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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDANCE

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Autobiography, 264:and mystery but upon a life lived in accordance with the highest ideals, and upon the presentationDestiny, 12:affairs are taking shape before your eyes in accordance with my prevision (as presented to yourDestiny, 42:It is the supreme task of bringing together in accordance with the immediate intent and plan andDiscipleship1, 731:with the Plan of the Hierarchy, working in accordance with the revelation, coming from Shamballa.Discipleship2, 152:and forces which he directs and manipulates in accordance with hierarchical intent. Before,Discipleship2, 347:entirely to creative work, carried on in accordance with the Purpose of Shamballa and not inDiscipleship2, 347:with the Purpose of Shamballa and not in accordance with the hierarchical Plan. The above variousDiscipleship2, 434:the creative, attractive and dynamic energies in accordance with the hierarchical Plan in order toDiscipleship2, 434:centers of energy under the divine Plan and in accordance with the divine Purpose. The wordDiscipleship2, 445:draws, attracts, manipulates and arranges in accordance with divine purpose. This is not the sameExternalisation, 209:of national and racial spheres of influence in accordance with the present situation. It is not theFire, 175:of formation." Such is the "hypothesis fully in accordance with (your) (my) note." For, asHealing, 351:along the lines of his own training and in accordance with the instructions given in this treatiseIntellect, 8:It is that psychological function which, in accordance with its own laws, brings givenMagic, 338:which he can learn to use and control. But, in accordance with the more subjective and speculativePatanjali, 285:He then produces the effect desired in accordance with the law but it carries no consequences forPsychology1, 169:moment of birth for every individual is fixed in accordance with karmic necessities, and probablyPsychology1, 268:one because they themselves live and act in accordance with it, and it suffices for them; it isPsychology2, 133:for service, and thenceforth creative work in accordance with the Plan can go forward on all threeRays, 438:aspects are proved capable of expression in accordance with this particular time, in thisReappearance, 120:who recognize its laws and endeavor to live in accordance with its rules and spirit. The fact thatSoul, 116:the mechanism of unconscious adaptation, in accordance with the varying conditions of stimuli which
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