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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCELERATED

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Astrology, 621:inpouring of first ray energy will be greatly accelerated from now on. These energies and theirEducation, 53:human egoic lotus have unfolded, and the Buddha accelerated the rapid action of this happening. NowFire, 79:and Repulsion. Some rays definitely produce accelerated motion, others produce retardation. TheFire, 144:of the second chain, but finding its point of accelerated vibration or the unification of the twoFire, 171:to split the vortex into two; the motion is much accelerated, and the dividing flame in the vortexFire, 1007:and contemplate, the work is more rapidly accelerated, and transmutation proceeds with rapidity,Healing, 389:God's," that the work of healing will be greatly accelerated or, on the other hand, that the taskPsychology1, 289:of the Temple of the Lord will be tremendously accelerated. In the coming Aquarian age this will goPsychology2, 210:individual development, which is only now being accelerated). This rapidity is, however, aPsychology2, 685:Themselves for an intensive "Holy Month" of accelerated service, and all of the Masters on the
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