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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOMPLISH

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Astrology, 473:extended horizon, they will prove futile to accomplish their intended task. In studying the momentsAtom, 16:the truth and then another. All we can possibly accomplish is an outline of the basic lines ofAutobiography, 135:is one of the reasons why I have been able to accomplish so much. Bethlehem, 78:health, there is no saying what they might not accomplish. A test is something which tries ourDiscipleship1, 28:become apparent to you that much that I seek to accomplish is related to thought control and to theDiscipleship1, 122:to the inner subjective realities. In order to accomplish this, you came into incarnation inDiscipleship1, 147:and of the work that the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Study these words, for they give you theDiscipleship1, 157:much to be done and through meditation you can accomplish much. You might ask me, my brother, howDiscipleship1, 160:There will not be asked of you more than you can accomplish. Use the instructions I give you andDiscipleship1, 241:Master's work and with happiness enter upon and accomplish each day's task... Your offering to theDiscipleship1, 386:your daily life and service if you can really accomplish this exercise will be far more potent thanDiscipleship1, 398:joy will stabilize the work you have sought to accomplish since my last instructions to you. ThatDiscipleship1, 437:do these two things, there is much that you can accomplish for us and much service that you canDiscipleship1, 619:concentrated upon what you think you are and can accomplish, upon the soundness of your judgment,Discipleship1, 696:to grasp is what the Master is seeking to accomplish through the medium of his group. This entails,Discipleship1, 788:they have to prove their status by the work they accomplish. Discipleship2, 36:You might here ask: What can we as a group accomplish? What is it that we can do? You can, for oneDiscipleship2, 41:and channels of usefulness where they can accomplish the greatest good. Ponder on this. I haveDiscipleship2, 134:(of which my Ashram is a part) seeks to accomplish, and there is nothing to be gained by a constantDiscipleship2, 231:into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Do this meditation every Sunday morning.Discipleship2, 482:disciple to rush wildly forward in an effort to accomplish the indicated task, to prove to theDiscipleship2, 520:consider them? Out of the work which you will accomplish thus in meditation (using the heart centerDiscipleship2, 676:given, but the prime object of an Ashram is to accomplish a particular phase of work. This is aDiscipleship2, 681:still to be done and this your heart of love can accomplish once you see clearly an withEducation, 58:be done, and the intended type of education will accomplish the following things, thus laying theEducation, 69:next step, because the old system is failing to accomplish its intended purpose, because theExternalisation, 144:Power in use by such students but they fail to accomplish very much because the person using themExternalisation, 431:individual disciple, initiate and world disciple accomplish in the face of humanity's dilemma?Externalisation, 434:those essential steps must be taken which will accomplish this. He said when He was on earth twoExternalisation, 583:and there is much that the inner Ashram can accomplish for its outer working disciples in the wayExternalisation, 610:behind the Christ and can thus enable Him to accomplish His purpose. Their major realization isExternalisation, 619:events may offer. The desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends is ceaselessly gnawingFire, 138:sufficiently by its own latent fires that he can accomplish his long-held purpose. Hence again theFire, 196:their power is derived from the mind, a Yogi may accomplish by the mind only all that may be doneFire, 360:great Entity, the work that He is endeavoring to accomplish, and the relationship of the humanFire, 615:this is dangerous to attempt and impossible to accomplish. Now, let us add a few more statementsFire, 928:sounded rhythmically and in different keys, accomplish certain desired ends, such as the invokingFire, 979:When a lecturer or speaker of any kind can accomplish that, he can always hold his audience and hisFire, 1003:separate identity, thus sending it forth to accomplish its purpose. This accounts for many of theFire, 1014:The reason for this is that the magician has to accomplish the stupendous task of generating theFire, 1020:XI Three things the worker with the law must now accomplish. First, ascertain the formula whichFire, 1255:The work that adepts on this path have to accomplish primarily is to make possible theGlamour, 15:whose intuitional interplay is established, can accomplish, is to aid in the work of smashing worldGlamour, 24:of the mind, plus love and intention will accomplish much. To this service, I reiterate my call.Glamour, 137:picture in their minds of what is possible to accomplish, and the power to point it out to theHealing, 221:to give some of the methods whereby healers can accomplish work which will be in line [222] withHealing, 318:hygienic handling from childhood onward, will accomplish much and gradually stamp out the mentalHealing, 489:now in his mental body, has also two things to accomplish: To dissolve and rid himself of anyHealing, 582:obedience to this rule will enable the healer to accomplish. The attention is placed, the magneticHercules, 10:approximately twenty-five thousand years to accomplish. This is the story of the cosmic Christ,Hercules, 23:make thy abode, and there, serving, thou shalt accomplish thy labors. When this shall beInitiation, 101:inherent energy, enable the initiate to accomplish more in the path of service than he ever beforeInitiation, 178:units. These are the main things that a man must accomplish along the path of initiation, but whenIntellect, 169:the days are all too short for what he seeks to accomplish. He finds himself so anxious toIntellect, 207:their emotions waste much time and energy, and accomplish less than the mentally focused person;Magic, 133:upon one human being more than he can adequately accomplish. He can and does train His disciple soMagic, 142:be possible for the Sound to be heard, and so to accomplish its purpose. Only as the multitude ofMagic, 177:curious and the blind. This is a hard task to accomplish, for the concrete mind expresses theMagic, 266:his forces on the mental plane and from there accomplish his purpose in generating and producingMagic, 375:may last for one life or two, and he seems to accomplish little in either direction. This is, forMagic, 410:under a divine urge and with a specific work to accomplish; they have all been composed in theMagic, 430:in all. Three simple rules, but very hard to accomplish. Behind this group of mystics, whichMagic, 447:Three things the worker with the law must now accomplish. First, ascertain the formula which willMagic, 472:directed that it will reach the objective and accomplish its sender's purpose. The necessity forMagic, 491:own thought creations, and leave them free to accomplish the purpose for which he intelligentlyMagic, 492:thought-form will express the spiritual idea and accomplish its work. It is held together by theMagic, 566:give it objective existence and send it forth to accomplish his purpose and his intent. The crucialMagic, 581:endeavoring to become a magical creator and to accomplish two things: Recreate his instrument orMeditation, 28:what his line of activity may be, what he can accomplish, and from the worldly standpoint, comesMeditation, 154:the worker to build a strong body before he can accomplish much, and the importance of good healthMeditation, 156:these forms which work on emotional matter will accomplish. The aim of the pupil who treads theMeditation, 162:These, sounded rhythmically and on certain keys, accomplish certain results, such as the invokingMeditation, 187:even if discovered by the unready, they could accomplish little, for their use must be accompaniedMeditation, 276:so will come the opportunity of the Master to accomplish successfully the scientific definite workProblems, 8:men and women of goodwill in the world today to accomplish this if they can be reached, inspiredProblems, 120:true goodwill within themselves. They can accomplish it if they care enough for their fellowman,Problems, 181:by public opinion, will be tremendous. They can accomplish phenomenal results. How to use thePsychology1, 106:The time is relatively so short in which to accomplish and carry out certain aspects of the Plan asPsychology2, 95:and, through the sacrifice of themselves, they accomplish it. As such, they must be recognized forPsychology2, 113:they work together as a group of souls, they can accomplish much. This thought illustrates also thePsychology2, 683:in such a fashion, will be tremendous. They can accomplish phenomenal results. This is no idlePsychology2, 697:they work together as a group of souls, they can accomplish much. This thought illustrates also theRays, 152:They relate to: The work which the initiate must accomplish within himself. The group relations ofRays, 182:we are considering work that the initiate must accomplish, and are not considering the usual effortRays, 333:of the Hierarchy and that which its Members will accomplish is related also (and primarily) to theRays, 643:in the activities which I have been enabled to accomplish in the outer world through the booksRays, 757:became possible. That effort took centuries to accomplish. Today, we have all the facilities forReappearance, 57:behind the Christ and can thus enable Him to accomplish His purpose. Their major realization isReappearance, 96:body centuries ago. He did this in order to accomplish certain assigned work which had in itReappearance, 113:this divine livingness; the work which He will accomplish - with the aid of His disciples - willReappearance, 166:events may offer. The desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends are ceaselessly gnawingSoul, 124:One of the objectives of human evolution is to accomplish this. The center at the base of theTelepathy, 38:accomplished. But it is a task which you can accomplish if you will, and real application over a
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