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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACADEMIC

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AstrologyI may say will probably be regarded by the academic and uninspired astrologer as revolutionary, orAstrology, 439:The information must perforce remain academic and theoretical. Leo, which is the will of theAutobiography, 183:who makes me weary, tired and sick it is the academic, technical occultist. The second group thatAutobiography, 219:people themselves, so we gave up all idea of an academic college training for the girls andAutobiography, 225:a relatively high spiritual plane to that of academic philosophy and a spurious esotericism. 1933Autobiography, 233:of the ram. Something apart from the findings of academic astrology, which even at present couldAutobiography, 273:Master is still very infrequent. He is usually academic and theological in his presentation ofAutobiography, 283:assimilated a certain measure of technical and academic knowledge, to have certain spiritualBethlehem, 57:doctrine, and in spite of the distortions of the academic theologian and the impositions of a fewDiscipleship1, 193:read and think more definitely along [193] academic lines for that will aid in bringing about theDiscipleship1, 312:and of thought control, plus (in this life) academic training. For the rest of your life seek toDiscipleship1, 322:majority of my disciples because you have less academic knowledge. Avoid the glamor which comesDiscipleship1, 343:capacity, for you are well grounded in the academic side of the divine art and know more than doDiscipleship1, 638:are a sound and good psychologist, not only from academic training but from a full experience inDiscipleship1, 643:changes in your life. These changes are of an academic nature and not definitely personal and yourDiscipleship1, 643:over-estimating yourself, remembering that the academic intellectual approach to humanity which isDiscipleship1, 643:this in mind always, because I somewhat fear the academic teaching for you. In many ways, you doDiscipleship1, 643:in which you will find yourself as you take academic teaching. If this happens, the true group toDiscipleship1, 643:I seek not to deter you from your search for academic knowledge. A measure of that is wise andDiscipleship1, 644:be not deterred from this acceptance by any academic word-phrasing. You belong to the new schoolDiscipleship1, 644:only teaching which you need from the orthodox, academic psychologist is an understanding of theDiscipleship1, 689:and women are always accepted disciples in the academic sense of the term and are able to renderDiscipleship1, 698:It leads then to a reorganization of the web. Academic explanations do not help the student toDiscipleship1, 756:understanding - is to put into technical and academic terms (thereby crystallizing the truth andDiscipleship1, 764:of mine, are of technical interest, are purely academic and constitute simply word symbols of anDiscipleship2, 429:A man may have no practical knowledge of academic initiatory teaching but - if he loves hisDiscipleship2, 530:understanding is not deep enough. That which is academic and the result of reading, listening, andEducation, 14:and this is so even when (from the standpoint of academic science) there is an apparent hiatusEducation, 88:psychologist than he is today. Besides imparting academic knowledge, he will realize that his majorExternalisation, 43:something of illumination in the technical and academic sense, and of the power of light to dispelExternalisation, 59:they will be theosophists by nature, and academic by disposition. The nature of the anima mundi,Externalisation, 109:may perhaps think at this point that I am being academic and that the world stress at this time isExternalisation, 110:time. First of all, a recognition that modern academic history constitutes only one page in a vastExternalisation, 179:and all hate war. This is a fact which the academic idealist and pacifist often forgets. SuchExternalisation, 271:factual truth but simply for a hope and for an academic concept; the events of the last few monthsExternalisation, 379:a helpless, insignificant unit. He has no academic or general training which would enable himExternalisation, 578:will lead to no damage to the acquisition of academic knowledge or the right apprehension ofExternalisation, 582:of perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an over shadowing andExternalisation, 585:with soul contact and with the idea of academic service. Their eyes are on the job to be done,Externalisation, 666:not for labels, for schools of thought nor for academic, esoteric teaching. They exemplify withinGlamour, 9:the value of a certain amount of technical or academic occultism) that the plane whereon theGlamour, 12:of life forms and their meaning. Also, too much academic interest in symbols may presuppose aGlamour, 80:or who is upon the path of discipleship, in the academic sense) is primarily that of [81] glamor.Healing, 26:put himself in the power of the inexperienced academic psychologist, no matter how prominent he mayHealing, 118:of studying the effects of education - either academic or based upon life itself. Then the factorHealing, 135:relatively free from the technical terms and the academic attitudes of the medical sciences. TheyHealing, 166:psychological and systemic details of a purely academic nature when, by an act of the will and ofHealing, 166:the use of certain Words and Mantrams, then the academic knowledge would indeed be needless. ButHealing, 168:- this treatise will deal somewhat with the academic side. After all, the facts given are facts inHealing, 250:and by the magnificent work of scientific and academic medicine, plus a truer comprehension ofHealing, 254:groups: Physicians and surgeons - orthodox and academic. Psychologists, neurologists andHealing, 256:over centuries of experimentation) of the academic schools of medicine and surgery. They forgetHealing, 256:Such cures have long been recognized by the academic thinker and known to be factual. These cultsHealing, 257:that the many schools of thought - orthodox, academic, ancient, material or spiritual, new,Healing, 280:the fundamentalists within the ring-pass-not of academic medicine. Yet within the ranks of medicineHealing, 280:and are willing to compromise in the present. Academic medicine is the result of the God-givenHercules, 3:articles purposes. In defiance of the fact that academic and theological religion has no longer itsHercules, 205:for such a study as the Labors of Hercules. Academic, dogmatic and theological religion has noIntellect, 30:must be opened for those who can go beyond the academic training of the mind with relation toIntellect, 33:the student, who has profited by the usual academic educational advantages and the experiences ofIntellect, 138:Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, page 80. This, in the academic language of occultism, is the realizationIntellect, 199:Guide Up to this point our discussion has been academic and comparative, discursive and indicatory.Magic, 5:Soul." Gita IV.6. [5] The statistical and the academic is a necessary basis and a preliminary stepMagic, 17:It has no real place in the theories of the academic and scientific investigators. It is unprovenMagic, 315:it will be long before the psychologists of the academic schools will recognize these four factors.Magic, 364:which are (under the Law of Analogy) of purely academic interest and no more. Even those of us whoMagic, 605:its main trend and so express to the ordinary academic world and to the thinkers of the race whatPatanjali, 339:the archaic terms used is preserved instead of academic correctness. The reason for this will beProblems, 35:war against theological crystallization and academic pronouncements. They will inevitably succeedProblems, 61:psychologist than he is today. Besides imparting academic knowledge, he will realize that his majorPsychology1, xxiii:generalities which are so distressing to the academic and critical mind, and in which the mysticPsychology1, 4:of man. Modern psychology, experimental and academic, has done much to gather [5] information as toPsychology1, 89:satisfactorily disproved from the standpoint of academic science. For ages the search has gone on,Psychology1, 221:treatise is intended for the reader who has no academic or scientific training, it will suffice toPsychology1, 234:treatise what the reader can discover in the academic textbooks of our colleges. It is not my workPsychology1, 360:itself as a physical unity. Of this attitude the academic materialistic psychologists are thePsychology2, 246:too preoccupied with the technicalities and the academic activities of the lower mind. But onePsychology2, 401:simplicity, avoiding the technical terms of academic psychology, and putting the humanPsychology2, 437:happens when a man has succeeded (alone or with academic psychological aid) in healing or bridgingPsychology2, 510:made that the "jargon" of occultism and its academic information is of no true importance wherePsychology2, 511:result of the widespread dissemination of the academic truths of the esoteric teaching and itsPsychology2, 546:the center in the spine which is concerned. This academic technique, I will endeavor to indicate inPsychology2, 709:should be made from the standpoint of modern, academic, psychological research, but the fact of theRays, 113:- to word it technically and in the language of academic occult science - between the mental unitRays, 681:for the good of the people, any more [681] than academic Zionism is working and carrying out itsSoul, 30:if not scientifically trained in medicine or in academic psychology, but armed with patience and aSoul, 132:visionary, mystical and emotional; the other too academic, intellectual and form-building. Now,Telepathy, 55:formulations of the occult sciences and the academic psychologists are incident to theTelepathy, 129:seek to itemize and define, to separate into academic groups and brackets the multiplicity of
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