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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPTED

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Healing, 512:eventually guide the thinking (through gladly accepted impression) of the developing personality.Healing, 563:objective disease; these have to be grasped and accepted as working theories before the healer canHealing, 576:days of their use they were submitted to and accepted by members of the Hierarchy at that time -Healing, 576:be said that: In Lemurian times these rules were accepted by members of the Hierarchy. Unless youHealing, 612:but simply something which exists and must be accepted, and which must be adapted and [613]Healing, 683:is developed, when the vision is seen and accepted as true, and when the intuition or "buddhicHercules, 57:was sapped. He loved, adored Busiris, and accepted all he said. Weaker from day to day he grew,Hercules, 63:little he yielded up his will and his mind and accepted him as his teacher and guide. Finally, whenHercules, 83:there was a quarrel as to ownership. Hercules accepted the charge of Eurystheus and set out toHercules, 133:man. Inform a man of a truth that would, if accepted, alter his stereotyped way of life, and heHercules, 136:author defines it as "an expression of totally accepted relatedness, be it with an object, aInitiation, 64:initiates of the first and second degrees, for accepted disciples and those on probation, betweenIntellect, 37:beginning to realize. Religion starts with the accepted hypothesis of the unseen and the mystical.Intellect, 52:the at-one-ment. These three hypotheses must be accepted, at any rate, tentatively, if this processIntellect, 215:terse and incomplete. These ideas have to be accepted tentatively, however, before there can be anIntellect, 215:Having formulated our hypothesis and accepted it temporarily we proceed with the work, until itMagic, 5:life of a spiritual man, and of an aspirant to accepted discipleship in our own peculiar times,Magic, 14:all knowledge of which man is aware but which is accepted by him on the statements of other people,Magic, 14:many and varied fields of thought. The truths accepted as such have not been formulated or verifiedMagic, 17:hypothesis, but lacking demonstration. It is not accepted as a fact in the consciousness of theMagic, 116:to say that they are embodied in the commonly accepted rules of decent living. Thou shalt not kill,Magic, 129:and constant visioning of that condition called "accepted chelaship" serves to postpone thatMagic, 164:of time. There are only about four hundred accepted disciples in the world at this time - that is,Magic, 168:intermediary betwixt the Master and the newly accepted aspirant. He works with the new disciple,Magic, 169:in people's minds as to how a Master lets an accepted disciple become aware that he is accepted. AnMagic, 169:an accepted disciple become aware that he is accepted. An impression is abroad that he is told soMagic, 169:that perhaps he has reached the status of accepted disciple. He therefore acts on that assumptionMagic, 173:Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stage wherein, having shownMagic, 230:rapid and slow progress. For the disciple, accepted and loyal, it is the choice between methods ofMagic, 231:victory lies ahead, for the soul is omnipotent. Accepted disciples, who battle all the aboveMagic, 237:desires and its work. The student on the path of accepted discipleship has to demonstrate thisMagic, 276:band of aspirants, probationary disciples and accepted disciples who are seeking to be responsiveMagic, 417:the millions of men, and out of the four hundred accepted disciples working in the world at thisMagic, 582:the aspirant, who stands at the threshold of accepted discipleship; it is the power, wrought out inMagic, 594:the Master and does not indicate the stage of accepted discipleship. Through the medium of theMagic, 602:the danger of personality reaction to the terms "accepted disciple, initiate, adept, master" wouldMeditation, 225:to the general public, [225] though students and accepted chelas, whose discrimination can beMeditation, 266:on probation. [266] The period wherein he is an accepted disciple. The period wherein he isMeditation, 269:that which the pupil will get when he becomes an accepted disciple or probationer. I tell you here,Meditation, 270:takes the next step forward and becomes an accepted disciple. Meditation, 270:VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation Accepted Discipleship The second period, wherein a manMeditation, 270:The second period, wherein a man is an accepted disciple, is Perhaps one of the most difficult in aMeditation, 271:pupil. Suffice it to say, that as the term of "accepted disciple" progresses (and it varies inMeditation, 278:periphery of His own aura. He becomes then an accepted disciple. [279] Meditation, 279:Meditation During the period wherein a man is an accepted disciple the work done by the Master isMeditation, 280:We lead all on by gradual steps, and as yet even accepted disciples are rare. If by meditation,Meditation, 315:follows: [315] The Head of the school will be an accepted disciple; it is essential that theMeditation, 317:men and three women, including a Head who is an accepted disciple. Under them will work a set ofMeditation, 318:Head will be two other teachers who will be accepted disciples, and every pupil under them mustPatanjali, 18:occur and are of value to all probationary and accepted disciples. The translation gives the sense,Patanjali, 53:on the Path are disciples of higher ones, Accepted disciples are the disciples of an adept and of aPatanjali, 59:small degree, before the aspirant can become an accepted disciple. The process of sounding the WordPatanjali, 264:a dual condition but not in the ordinarily accepted sense. There is, however, a still higher stateProblems, 25:such as Great Britain and France, which have accepted the determining evolutionary tendencies, canProblems, 116:The answer comes in the form of a generally accepted platitude and is unfortunately in the natureProblems, 140:- Revelation - Recognition. They will not be accepted by the narrow-minded Christian or believer ofProblems, 170:yet in many situations that guidance is being accepted. They are not to be gained by the blindPsychology1, xxi:own personal fate, and all aspirants who become accepted disciples have to master the technique ofPsychology1, xxii:study the book from the angle of a temporarily accepted hypothesis, and thus seek to gather thosePsychology1, 61:come now to a technical statement which must be accepted for the sake of argument, being incapablePsychology1, 99:glory still. When the hypothesis of the soul is accepted, when the nature of the spiritual energyPsychology1, 106:personal work, except with Their own groups of accepted chelas, all of whom are active in the worldPsychology1, 108:and through dictation with several accepted disciples, and Their effort is to inspire thesePsychology1, 108:the physical plane) are active working chelas of accepted degree who (living as they do in thePsychology1, 114:then do those who are not in the [114] ranks of accepted disciples expect the Master to have thePsychology1, 114:a Master on the inner planes. These groups of accepted disciples on the inner side are sensitivePsychology1, 121:particular kingdom in nature is recognized and accepted (even if hypothetically) by the scientists,Psychology1, 130:grasp for those beneath the rank of initiate or accepted disciple of the higher stages. The soul isPsychology1, 141:of truth. For students and seekers they must be accepted as an hypothesis: One: There is one Life,Psychology1, 224:the mineral kingdom can, for ordinary uses, be accepted as relative fact. But two points should bePsychology1, 348:hypothesis which can be intelligently accepted until disproven. This knowledge must necessarilyPsychology1, 350:and its potency dominates, when the stage of accepted discipleship is reached. It increases inPsychology1, 396:loads they brought and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught. "Because they traveled asPsychology1, 397:this time with empty hands. Then enter, free, accepted by the Servants of the Lord, and know,Psychology1, 400:descendants of two of these three disciples have accepted the legends which were promulgated inPsychology2, 44:disciples (and particularly of the working and accepted disciples in the world at this presentPsychology2, 45:to give the elementary stanzas which convey to accepted disciples some of the significance of thePsychology2, 57:or pattern. This conditioned substance must be accepted as existing and must be dealt with as itPsychology2, 146:of human unfoldment, have studied minutely Their accepted disciples, the disciples underPsychology2, 146:the disciples under supervision and not yet accepted, and the aspirants of the world. They havePsychology2, 166:- as some of us can so pass - on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship. This we will do in the formPsychology2, 177:life of the disciple who has been pledged and accepted. When he has established certain rhythms,Psychology2, 280:little to those who are not yet upon the path of accepted discipleship. We are here dealing withPsychology2, 298:the fact that the moment a man becomes an accepted disciple, some such chart is prepared and placedPsychology2, 299:the life forces changed, and the man becomes an accepted disciple. These four charts, depicted orPsychology2, 300:chart of his condition at the time he became an accepted disciple. The hypothetical chart which hePsychology2, 300:he himself drew up earlier in his training as an accepted disciple. The chart of his generalPsychology2, 334:in some measure the mechanism, will also be accepted. The Law of Rebirth will be regarded as a lawPsychology2, 381:will be apparent to two groups of aspirants: Accepted disciples, who will comprehend thePsychology2, 403:things brought to light that are at present only accepted by the religiously inclined [404] and byPsychology2, 427:certain general premises should eventually be accepted by the man who constitutes the problem case.Psychology2, 427:same rules and premises can be considered and accepted by the man who, without the aid of a trainedPsychology2, 428:whilst that which should be realized and accepted is positive and dynamic. Hence the sensedPsychology2, 431:perfection. The great Law of Rebirth must be accepted and it will then be found to be, in itself, aPsychology2, 496:[496] I do not expect to have these theories accepted by the average psychologist, but there may bePsychology2, 510:embodies the teaching given by a Master to His accepted disciple. With these I shall not deal. WhenPsychology2, 597:is within, the peoples in the occident have not accepted the statement or worked on the premisePsychology2, 598:be made if the various premises I have made were accepted as valid hypotheses and acted upon. ThePsychology2, 631:of human beings. This is an axiom which must be accepted from the start, and it is one upon whichPsychology2, 678:and when the hope of immortality becomes a known accepted fact. World affairs and modern life
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