe 1, is that of ultimate abstraction, and of origination. It is the initialFire, 377:primarily archetypal, causal, or involving abstraction; three in which manas is manifested, and twoFire, 405:Spirit.) Outside the ring-pass-not, we have that abstraction which we call pure Spirit. This "pureFire, 411:to attain certain ends. It is succeeded by "abstraction" occultly understood, and in its literalFire, 420:and his relationship to the planes of abstraction. It concerns his realization of his position inFire, 421:all planes and Finally brings about his eventual abstraction from all forms and matter, plus theFire, 426:they can consciously cooperate in the process of abstraction. It is evident therefore that asFire, 514:body, and escapes back on to the planes of abstraction. Thus man is the Path itself, and also theFire, 515:concept into being from the dark regions of abstraction, let us tabulate: a. The Composition of theFire, 529:Electric Fire remains in this solar system as an abstraction. A man can attain group consciousness;Fire, 640:- S. D., II, 167, 168. 9 An atom is an entified abstraction. - S. D., I, 559-560. The informingFire, 720:method has been described as that of "occult abstraction." It will concern itself with theFire, 720:In the next round and chain the method will be abstraction through will power, but this in anFire, 721:In the next system "non-attachment through abstraction" is as near as we can get to the method ofFire, 734:of Pralaya We can view pralaya as the work of "abstraction," and as the method which brings theFire, 736:vehicle. The life forces after this fourfold abstraction are centralized entirely within the egoicFire, 740:to that dealt with when we considered the abstraction of man from his etheric vehicle, and hisFire, 743:Two Globes in a Chain. This covers the period of abstraction of the seeds of all life, and itsFire, 746:development the capacity which will produce: Abstraction, or liberation from form. Creative power.Fire, 771:sinks back into quiescence, and becomes an abstraction as far as the self-conscious unit isFire, 800:in the causal body who - though a great abstraction or the Absolute where the cellular life isFire, 850:Therefore, if one might venture to express an abstraction and a state of consciousness in terms ofFire, 981:evoked and becomes present; it is brought out of abstraction and out of a nebulous condition andFire, 1244:lies outside the manifested forms, with the true abstraction or the Absolute. Spirit and matter areFire, 1244:third Initiation some glimmering light upon this Abstraction is sensed by the initiate, and by theFire, 1249:the vital body of the Logos prior to the final abstraction and the subsequent dying out orFire, 1257:side of manifestation is concerned and an entire abstraction, thus producing a type of solarGlamour, 55:substance of those levels. It remains still an abstraction, from the angle of the lower mind. ThisGlamour, 244:of Deity, is beneficently present. The act of abstraction produces the dispelling of the illusoryHealing, 299:diffusion pleased Him not. He loved and sought abstraction." As far as we can understand theHealing, 319:carry it through the process and the episode of abstraction. When that consciousness has beenHealing, 319:be regarded as involving euthanasia. Modes of abstraction will be studied and applied when death isHealing, 322:on earth. Those which produce the withdrawal or abstraction of the soul in its two aspects -Healing, 386:of soul and body, and deal with integration or abstraction. The objective underlying them in anyHealing, 410:of consciousness - carry out the processes of abstraction, and will then (with directed purpose)Healing, 415:vehicle. The life forces after this fourfold abstraction are centralized entirely in the soul... -Healing, 419:entirely within the atom upon the plane of abstraction. This "plane of abstraction" is a differentHealing, 419:upon the plane of abstraction. This "plane of abstraction" is a different one for the entitiesHealing, 420:by the solar Logos; from His high place of abstraction, He ceases to be attracted by His body ofHealing, 438:Rays: Ponder, therefore, upon this doctrine of abstraction. It covers all life processes and willHealing, 444:A Treatise on the Seven Rays: The processes of abstraction are (as you may thus see) connected with
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