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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPT

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Invocation:truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basicStatement:But should this not be so, let not the student accept what is said. To Energy Enhancement Meditation Homepage IndexAstrology, 7:is immaterial to me whether modern astrologers accept or reject these presented ideas. I willAstrology, 114:and for their understanding you will have to accept my statements as temporary hypotheses at least,Astrology, 114:the rulers and the astrology of the future will accept my statement and work with these planets.Astrology, 114:Much earlier in human history, they had to accept the fact of Mars and Mercury as rulers ofAstrology, 133:made. Yet the beginner in chemistry has to accept the statements of the expert who has written hisAstrology, 133:expert who has written his textbook, and does so accept them until the time comes when he canAstrology, 149:Aquarian Age, if man will but prepare for them, accept them, and use them. Only the future willAstrology, 417:for man with his present equipment is to accept hypothetically these statements anent certain majorAstrology, 421:Time will justify the information I ask you to accept as hypothesis. Next I will deal with analysisAstrology, 516:begin to pour in. The world must begin to accept and give weight to the conclusions of itsAutobiography, 34:which believed in a hell for those who did not accept certain tenets and a heaven for those whoAutobiography, 62:due [62] discussion, it was decided that I might accept and every evening I bicycled down afterAutobiography, 102:and should be gotten rid of. Neither do I accept the position that only the intelligentsia can saveAutobiography, 118:he had added to the bill as he knew I would not accept charity. He also asked for the key to ourAutobiography, 124:in the fact of Christ. They know too much to accept the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures; butAutobiography, 140:the Ageless Wisdom find it difficult at first to accept the fact of the Law of Rebirth. It seems soAutobiography, 141:for man's existence at all. This I could not accept, nor is it widely accepted anywhere. Then thereAutobiography, 142:said that God meant this or that that we should accept it. He might be right and if so, intuitivelyAutobiography, 197:have no beliefs at all but who are willing to accept an hypothesis and attempt to prove its worth.Autobiography, 205:It would speak to nobody but me. It would accept food from nobody but me. It refused to enter theAutobiography, 208:many other types of poverty. They do not like to accept charity and they cannot go around and begAutobiography, 208:go around and beg but they can be induced to accept what they need from anyone, for instance, whoAutobiography, 216:their souls were their own and that they should accept dictation from no one, either from me or theAutobiography, 220:In the spring of 1931 we made our plans to accept Olga Fröbe's suggestion and go to her house onAutobiography, 235:So many people of good intentions theoretically accept the fact that God is love and blissfullyAutobiography, 249:as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from Him and among themselves speak ofAutobiography, 250:taught and the student is under no compulsion to accept any interpretation or presentation ofAutobiography, 250:of truth. A member of the school can accept or reject the fact of the Masters, of the Hierarchy, ofAutobiography, 280:which your life and all previous lives (if you accept the Law of Rebirth and of fresh opportunity)Autobiography, 287:from dogmas and doctrines. No one is expected to accept this, that or the other truth; and if theyAutobiography, 287:and if they reject what some of us believe and accept, we feel that that is their own business andAutobiography, 288:is the Head). Those who still question, but who accept the teaching as a working hypothesis. BothAutobiography, 288:with the opportunity offered, they either accept the training or drop out of the life of the ArcaneAutobiography, 296:School. Students are asked to study them and accept them as long as they work with us. They come toBethlehem, 5:for the steadily developing [5] mind of man to accept its presentation. Yet St. Augustine tells usBethlehem, 37:life our Western world revolves. Whether we accept this fact or question it matters not, as far asBethlehem, 80:His steps, and not to follow in the steps, or to accept the interpretation of His words, which anyBethlehem, 93:would seem unable to transcend. This we cannot accept. The cosmic Christ, the mystic Christ, theBethlehem, 187:the case is different. We can no longer accept the appalling theological doctrine that for someBethlehem, 187:by Arthur Weigall, p. 152.) Humanity will accept the thought of a God who so loved the world thatBethlehem, 190:with divinity, and we should now stand ready to accept from the Eastern Christian what he has soBethlehem, 198:strengthening their wills, and enabling them to accept salvation; (4) Who shall, and who shall notBethlehem, 215:This is a hard truth for the Western believer to accept. He is so used to resting back upon theBethlehem, 227:Father. This, many Christians find impossible to accept, and some of the best minds of the age haveDestiny, 8:becomes an ideal, humanity can freely reject or accept it, but ideas come from a higher source andDestiny, 9:suit well in all probability the nations who accept them and mould their national life on theirDestiny, 116:with the theory and processes of evolution accept and study the ray procedure, definite changes inDiscipleship1, 8:from time to time come from me and you will accept no belief in their verbal inspiration. LanguageDiscipleship1, 16:in esoteric common sense and in willingness to accept suggestion. It is a trial of the intuitionDiscipleship1, 80:that and no more than that at present. Can you accept such a simple rule - apparently simple? InDiscipleship1, 95:as his spiritual superiors. He needs to accept himself as he is, to be glad that there are thoseDiscipleship1, 208:the cultivation of a willingness to accept with understanding that which may not be avoided. ThereDiscipleship1, 240:which of these two lines of teaching you will accept or which of certain guiding personalities areDiscipleship1, 245:of your work with your own nature. If you can accept that which I have to say in connection withDiscipleship1, 250:to you. Is it possible that you would all accept my point of view, for I cannot call it criticism?Discipleship1, 348:at times to summarize achievement and to accept it. A new cycle always eventuates from such aDiscipleship1, 373:personality love and devotion. The first you accept with pride and understanding; the second youDiscipleship1, 413:I will put frankly before you, leaving you to accept or reject my suggestions as may seem best toDiscipleship1, 426:future difficulty. That is, my brother, if you accept what I say and let not any reaction toDiscipleship1, 446:rays of the personality for - if you accept my suggestions and then test and prove them - you willDiscipleship1, 493:should call this attitude "self-pity," will you accept it and use your intelligent mind to reasonDiscipleship1, 495:the threefold call of your personality vehicles. Accept the contact and the response and believeDiscipleship1, 495:and mind as the method of understanding. Accept the implications at which you arrive, provided theyDiscipleship1, 495:earlier stages of this process you will have to accept my word for it and go on, therefore, withDiscipleship1, 520:put your problem to you so clearly that you will accept the stated facts and live by them? In noDiscipleship1, 537:you are frequently blind to their faults and accept them at their own valuation. When they meanDiscipleship1, 545:souls who will duly weigh suggestion and accept and act when the intuition indicates a procedure.Discipleship1, 581:not often at their heart or their life. Will you accept this diagnosis, my brother and my friend?Discipleship1, 600:were repudiated and you refused to accept it. What is the difference, when I tell you the same? IfDiscipleship1, 600:colored by personality reactions. Or you would accept them absolutely because I said them and thusDiscipleship1, 601:separateness into the work. You are not asked to accept blindly all that you receive. But whilst inDiscipleship1, 637:I would ask you, therefore, that - whether you accept my conclusion or not is immaterial - you giveDiscipleship1, 644:which I have written upon the seven rays and accept this teaching as a proven hypothesis; be notDiscipleship1, 644:modern psychologist does not remember. If you accept and determine this occult hypothesis as yourDiscipleship1, 648:This I think you definitely understand and accept. Proceed with the work which we discussed andDiscipleship1, 665:of meditation and then leave each of you free to accept the suggestion and to conform to theDiscipleship1, 680:form a foundation of truths which you already accept as necessary to all spiritual advancement.Discipleship1, 686:authority. The intellectual man will not accept any infringement of his freedom, and in this he isDiscipleship1, 687:by his own individual point of view to accept them. Obedience can only be rendered when there is aDiscipleship1, 736:"Tell me. Tell me. Then I will change. I will accept anything that is said but tell me." The cry ofDiscipleship1, 781:as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from him and among themselves speak ofDiscipleship1, 782:is taught; the student is under no compulsion to accept any interpretation or presentation ofDiscipleship1, 782:interpretation or presentation of truth; he can accept or reject the fact of the Masters, of theDiscipleship2, 35:The only thing that I would ask is that you accept the implications of this triple situation andDiscipleship2, 37:be done by you during the coming year. Will you accept my words that you need a reorientation and aDiscipleship2, 39:are fuller this time and I would ask you to accept them as instructions to be followed. ConstantDiscipleship2, 47:do?" My answer would be: You must first of all accept the fact of the Dweller, and then relegateDiscipleship2, 65:work they must fall in line and they must accept the changing curriculum. Forget not that disciplesDiscipleship2, 65:occult groups; they have had, since 1900, to accept and work with the newer modes of training andDiscipleship2, 140:serve and the ashramic projects for which you accept responsibility. In this instance it can be theDiscipleship2, 167:truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basicDiscipleship2, 189:of the Heavens. This he is prepared always to accept, for he knows from bitter experience how trueDiscipleship2, 307:occultist, and must he first of all register and accept what is conveyed to him as inexplicable butDiscipleship2, 326:not understand; what I have said above you can accept as a possible hypothesis without outragingDiscipleship2, 326:your intention, that I do ask you to do - just accept. A great opportunity is presented to you, andDiscipleship2, 392:disastrous effects, are the primary agents. They accept the responsibility for the neededDiscipleship2, 428:mankind. This statement, you will have to accept on faith. The evidence for the truth of theDiscipleship2, 464:K.H. desired to find out if you were prepared to accept your first major assignment upon that Way.
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