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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPTANCE

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Statement:written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true andAstrology, 20:[20] where rejection of opportunity or its acceptance can consciously be undertaken, and theAstrology, 371:the hitherto blind acquiescence and unavoidable acceptance of the inscrutable dictates of a potent,Astrology, 377:in their separate, wrong idealisms and to their acceptance of the imposition of a rule of life andAstrology, 397:gives place to intelligent activity and the acceptance of the will emanating from the spiritualAtom, 23:through the rejection of certain factors and the acceptance of others. It shows itself in man asAutobiography, 151:I think people have to learn a much more patient acceptance of what is, and not spend so much timeAutobiography, 288:nature of the truth involved. The widespread acceptance of any truth down the ages and in everyAutobiography, 289:the very light of eternity itself. The practical acceptance of this is being developed through theAutobiography, 294:simply presents them for consideration and for acceptance or rejection, according to the thinkingAutobiography, 296:The great primary truths are presented for acceptance because they exist as the foundational truthsBethlehem, 77:and after the revelation in the Temple and the acceptance of the task to be accomplished, ChristBethlehem, 81:if we fall back upon unthinking faith and blind acceptance of all that theology can tell us.Bethlehem, 82:the instrumentality of the Mother. But the acceptance of this divine idea and the orientation ofBethlehem, 87:wish and outer reality. As man moves toward acceptance of the universe, toward compatibilityBethlehem, 107:the theologians. It is not entered through the acceptance of certain formal beliefs. It is enteredBethlehem, 117:error are too great to warrant our unquestioning acceptance of every word in any scripture in theBethlehem, 121:of wrong thought does not warrant too hasty acceptance. There is much disease in the other kingdomsBethlehem, 129:to make it. What stood between Him and the acceptance of this opportunity? His reply indicates itBethlehem, 165:of God. World rejection always precedes world acceptance. Disillusionment is a stage on the way toBethlehem, 241:attitude, as a rule, is more definitely an acceptance of the will of God, with the resolution toBethlehem, 249:the process of death itself, or in a mental acceptance of the death of Jesus, which he callsDestiny, 4:to the discard as useless, as not warranting acceptance as a possible hypothesis and as notDestiny, 7:should study and comprehend for upon their right acceptance and understanding will depend theDestiny, 7:world is based on the emergence of ideas, their acceptance, their transformation into ideals, andDestiny, 40:haven." His salvation is not determined by his acceptance of some dogma, formulated by men who haveDestiny, 78:fanaticism and unreasoning devotion and blind acceptance of conditions, so distinctive of theDiscipleship1, X:to knowledge - a knowledge gained through the acceptance of a hypothesis in the first place, aDiscipleship1, 13:be given to you as suggestions for your use and acceptance. Endeavor at some stage in yourDiscipleship1, 83:of loyalty and cooperation which that acceptance involves. Has accepted the fact that all souls areDiscipleship1, 116:the realization that - because of this definite acceptance - you are linked with the Hierarchy ofDiscipleship1, 154:is to confuse acquiescence in your teaching and acceptance of your strength for the more difficultDiscipleship1, 324:consecrated personality. Ponder on this, for its acceptance and realization will open a door forDiscipleship1, 440:to be of greater outer usefulness? The Law of Acceptance is a divine law and releases from glamor,Discipleship1, 494:little self may be discovered by you. It is not acceptance of my statements which is required; itDiscipleship1, 524:to say to you. A little more clear thinking and acceptance of the facts which you know aboutDiscipleship1, 570:developed devotion. I could not count upon your acceptance of your soul's demand, did I not realizeDiscipleship1, 570:I count upon your understanding and upon your acceptance and endeavor to meet the need and toDiscipleship1, 596:of all disciples who stand on the verge of acceptance) by the force of your ray impulses, and byDiscipleship1, 613:good probationary disciples, and one nearing acceptance, but both working on the astral plane whereDiscipleship1, 620:he was not actively working in the Ashram. His acceptance of the discipline and his steadfastDiscipleship1, 625:to your brothers. With your usual prompt acceptance of any suggestions which seem to youDiscipleship1, 639:of others. Give of your best in sacrifice in the acceptance of this assigned task. [640] Now let usDiscipleship1, 644:a proven hypothesis; be not deterred from this acceptance by any academic word-phrasing. You belongDiscipleship1, 706:- The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part III The acceptance of facts is one of the first duties of aDiscipleship2, 170:phraseology) and then - through faith and acceptance - directing the energies of light and loveDiscipleship2, 244:- the denial of the lower self and the fervid acceptance by the personality of the loss of all theDiscipleship2, 311:at the point penetrated, and - after due acceptance - understands how to utilize it and precipitateDiscipleship2, 340:yet imminent cycle, i.e., prevision. [340] An acceptance of initiation or a recognition of itsDiscipleship2, 379:in the spiritual life but all unintelligent acceptance of the inscrutable divine [380] Will; itDiscipleship2, 392:the Plan upon the mental plane so that its acceptance by humanity is intelligently progressive andDiscipleship2, 412:a hint, and this brought the aspirant closer to acceptance in a Master's Ashram; it developed theDiscipleship2, 509:if - at first - you do not. Then, after quiet acceptance and a period of silent reflection, youDiscipleship2, 551:better the meaning of occult obedience and the acceptance of the statement and expressed wish ofDiscipleship2, 570:spiritual life. Your second reaction is a silent acceptance of the criticism or suggestion, and aDiscipleship2, 585:You entered life as a disciple upon the verge of acceptance and upon the periphery of the Ashram,Discipleship2, 587:and is not one ordered by the Master. The acceptance of the task is simply evidence that theDiscipleship2, 672:life of patient endurance, of overcoming and of acceptance. It should also enable you to bring aDiscipleship2, 698:You have not yet [698] achieved the beauty of acceptance - the acceptance that releases. ProjectDiscipleship2, 698:[698] achieved the beauty of acceptance - the acceptance that releases. Project your values to aDiscipleship2, 726:purpose and truth. There is only room for the acceptance of facts. What facts, brother of mine? LetDiscipleship2, 732:and aid, has been largely negated by your supine acceptance of failure, by your profound andEducation, 56:is not to be confused with and confined to the acceptance and the following of the preceptsEducation, 70:and correct vocational indications. The acceptance of the Teaching anent the Constitution of ManExternalisation, 102:have you bear it in mind. True interest and acceptance of that which is indicated as essential toExternalisation, 171:they preserve an attitude of passivity and acceptance, or a planned neutrality, as in America, orExternalisation, 207:embody the three basic facts and the initial acceptance of all world servers. They are contrary toExternalisation, 207:of all men, evoking immediate response. Their acceptance will "heal" international sores. I call onExternalisation, 264:of Christ is imminent; there is widespread acceptance of the concept that the Presence of the SonExternalisation, 389:man. Certain facts must be assumed, such as the acceptance in the Western hemisphere of theExternalisation, 389:It is, therefore, surely possible (given this acceptance) to assume that They and Their disciplesExternalisation, 389:enlarge upon this theme. I simply ask for your acceptance of the hypothesis (an hypothesis which isExternalisation, 428:must take the place of the present negative acceptance of evil. With humility and intelligence mustExternalisation, 432:point can be reached in human development where acceptance of deception is impossible and clearExternalisation, 438:disposal of the Christ. The reception and the acceptance of this first ray energy will require aExternalisation, 503:in the Council Chamber of the Great Lord. Your acceptance and understanding of it and of itsExternalisation, 520:but with the cooperation and the understanding acceptance of the intelligent people everywhere, andExternalisation, 520:also with the devoted acquiescence (though blind acceptance) of the man in the street. [521]Externalisation, 582:the need upon the physical planet, and upon the acceptance of certain designs, will an Ashram beExternalisation, 618:present and based on factual conditions) but the acceptance and the development of a state of mindExternalisation, 650:they contrive to swing their people into an acceptance which means - for the controlling initiatorsExternalisation, 691:himself and his three vehicles of contact; upon acceptance into an ashram, a large measure of theFire, viii:invariably been obtainable only by the student's acceptance of the authority of the teacher,Fire, 243:thought about. All these definitions involve the acceptance of the idea of duality, of that whichGlamour, 211:and effective dissipation and is based upon the acceptance of the hypothesis of light, upon theGlamour, 216:of the personality to the soul and its acceptance by the soul. These two lines of thinking produceHealing, 65:me if I say that the true overcoming may mean an acceptance of the Way of Death as the way out,Healing, 92:this condition is to be found in the simple word acceptance. This is not a negative state ofHealing, 92:submissive non active life, but it is a positive acceptance (in thought and in practicalHealing, 241:investigator, however, who starts with an acceptance of the fact of the centers, regarding them asHealing, 297:steps will include: A mental acquiescence and an acceptance of the fact of the effect - in the caseHealing, 297:all wise thinking and wise activity must be the acceptance of the existence of certain generalHealing, 367:own creative imagination. Release comes through acceptance of the drama of the whole and not of theHealing, 385:Western Scriptures) He referred in reality to acceptance of law, to a recognition above all ofHealing, 402:a truly rational reply to all of them. Its acceptance has been delayed because, ever since the timeHealing, 430:human levels, as yet unverifiable. However, an acceptance of the above three points, hypotheticalHealing, 645:broad principles which require definite mental acceptance; the methods, nevertheless, which areHercules, 3:accept, because they are determined to know. Acceptance of imposed dogmas is now giving place toHercules, 61:and with the giving of that apple, and with its acceptance came the knowledge of good and of evil.Initiation, 83:recognition of the gravity of the error, a wise acceptance of the facts in the case, a refraining
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