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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOMPLISHED

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Astrology, 25:by the four higher receiving centers. This, when accomplished, demonstrates as personality andAstrology, 81:and future in the radiant glory of the work accomplished." Astrology, 83:him to escape from the wheel of rebirth. He has accomplished [84] this by mounting the threeAstrology, 105:Saturn's power is completely ended and his work accomplished when man (the spiritual man) has freedAstrology, 149:When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has been accomplished, then during the third decanate,Astrology, 245:when the work in Taurus and Libra has been accomplished. Thus can the golden thread of evolutionaryAstrology, 273:of that great center we call humanity will be accomplished. Ponder on this for the significance ofAstrology, 422:this transcendence is something you have not yet accomplished but which some day inevitably youAstrology, 506:that of the Monad, the will aspect. When this is accomplished, will, love and intelligence areAstrology, 562:and when the work of the Mutable Cross has been accomplished, the acquiescing disciple passes ontoAtom, 33:not long ago that this had been satisfactorily accomplished. The conclusions of the chemist placedAutobiography, 3:work possible. Without him I feel I could have accomplished very little. Where there is deep andAutobiography, 49:the terrific climb to its summit - a feat seldom accomplished. So it is with knowledge. That whichAutobiography, 230:now very apparent to us what has been definitely accomplished by the Hierarchy through ourAutobiography, 237:VI A third unique thing which the Tibetan has accomplished, and this within the last few months,Autobiography, 249:The next phase of the work which I sought to see accomplished is now in working order. It was myAutobiography, 253:and useful. The sum total of the useful work accomplished is what counts and not the criticisms andAutobiography, 255:words and have to prove their status by the work accomplished. The Masters work through TheirBethlehem, 20:its work of preparation being triumphantly accomplished, and Christ will again give us the nextBethlehem, 48:Finally came the realization that He had accomplished what He had set out to do. He had fulfiledBethlehem, 54:was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And sheBethlehem, 77:the Temple and the acceptance of the task to be accomplished, Christ returns to the place of duty.Bethlehem, 166:and Reality. It was all of this which Christ accomplished. Immediately, on the descent from theBethlehem, 279:"Nothing of real value in the world is ever accomplished without enthusiasm and self-sacrifice." -Destiny, 117:is today more possible and more easily accomplished than ever before. The new forms, through whichDestiny, 140:possible when the work of the first decanate is accomplished and when Shamballa has released andDiscipleship1, 29:revelation to the world of men will later be an accomplished fact and is already much more activelyDiscipleship1, 30:and an understanding love. Much can then be accomplished. Discipleship1, 46:the Teachers upon the inner side, seek to see accomplished. Temporarily and of your own free will,Discipleship1, 67:and enrichment before its task is satisfactorily accomplished. Discipleship1, 80:- as a unity upon the mental plane - is not yet accomplished. It is most needed and until thisDiscipleship1, 130:have two things to do which - if successfully accomplished - would very much increase your outputDiscipleship1, 135:your possession. This bringing through is not accomplished by you as adequately as it might be,Discipleship1, 160:You have but little to fear, for much is already accomplished upon the inner planes. The seizure ofDiscipleship1, 164:brain and of the objective mind remains to be accomplished in connection with these individuals.Discipleship1, 244:ray ego can likewise so work, then much will be accomplished by you. But, at the present time, yourDiscipleship1, 266:in those who work around you; this can only be accomplished as you yourself learn to be moreDiscipleship1, 271:OF MINE: I would commend you today for work accomplished silently within yourself. How much hasDiscipleship1, 285:achievement, so that your soul can say: "I have accomplished that which I intended." TheseDiscipleship1, 293:and that means power in the task to be accomplished. Study the three words which are your lifeDiscipleship1, 313:ahead of you - one that can be quickly accomplished if there is right understanding, or which canDiscipleship1, 323:with the aid of other souls. There is much to be accomplished if the work of the Hierarchy is to goDiscipleship1, 381:and through the interior work which you have accomplished in yourself and through the process ofDiscipleship1, 383:soul power is brought into play, or it can be accomplished more slowly if you work through theDiscipleship1, 440:having any definite ideas as to what should be accomplished. The rest of the activity is in myDiscipleship1, 485:and self-confidence. When, however, it has been accomplished and the server stands ready to help,Discipleship1, 534:concerned, to express undue appreciation of work accomplished or to feed the vanity of the averageDiscipleship1, 535:your meditation. The earlier one given has accomplished its intended preliminary purpose. I suggestDiscipleship1, 584:in contacting and if you can stabilize the work accomplished within yourself, you will findDiscipleship1, 597:us be practical and outline certain things to be accomplished during the rest of this year. RefrainDiscipleship1, 603:any of us to desire that that release should be accomplished as rapidly as may be in order to setDiscipleship1, 603:the following three questions: That which I have accomplished during the past few hours, has itDiscipleship1, 620:runs contrary to much that one would like to see accomplished and to much that has been planned byDiscipleship1, 627:into one functioning unit, then much can be accomplished. All is yet in the trial stage with manyDiscipleship1, 634:yourself. This last task has been successfully accomplished. The first task yet remains to beDiscipleship1, 677:of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks andDiscipleship1, 781:The next phase of the work which I sought to see accomplished is now in working order. It was myDiscipleship1, 785:and useful. The sumtotal of the useful work accomplished is what counts and not the criticisms andDiscipleship2, 22:of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intent and have demonstrated success.Discipleship2, 27:to the service of the Plan. When you have accomplished this, imagine that you see me rising from myDiscipleship2, 76:Rays, Vol. IV.) Then her task for me will be accomplished. D.E.I. is no longer in this group, andDiscipleship2, 92:life by A.A.B. been better, it might have been accomplished. Another of these types was B.S.D.) 5.Discipleship2, 173:an apparent failure and that his mission was not accomplished. For nearly two thousand years he hasDiscipleship2, 201:is creatively influenced by the meditation work accomplished. Curiously enough, in view of the factDiscipleship2, 206:era cannot yet demand that demanded good become accomplished good." The members of this group areDiscipleship2, The fu:are "enlightened and raised." All this is accomplished through meditation, through invocation [218]Discipleship2, 220:and air) much needed hierarchical work is being accomplished; the energy of the fourth Ray ofDiscipleship2, 222:into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to have accomplished. Discipleship2, 230:Name and with faith in the response will see it accomplished." Remember at the same time thatDiscipleship2, 314:accords within himself to that which has been accomplished. Discipleship2, 412:with much of this primary mental work well accomplished and with a substantial measure of soulDiscipleship2, 487:you from conscious knowledge and which (when accomplished) will enable the Ashram to give you "theDiscipleship2, 512:of service and your group activity. You have accomplished a good and fruitful life service. YouDiscipleship2, 513:the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. When you have accomplished this, you will take initiation. The taskDiscipleship2, 556:ideal which you have set before yourself was an accomplished fact. This as if behavior is one ofDiscipleship2, 580:the value and the nature of what you have accomplished. I would ask you to read with care theDiscipleship2, 584:recognized by the senior workers. This you have accomplished through the dynamic one-pointed energyDiscipleship2, 678:already in different countries) much is being accomplished by students and others, always underDiscipleship2, 681:cooperation. A.A.B. wants to see certain things accomplished in the relatively brief interludeDiscipleship2, 689:Of this I am aware, and for all that you have accomplished I am happy. The question I now ask you,Discipleship2, 699:In these days of radio programs this is easily accomplished, and the effect of blended instrumentsDiscipleship2, 700:moving forward into this closer relation must be accomplished by you - alone and unaided, except byDiscipleship2, 742:close of each year you realize that you have not accomplished very much. You may have helped aDiscipleship2, 761:you, that the urgency of the time demands "accomplished servers" and wise disciples, and that thisEducation, 27:to the mental. That part of the work is already accomplished in many thousands of cases and what isEducation, 33:and directed attention. When this has been accomplished, a definite relation is established betweenEducation, 51:in the true sense of the term. Much more will be accomplished when the educators of the world graspEducation, 73:steps be taken, until the new education is an accomplished fact and the old and the new techniquesEducation, 140:emotional and mental. When this has been accomplished we shall have the manifestation of theExternalisation, 39:task of the groups working with world glamor is accomplished this will be evident. I can give youExternalisation, 241:of this new world is to enter into the realm of accomplished fact. Certain angles of the vision IExternalisation, 310:the years 1932-1938 but though something was accomplished, it was not enough. The blindness,Externalisation, 323:ahead, demanding attention, and will have to be accomplished in a period much more difficult thanExternalisation, 398:of world affairs. If this can be successfully accomplished, two great revelations may then beExternalisation, 445:power, not a test of Their love), what is accomplished by the disciples working in the world atExternalisation, 451:day of their own final defeat. This defeat, when accomplished, must include the three worlds ofExternalisation, 491:of the energy of the atom this has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified duringExternalisation, 510:principle, the true second Coming, has been accomplished. No date for the advent do I set, but theExternalisation, 510:nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished. I indicate the hope. I do not assertExternalisation, 539:the scenes. When this interim work of salvage is accomplished, then the Hierarchy will externalize
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