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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ABSTRUSE

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Rays, 263:injunctions will give you some idea of how abstruse is the teaching conveyed in the rules forRays, 351:light. This gives you a somewhat new and rather abstruse definition of initiation. Nevertheless, asRays, 369:by me because the whole subject is too abstruse and it would require another Treatise like that onRays, 377:this is, of course, an inadequate expression of abstruse truth. The cosmic astral plane is not anRays, 398:planet; this is, in reality, a higher and most abstruse branch of the Science of Impression, whichRays, 405:should be borne in mind in connection with this abstruse subject: First: These Masters workRays, 409:I touched upon the cosmic Paths. I gave (in very abstruse terms) some information; the terms wereRays, 409:terms) some information; the terms were so abstruse that few can understand their meaning. The trueRays, 421:is on It should be remembered as this peculiarly abstruse subject is approached that the SolarRays, 423:system altogether. If you will study the more abstruse teaching (more veiled and more symbolic thanRays, 446:aspect of discipleship, but with the more abstruse and difficult requirements for those whoseRays, 485:world effective. I am attempting to make a very abstruse subject clear, and words prove inadequate.Rays, 507:all it has." It has not been easy to put these abstruse ideas, expressed in the most archaicRays, 538:origin. Among them is one that is so old and so abstruse that it is only now possible to bring itRays, 567:of the three lower cosmic planes. With these abstruse ideas we need not concern ourselves. Let usSoul, 55:of the etheric body. The Oriental system is abstruse and intricate, and defies summarization.Telepathy, 105:this, I cannot here enter as the theme is too abstruse; for time, in this connection, is related to
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