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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOMPANIED

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Astrology, 688:every initiate, presented to the Initiator, is accompanied by two of the Masters, who stand one onAutobiography, 27:summer days my sister and I used to take it out, accompanied by a little page boy in uniform andAutobiography, 28:In the autumn, we would be down in Devonshire, accompanied everywhere by a governess, [29] MissAutobiography, 59:got accustomed to fried eggs, particularly when accompanied by cocoa. I suppose I have sold moreAutobiography, 97:down to London and took the boat again for India accompanied by Gertrude Davies-Colley whoBethlehem, 122:may be much needed. It is. But it should be accompanied with something which will meet the need ofBethlehem, 165:the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. But this is accompanied by a presentiment or a prevision of theBethlehem, 221:was utterly alone. It is the loneliness whilst accompanied, the utter sense of being forsakenBethlehem, 262:on earth that state of consciousness, accompanied by that condition of living, the result of whichDestiny, 52:an increasing influence of the soul ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period; thisDiscipleship1, 143:The other is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, until in time theDiscipleship1, 186:discipline and difficulty and of hard work, accompanied by much external and interior upheaval.Discipleship1, 219:of intense difficulty and of energy disruption, accompanied oft with loss of personality balance.Discipleship1, 394:you have known physical suffering and pain, accompanied, at times by bewilderment. Is this not so?Discipleship1, 692:is so given and the gift of all resources is accompanied with happiness, then the disciple willDiscipleship2, 69:group, it has led to a seething inner turmoil accompanied by an over-emphasized introspection. ThisDiscipleship2, 142:in the daily recognition and consideration, accompanied by a fixed determination to bring the lifeDiscipleship2, 202:best agent; but the meditation process must be accompanied by creative work, or else it is purelyDiscipleship2, 327:road to Damascus and the "blinding light" which accompanied the discharge of energy from the atomicDiscipleship2, 402:process of elimination is forever going on, accompanied by a paralleling process of substitution.Discipleship2, 447:made by the average man because they are ever accompanied by questionings and by the practice of aDiscipleship2, 460:you know also that this spiritual tendency is accompanied in you by a corresponding powerful,Discipleship2, 601:carry you further than a year's aspiration, accompanied as it is (in your case) by a constant senseEducation, 13:There is no surer method, provided it is accompanied by a deep love, personal yet at the same timeEducation, 71:of birth, or [71] of the first breath, often accompanied by the first cry. Character delineationsExternalisation, 84:this has not been wrong, though it has been accompanied by much that has been undesirable and whichExternalisation, 165:the loving will of God is sensed and understood, accompanied as this always is with the desire toExternalisation, 250:reiterate that the use of these words must be accompanied by the dedication of your personalityExternalisation, 327:some groups and sections of suffering humanity), accompanied by a deep fatigue, a shatteredExternalisation, 328:for future world activity. This must be accompanied by sound organization, based on a long rangeExternalisation, 329:compilation of a mailing list of such groups, accompanied with samples of their literature and anExternalisation, 509:Motion will become more rapid, speed will be accompanied by noiselessness and smoothness, and henceExternalisation, 558:you who love your fellowmen is the earnest wish, accompanied by my blessing, for you at this seasonExternalisation, 559:be transmuted into wisdom; love must ever be accompanied by divine will; planning must ever giveExternalisation, 598:and this time He will not come alone but will be accompanied by Those Whose lives and words willFire, 126:(being united by the power of mind and not being accompanied by a simultaneous downflow from theFire, 210:every initiate, presented to the Initiator, is accompanied by two of the Masters, who stand one onHealing, 458:also a part of the ritual of transition, accompanied by the anointing with oil, as preserved in theHealing, 694:in the healing work. These Words have to be accompanied by a trained use of the spiritual will, andInitiation, 128:every initiate presented to the Initiator is accompanied by two of the Masters, Who stand one onIntellect, 78:and unless the work of meditating is itself accompanied by the other requirements under theMagic, 506:also a part of the ritual of transition accompanied by the anointing with oil, as preserved in theMagic, 576:base of the spine, and the throat, and must be accompanied by appropriate words. In the work ofMeditation, 187:could accomplish little, for their use must be accompanied by the power that comes from theMeditation, 189:the results to be attained. This must be accompanied by the will that causes those results to bePsychology1, 385:an increasing influence of the egoic ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period, but thisPsychology2, 24:wants and desires, its needs and its appetites, accompanied by a very slow yet steadily increasingPsychology2, 480:into a state of lowered spiritual vitality, accompanied usually by lowered physical vitality. ThisPsychology2, 532:center, producing the phenomena of sex urges (accompanied at times with definitely physical sexualPsychology2, 611:of the light of the soul that genius appears, accompanied often by some lack of balance or controlRays, 553:inevitably evokes a response. Invocation, accompanied by the creative imagination, will produceRays, 750:everywhere. The revelation of a cleavage is ever accompanied (for such is the beauty of the humanReappearance, 45:this time He will not come alone but will be accompanied by Those Whose lives and words will evokeSoul, 45:178. Dr. Berman also adds, "Mental activity is accompanied by increased function of theSoul, 105:[105] mechanical motion from Prana, of energy accompanied by consciousness. Prana corresponds to
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