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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPTED

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Discipleship1, 617:you of your status upon the Path - that of an Accepted Disciple. This carries with it, itsDiscipleship1, 660:are expecting you to achieve and which you have accepted. Yet it seems to elude you and you do notDiscipleship1, 663:if the disciple is nearing the Path of Accepted Discipleship, or is upon the Path itself. TheDiscipleship1, 673:Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stage wherein, having shownDiscipleship1, 680:to all spiritual advancement. These are the accepted requirements and are recognized as present inDiscipleship1, 681:has to be opened more widely at this time by the accepted disciples of the world so that more andDiscipleship1, 682:but steady moving in towards the center, and accepted disciples are definitely a part of theDiscipleship1, 682:upon the relation of the Hierarchy to all accepted disciples. It is just because you are beginnersDiscipleship1, 683:practiced for long periods before the stage of accepted discipleship is reached. The contest withDiscipleship1, 685:lives and which prepare them for the stage of accepted disciple. The vortex of force into which theDiscipleship1, 686:may give? Must every request and suggestion be accepted? Must all that a Master says be accepted asDiscipleship1, 686:be accepted? Must all that a Master says be accepted as true and infallibly correct? Is theDiscipleship1, 686:and the statements he may make? Will the fact of Accepted Discipleship limit his freedom of opinionDiscipleship1, 688:attainment for humanity? A disciple becomes an Accepted Disciple when he starts climbing towardsDiscipleship1, 689:individual, personal need. But (upon the path of Accepted Discipleship) the disciple must, get awayDiscipleship1, 689:and his group. These men and women are always accepted disciples in the academic sense of the termDiscipleship1, 690:of the world disciples is in the hands of all accepted disciples everywhere. Neither worldDiscipleship1, 690:everywhere. Neither world disciples nor accepted disciples are mystical visionaries or vagueDiscipleship1, 693:point which I would like to bring out is that accepted disciples are in training for initiation.Discipleship1, 695:on earth, many aspirants entered the ranks of accepted disciples and many disciples took one orDiscipleship1, 696:This is not easily apparent until disciples are accepted and integral parts of the Ashram. SuchDiscipleship1, 696:creatively effective. The important thing for an accepted disciple to grasp is what the Master isDiscipleship1, 697:pass off the Probationary Path on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship. Every center or focus ofDiscipleship1, 709:the first stage of the period of preparation for accepted discipleship. The first stage which weDiscipleship1, 712:in his Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Discipleship. The stage wherein, havingDiscipleship1, 716:This takes place at the third stage, that of Accepted Discipleship. These stages are all of themDiscipleship1, 716:of a Chela in the Light, to the Aryan stage of Accepted Discipleship. At this stage, the third andDiscipleship1, 717:stage lies far behind. Many people today are "accepted disciples" and that is, as you well know,Discipleship1, 717:This initiation ever precedes the stage of accepted discipleship. No Master accepts a disciple andDiscipleship1, 724:from the stage of chela in the Light to that of accepted disciple have established twoDiscipleship1, 726:disciple who is preparing him for the stage of accepted discipleship is in constant touch with theDiscipleship1, 727:the senior disciple to recommend the stage of accepted discipleship. When the demand of theDiscipleship1, 728:synthesis of initiates of various degrees and of accepted disciples. The Masters do not regardDiscipleship1, 728:would ask you to think. The term, therefore, of Accepted Disciple covers the stages of the firstDiscipleship1, 728:third initiation, he is no longer technically an accepted disciple, even though he still remains inDiscipleship1, 730:groups of initiated disciples; with them, the accepted disciples of the three groups are asked toDiscipleship1, 731:These step down the inflowing energy so that accepted disciples can handle it safely and act asDiscipleship1, 731:the Hierarchy itself, and just in so far as the accepted disciples react to the combined forcesDiscipleship1, 731:Master's group focus the inflowing energies; the accepted disciples, through the medium of theirDiscipleship1, 731:and its direction and materializing upon earth. Accepted disciples are learning this and in theDiscipleship1, 731:activity of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly accepted disciples (who are only learning toDiscipleship1, 731:right relations be established upon earth if the accepted disciples in a Master's [732] group areDiscipleship1, 732:These right relations must be fostered between: Accepted disciples, initiate disciples and theDiscipleship1, 732:relation between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. Accepted disciples and the lesser initiates areDiscipleship1, 732:of Discipleship - Part VI PART VI Stage III - Accepted Discipleship It is not my intention in thisDiscipleship1, 732:series of Instructions to deal with the Stage of Accepted Discipleship. Much has been written aboutDiscipleship1, 732:contacts which become possible upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship are well known but cannot beDiscipleship1, 733:disciple. The last two are undergone by the accepted disciple. They have their astral or lowerDiscipleship1, 733:experience is at fault. It is the task of the accepted disciple to aid in the interpreting, toDiscipleship1, 734:new disciples and beginners on the Path of Accepted Discipleship) become increasingly sensitive toDiscipleship1, 737:people are today passing through the stage of Accepted Discipleship. The keynote of that stage is,Discipleship1, 739:unit in its midst. The members of an Ashram and accepted disciples are always engaged in world workDiscipleship1, 743:is only possible to a disciple who has been an accepted disciple for more than one life and who hasDiscipleship1, 746:after a long cycle of the outer relation of the accepted disciple upon the periphery and finallyDiscipleship1, 746:and self-forgetfulness which distinguishes the accepted disciple; he is decentralized and engrossedDiscipleship1, 747:places, you are only in the very early stages of accepted discipleship and have not yet cast offDiscipleship1, 748:negative. This is frequently desirable where accepted disciples are concerned whose attitude shouldDiscipleship1, 751:unimportant task of helping a disciple. [751] An accepted disciple, therefore, advances - if I mayDiscipleship1, 751:control is contacted by him and he becomes an accepted disciple in full waking consciousness. TheDiscipleship1, 758:the time comes to admit them to the Path of Accepted Discipleship. In the greatest Ashram of all,Discipleship1, 758:disciple who has reached the stage of being an accepted disciple passes from point to point withinDiscipleship1, 761:together into esoteric groups. The advanced accepted disciple has always his own group which heDiscipleship1, 767:stage he is no longer what you understand by an accepted disciple. He is an initiate of highDiscipleship1, 770:are frequently more constructive than pledged or accepted disciples, because they are unconsciousDiscipleship1, 770:to the truth and to the teacher is too personal. Accepted disciples who get the Master's idea andDiscipleship1, 781:This you must constantly bear in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognitionDiscipleship1, 786:all over the world, in the techniques of accepted discipleship, academically understood. Out of theDiscipleship1, 788:of brotherhood and human need; to be an accepted disciple, working directly under the Masters andDiscipleship2opportunity was offered. Almost everyone accepted but some did not stay very long. It was not easy.Discipleship2this group of chelas all of whom had voluntarily accepted, and any one of whom was free to leave atDiscipleship2, 18:hints as to the nature and methods of educating accepted disciples in the processes of initiation."Discipleship2, 18:particular angle, but I have instructed you as accepted disciples in training for preparation - aDiscipleship2, 19:measure of conscious use of the antahkarana. The accepted disciple never receives any detailedDiscipleship2, 64:the higher initiates. This is not correct. Every accepted disciple is within the periphery of theDiscipleship2, 71:a disciple can meet the test if he will. Accepted discipleship is in itself a guarantee of aDiscipleship2, 74:is only in process. He does know what the accepted disciple, admitted freely into ashramicDiscipleship2, 77:you can then be depended upon, as are all true accepted serving disciples. The teaching - alongDiscipleship2, 91:cannot be avoided and is one of the tests of an accepted disciple's fitness for "ashramic sharing."Discipleship2, 139:in their Ashrams. Reaching out, through the accepted and pledged disciples, into the world of men.Discipleship2, 154:to the status of the initiate - and that is accepted by him under the Law of Free Occult Obedience.Discipleship2, 157:every grade of human aspirant from the newly accepted disciple up to and inclusive of the ChristDiscipleship2, 184:integrity has been stabilized and fully accepted, the disciple then becomes a Master; he is nowDiscipleship2, 203:their creative efforts to think and to work. The accepted disciple in this group work is inDiscipleship2, 236:Therefore, we must assume (if these premises are accepted) that there must be organized - in theDiscipleship2, 244:with the theme anent the attitude of the accepted disciple towards his Master and towards theDiscipleship2, 247:I may give. The disciple, when he becomes an accepted disciple (and this through the Lodge'sDiscipleship2, 294:theoretically understood and hypothetically accepted. If you will think with clarity and withDiscipleship2, 295:because mentally polarized aspirants to accepted discipleship would have been of little use in theDiscipleship2, 296:the reorienting aspirant, will become man the accepted disciple. I wonder whether you have everDiscipleship2, 309:The thought that all is energy has already been accepted by modern science, and the concept ofDiscipleship2, 350:to the pronounced development of mankind, the accepted disciples of the world, those who haveDiscipleship2, 352:as the moving of a human being who has accepted certain disciplines and made certainDiscipleship2, 353:new spiritual technique, and it is a technique accepted by initiates and disciples of all degreesDiscipleship2, 355:probationary disciple or aspirant, that of the accepted disciple and that of the Master or theDiscipleship2, 355:will concern the meaning which it has for the accepted disciple, and therefore its meaning forDiscipleship2, 388:ourselves to the study of them from the angle of accepted discipleship, i.e., of the disciplesDiscipleship2, 393:that which is the divine idea does emerge as an accepted ideal and, in due time, is the means ofDiscipleship2, 446:Master) to teach all those who have just been accepted into my Ashram. Such people are notDiscipleship2, 459:all of you. You can (on your own and as [459] an accepted disciple) seek entrance into the life ofDiscipleship2, 480:manner to an increased conscious activity as an accepted disciple. Seek now - definitely and
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