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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSTRACTLY

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Atom, 129:peculiar type of brain that can think somewhat abstractly. There is the stage in which we canAtom, 134:too, for the development of the power to think abstractly, and for the awakening of the intuition.Destiny, 70:determining laws and when the capacity to think abstractly and synthetically will pour floods ofEducation, 145:by the individual of the attained fusion. Abstractly and in relation to knowledge-wisdom, which areFire, 575:requires meditation, and an attempt to think abstractly; it is linked to the fact that the wholeMagic, 351:an increasing aptitude to think concretely and abstractly on the various occult matters that arePsychology1, 76:Son of Mind, Who expresses intelligence, both abstractly and concretely, and is the point ofRays, 207:may expand, and your power to think and reflect abstractly may grow, is my hope and wish for you.Rays, 243:develop in you, the disciple, the power to think abstractly - a much needed capacity before you canRays, 252:of the Theosophical Society, was mentioned very abstractly and vaguely in The Secret Doctrine, andRays, 304:exactly true to the facts; the effort to think abstractly is really an effort to think as far as
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