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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOMPLISHED

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Magic, 133:but forget not that the vast amount of work accomplished by one useful disciple only becomesMagic, 133:three bodies is coordinated and his alignment accomplished. He who has a stable mental body that isMagic, 248:one or other of the centers in the body. This is accomplished through the medium of the forceMagic, 318:of one's brother, and when this has been accomplished - all is forgiven and all is lost sight of inMagic, 320:Thus will he enter into life and know the work accomplished. A note, appended to these three rulesMagic, 345:until you realize that the needed work is accomplished. At first you may have to do it many times.Magic, 367:and appropriated as a basis for thought. This accomplished, what comes next? A period of gestation,Magic, 374:work on the greatest number can therefore be accomplished. The fourth mental subplane is the planeMagic, 428:of world mystics and its close welding is not an accomplished fact? World unity, brotherhood in itsMagic, 487:of the lessons to be learnt from the deed he has accomplished. Use not force, for strong thinkersMagic, 503:as soul and body. This has already been largely accomplished between the etheric plane and theMagic, 533:[533] of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaksMagic, 536:beginning has been made here. Much work is being accomplished by man for men, and through theMagic, 593:rapid progress, whereas all that they have accomplished is to burn or "rub through" the web at someMagic, 603:status, not upon claims made, but upon work accomplished and the love and wisdom shown. JudgmentMagic, 609:awake as well as exteriorly active. This is accomplished through developing the power to be aMagic, 638:and not through a specific knowledge of the deed accomplished or the thought sent out. Those whoMeditationHigher Self in any particular incarnation can be accomplished. The great thinkers of the race, theMeditation, 6:an impediment. Even when this has been somewhat accomplished and the emotional body is stabilizedMeditation, 31:evil is but the other side of good. Then, having accomplished this, comes the application of theMeditation, 36:and the goal of its being. Once that is accomplished, and the inner fire is freer in its passage,Meditation, 45:best body for the type of work that has to be accomplished. An oriental type of body has one set ofMeditation, 52:will the work of building in or casting-out be accomplished. That the one threefold Word has sevenMeditation, 57:subtone. But the work of outbreathing is already accomplished. It is involution. The work ofMeditation, 61:an intellectual grasp of what has to be accomplished. He realizes approximately his place inMeditation, 70:is progressing, nor is the work as yet fully accomplished. Enough has, nevertheless, been done toMeditation, 77:center in the correct manner, and when this is accomplished in the order required by the man'sMeditation, 90:Lords. Let me illustrate: One of the things accomplished in meditation when pursued with regularityMeditation, 200:Ruler himself, the Logos of our system. This is accomplished through the power of certain mantramsMeditation, 240:he discovers that the method whereby this is accomplished is by the subjective life of occultMeditation, 260:meditation is the only way in which this can be accomplished. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who,Meditation, 263:He Who has entrusted to Him, by virtue of work accomplished, certain Words of Power. By means ofMeditation, 275:Triad. [275] He has to watch over the work accomplished by the pupil whilst making the channelMeditation, 275:and makes records of the extent of the work accomplished, and the far-reaching effect of the spokenMeditation, 275:the Lord of the first two initiations. This is accomplished by a gradual raising of the vibrationMeditation, 290:comes. This, - in the case in point, - has been accomplished by the student. He has connected theMeditation, 290:the heart with its head center. Not only has he accomplished the two above things but he has soMeditation, 294:those who guard the Threshold. When perfectly accomplished (a thing impossible now) it forms aMeditation, 300:mind. Hence the Masters, if it can in any way be accomplished, purpose a movement that has in viewMeditation, 312:and with work on causal levels. One can be best accomplished in the world of men and throughMeditation, 313:considerations. When this has been somewhat accomplished, and when the clairvoyant head of theMeditation, 338:and not of the personality. How should this be accomplished? In several ways, some at the directionPatanjaliof the chitta (or mind). 3. When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is inPatanjali, 11:1 - The Problem of Union 3. When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is inPatanjali, 140:to use that apparatus, and when this has been accomplished, he begins to offset the hindrances byPatanjali, 176:say with truth "I have fulfiled my dharma, and accomplished my whole duty." He has worked offPatanjali, 180:remembered that they do not refer to anything accomplished on one or other plane in some one body,Patanjali, 231:when certain rules are learned and certain work accomplished. These can obviously not be given inPatanjali, 255:and the aspirant is reminded that nothing is accomplished at once but only as the result of longPatanjali, 261:stabilizing the mind is acquired. When this is accomplished two things occur: [262] AnPatanjali, 266:gem, and the work of cutting and polishing is accomplished, the glory of the jewel will be seen.Patanjali, 282:is dissipated. At present this can be adequately accomplished by the seer through a concentrationPatanjali, 314:means, the seeing of divine beings can be accomplished by concentration upon that part of the bodyPatanjali, 427:remains for the man to do. The dual work is accomplished. Those hindrances which are the result ofProblems, 21:and is evidencing a wish for this to be accomplished on her own terms - the terms of a generalProblems, 22:and the surging forward of a nation which has accomplished in a quarter of a century what otherProblems, 29:To foster the spirit of right relations. This is accomplished by the recognition of the one worldProblems, 181:that (even in five years' time) much good can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into theProblems, 181:relations will grow gradually out of the work accomplished and meet the need of the worldPsychology1, 74:when the task of the wreckers of form has been accomplished. I should like here to give aPsychology1, 125:Another material unification will have been accomplished. Psychology1, 257:and in the vegetable kingdom. It is not yet accomplished where the animal kingdom is concerned, butPsychology1, 284:ideal, but it has never yet been satisfactorily accomplished. The solving of the sexual problemPsychology1, 328:It is when the third alignment has been truly accomplished and when the light of the fourthPsychology1, 367:before the Federation of Nations can be an accomplished fact. Psychology1, 369:effects and characteristics of the work being accomplished. This can already be seen in the workPsychology1, 379:consciousness. But until that development is an accomplished fact, we have no means whereby toPsychology2, 7:nature, the Kingdom of Souls. All this has to be accomplished in the realm of conscious awarenessPsychology2, 12:the individuals in group purpose must be accomplished in three ways: By personal, imposedPsychology2, 13:equipment. They affirm their belief in terms of accomplished fact and cause much stumbling amongPsychology2, 50:When the work under the first category is accomplished upon the physical plane and its technique isPsychology2, 114:of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished, the needed adjustments in the world canPsychology2, 183:and group cohesion. Nothing can be [183] accomplished without these. The subjective linking of eachPsychology2, 247:of God's meaning and purpose in all that He has accomplished from age to age. Secondly, thePsychology2, 324:of the human being into time has not been accomplished and even this statement will be littlePsychology2, 409:the consciousness of the Whole. When this is accomplished, group consciousness is added toPsychology2, 428:also to train the directional will, much will be accomplished. When these two factors (which arePsychology2, 433:Yet, in spite of this, real good has been accomplished, for the whole theory has been seepingPsychology2, 475:the race (when the work of this present cycle is accomplished) should function consciously inPsychology2, 669:a clear [669] picture of the work that must be accomplished during the next few years. This work isPsychology2, 681:endeavor to promote world peace. What is being accomplished along these [682] lines in the worldPsychology2, 683:men of good will is carried forward, much can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into thePsychology2, 683:will gradually appear out of the work accomplished and the world situation. The needed rightPsychology2, 688:Group of World Servers What is it that should be accomplished at each momentous full moon in May? IPsychology2, 691:can be aligned, even momentarily, much can be accomplished; the gates of the new life can bePsychology2, 699:of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the neededPsychology2, 725:task they were intended to carry out has been accomplished, and that which is no longer requiredPsychology2, 726:Methods One of the first things which should be accomplished is the working out upon the physicalRays, 33:the sacrificial will of the soul; and this, when accomplished, will lead to the revelation of theRays, 65:This is true of all the planetary work, whether accomplished by initiates and Masters, workingRays, 89:whereby later generations remember Him. That accomplished, He stays with His people as Head of theRays, 90:the present activity of the Christ. He has accomplished His task as God the Savior. The fourthRays, 106:fourth initiation, when the work of the soul is accomplished and the soul body fades out of theRays, 135:the two are one); the plow of God has nearly accomplished its work; the sword of the spirit hasRays, 222:Word has gone forth and all is well and safely accomplished. But it is not so in verity. By theRays, 234:develops sensitivity in the individual. The work accomplished by and through this energy is soRays, 234:by and through this energy is so successfully accomplished that it has produced a mediating groupRays, 238:and fusion. When this work has been accomplished we shall record an era of world peace which willRays, 382:is now the case. What this means, how it will be accomplished, and what the implications are, willRays, 430:"sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to
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