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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCEPTS

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Astrology, 292:and instantly made apparent once modern science accepts the occult premises, even if only in anAutobiography, 126:to ask questions and is not of the type that accepts blindly what the churchmen say. TheAutobiography, 231:angle. When this is so and the person accepts the dictum of their horoscope their free will isAutobiography, 295:the student is asked to study but which he again accepts or not as he likes. Such are the teachingAutobiography, 296:have no sane opposition or as facts which he accepts owing to his point in evolution. The secondDestiny, 10:if correctly applied: first, the individual who accepts and is devoted to a particular ideologyDiscipleship1, 11:truth or how much the person may protest that he accepts that truth. Only those truths which areDiscipleship1, 59:of superiority. It is the indifference which accepts all that is offered, uses what is serviceable,Discipleship1, 96:he has, and then to forget about himself as he accepts discipleship and finds himself so busy inDiscipleship1, 264:I would remind you that, after all, the Master accepts no one. [265] He only recognizes achievedDiscipleship1, 692:to a group of dedicated aspirants when he accepts them as his disciples. Your recognition of theDiscipleship1, 717:the stage of accepted discipleship. No Master accepts a disciple and takes him into his Ashram inDiscipleship2, 481:meets the inevitability of events, [481] accepts his karma and works to offset it, actuated byDiscipleship2, 675:interlude wherein karma is worked off. Or - he accepts the seemingly impossible situation andDiscipleship2, 707:the kind of things that your personality easily accepts, and your creative imagination had betterHealing, 13:reverses the usual ideas as to disease, and accepts disease as a fact in nature, man will begin toHealing, 554:head center will be a great help, provided he accepts instruction in the art of energy direction.Healing, 645:the healer who is greatly aided if the patient accepts them also: There is no reality inMagic, 14:not been formulated or verified by the one who accepts them, lacking as he does the necessaryMagic, 17:of the world, and being religiously inclined, accepts the postulates of religion - such as theMagic, 169:that an interview is accorded wherein the Master accepts him and starts him to work. Such is notProblems, 35:for the future world except in a humanity which accepts the fact of divinity, even whilstProblems, 123:Truths which Humanity needs and intuitively accepts. What are they? The Regeneration of theProblems, 143:power or with any true belief in a God of love accepts the heaven of the churchmen or has anyPsychology2, 139:him that what the Group, which attracts him, accepts as its immediate work is for him true andPsychology2, 202:and potentiality. The occult teaching accepts all these hypotheses as correct, but as relative inPsychology2, 230:- vanish. There is then no person. Yet, if one accepts the fact of immortality, the conscious beingPsychology2, 426:a responsible human being and a good citizen who accepts his environment and gives to it of hisPsychology2, 476:and clairaudience Becomes a lower psychic and accepts all that the lower psychic powers reveal. Psychology2, 482:possible escape; the subject of this imposition accepts it and does literally nothing to improve orRays, 138:which are as yet so subjective that he only accepts them as existent in theory. The trainedReappearance, 65:group (whether in the body or out of it) accepts the teaching that "the sons of men are one"; theyReappearance, 146:power or with any true belief in a God of love accepts the heaven of the churchmen or has anySoul, 59:No less a scientist than Sir Isaac Newton accepts the universal medium of ether without question.
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