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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPTANCE

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Intellect, 164:point at which I have arrived is the definite acceptance of two distinct organs of intelligence inMagic, 110:to his appointed station and there serves in his acceptance of Brotherhood in the Presence ofMagic, 129:serves to postpone that contact and delay the acceptance. Seek to equip your instrument, learn toMagic, 164:of young people) who stand on the verge of acceptance, and thousands are upon the probationaryMagic, 167:can pass from the stage of probation to that of acceptance in a Master's group. You might ask hereMagic, 186:those conditions which are preventing his prompt acceptance in a Master's group. A Master alsoProblems, 142:has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: Be a trueProblems, 158:given and which today is ready for man's acceptance. Invocation is of three kinds. There is, firstPsychology1, 94:only in the synthesis of all of them and in the acceptance of the general premises? Is it notPsychology1, 208:pushed to ultimate conclusions, and by the acceptance of the inferences which follow these. Psychology1, 348:of the human detail, we lay the ground for the acceptance of the cosmic, solar and planetaryPsychology2, 268:the "Touch of Acquiescence," and marks the acceptance by the soul of the demand of the personalityPsychology2, 276:a negative, weak submission, or a sad, sweet acceptance, so-called, of the will of God, but it is aPsychology2, 403:proven, or that which can be proved by the acceptance of an immediate hypothesis, has led to muchPsychology2, 413:they are so frequently confronted. When to this acceptance can be added a study of the seven majorPsychology2, 422:which runs all the way from a submissive life of acceptance to those many ways of escape which pushPsychology2, 430:relation of the part to the whole, and of the acceptance of group purpose. This rhythm, when dulyPsychology2, 483:release from negativity and blind, unintelligent acceptance. Life does not demand acquiescence andPsychology2, 483:Life does not demand acquiescence and acceptance. It demands activity, the separation of the goodPsychology2, 483:Whereas in the one case there is found a blind acceptance of an undesirable lot because it is thePsychology2, 483:an attempt to stir the subjective man into the acceptance of a definitely opposite condition. He isPsychology2, 490:demanding and evoking blind and unquestioning acceptance) they become a menace to the free activityPsychology2, 598:or the laws of their control grasped. The acceptance of this statement would be found enlighteningPsychology2, 631:the cruelties done in its name, the enforced acceptance demanded, and the evils perpetrated in thePsychology2, 670:upon the people in order to bring about the acceptance of these ideas by an ignorant andPsychology2, 705:the possibility of there being a scientific acceptance of the hypothesis of their existence, evenPsychology2, 740:that your peculiar belief and your particular acceptance of truth is the best undoubtedly and theRays, 18:Hierarchy into which they will enter when full acceptance and demonstration have been shown will beRays, 46:for all approach to, and appreciation and acceptance of truth. Will governs the Way into ShamballaRays, 57:the Sacred Word itself, but a signal or sound of acceptance. It is translated in this Rule by theRays, 58:center at Shamballa and the seal is set on the acceptance of the Hierarchy, with all its newRays, 58:new associates, by the Lord of the World. This acceptance involves those initiates of the thirdRays, 157:initiate works; it is this law he wields. From acceptance of the laws of nature and obedience toRays, 239:group preparation, group initiation and group acceptance must and will supersede the older methods.Rays, 239:and persistence can be tested, prior to direct acceptance. This is something new, for it [240]Rays, 258:The usual meaning is not correct. It involves acceptance and comprehension of purpose, and this inRays, 301:to make clear to the neophyte upon the verge of acceptance the distinction and the differenceRays, 314:theologians and thinkers, a statement of acceptance of pain and of an unpleasant future. It is anRays, 343:that they have already proven their fitness for acceptance and have proven it along the line ofRays, 344:your minds and will hasten the day of your own acceptance. No one is admitted (through theRays, 365:Hierarchy during the stage immediately prior to acceptance into an Ashram. It is interesting toRays, 388:the Ashrams open today and the requirements for acceptance. It is essential that the uniqueness ofRays, 629:its revolt from all controls, in its unthinking acceptance of any information which falls in withRays, 670:bodily energies to the higher uses, and by the acceptance of the law of the land in any givenRays, 749:(I think that that is the word you use) into an acceptance of the Zionist position - the motiveReappearance, 15:Unique Occasion - The World Today In any acceptance of the teaching that Christ will come, one ofReappearance, 16:and quicker now, both in rejection and in acceptance. Men are more enquiring, better educated, moreReappearance, 29:by Christian [29] theologians) a statement of acceptance of pain and of an unpleasant future and ofReappearance, 63:a salvation dependent upon the recognition and acceptance of that sacrifice. The vicariousReappearance, 146:has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: Be a trueReappearance, 150:of a fresh orientation to divinity and to the acceptance of the fact of God Transcendent and of GodReappearance, 160:challenge. We are confronted with the choice of acceptance and consequent responsibility, or withTelepathy, 54:to others, apparently!) a question of the acceptance, first of all, of its existence, theTelepathy, 64:have our being." All these phases of conscious acceptance of existent phenomena and their relatedTelepathy, 91:wills of men" into the divine Purpose; it is the acceptance on their part of the promotion of thatTelepathy, 135:of some ray energy, and there is a general acceptance of the fact that the head center is the agent
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