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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDED

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Bethlehem, 54:The truths revealed and the revelation accorded have to be worked out in the experience of dailyBethlehem, 102:to be a son of God, therefore recognition is accorded to him. This was strikingly the case withBethlehem, 135:detail of the stupendous revelation which was accorded to the three apostles on the mountain-top.Bethlehem, 160:mission on His behalf. At the Baptism He accorded recognition, but that was all. At thisBethlehem, 163:along with Christ, to the vision which was accorded Him as He came down from that high point ofBethlehem, 166:But to rise upon the crest of the wave, to be accorded public recognition, and to seem to haveBethlehem, 202:has himself instituted, and to which God has accorded divine recognition, [203] is to transgress,Bethlehem, 209:as likewise the knowledge that the emphasis accorded to Him as the Savior of the world would retardBethlehem, 216:had "done nothing amiss." The factor which accorded him admission into paradise was a two-fold one.Bethlehem, 217:evoked from Jesus the demand that forgiveness be accorded. But when life experience has played itsDiscipleship1, 125:the recognition for which you asked has been accorded you and you are aware of that for which youDiscipleship1, 330:and subjective recognitions can be earlier accorded. This is a point which should be remembered andDiscipleship1, 362:you do not ask for recognition but that is ever accorded by us, the teachers on the inner side,Discipleship1, 730:is clear to him; this is part of the reward accorded to the initiate. He identifies himself withDiscipleship1, 749:and the Master's group. He has already been accorded the privilege of invoking the attention of theDiscipleship1, 754:responsibility, and such a privilege is never accorded to him unless he is able so to guard himselfDiscipleship2, 147:using the same theme-words, much help can be accorded to the entire group by each of you. You willDiscipleship2, 258:of the divine Plan. The revelation which is accorded at initiation is given to the soul, recordedDiscipleship2, 259:The stage of recognizing the revelation which is accorded to the initiate of the major Mysteries isDiscipleship2, 345:in relation to initiation. The revelations accorded (of which three have already been indicated)Discipleship2, 374:From the angle of our studies, the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to the carryingDiscipleship2, 397:employ the will aspect and - in the revelation accorded - he takes a major step toward the thirdDiscipleship2, 435:ended and reward in the form of revelation is accorded him. This procedure and sequence of eventsDiscipleship2, 435:dominated religious thought. But the revelation accorded is, in reality, related (until the sixthDiscipleship2, 435:or confronted step by step and revelation is accorded of the world soul, of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 464:for you what he then said. The group protection accorded you (greater than perhaps you realize)Discipleship2, 673:their work. This permission to approach is only accorded when love and wisdom are balanced andExternalisation, 389:to many thousands) that spiritual guidance is accorded to mankind and that behind the veil whichHealing, 196:by modern Western science. When recognition is accorded to this subtle substance (composed ofHealing, 338:of the etheric body is yet academically accorded. There is yet no real understanding of theHealing, 368:she spoke of the recognition ultimately to be accorded by science to an universally diffusedInitiation, 84:are to be vivified, or what vision is to be accorded. So much depends upon the ray of the disciple,Initiation, 86:but surely in service of some kind. A vision is accorded of the world's need, and a further portionInitiation, 87:at the different initiations. Again, a vision is accorded of what lies ahead; the initiate is in aMagic, 4:have wisely guarded your books from the reaction accorded to those who claim to be masters, adeptsMagic, 169:that he is told so and that an interview is accorded wherein the Master accepts him and starts himRays, 117:the first expression of recognition - directly accorded - that the Great [118] Lives at ShamballaRays, 202:carries a man there is the transcendent vision accorded at some of the higher initiations; theRays, 211:towards recognition, whether that recognition is accorded by the world of men, by other disciples,Rays, 233:work of the New Group of World Servers will be accorded by the Hierarchy, and the testimony of theRays, 234:a degree of sensitivity that the response to be accorded to the activities of the New Group ofRays, 644:all of which lead up to the revelation accorded at the fifth initiation. The relation between theRays, 644:deep and mysterious. It is the revelation accorded in the fifth initiation which makes the seventhRays, 646:Will, for there lies the key to the revelation accorded to the initiate-Master. As you can see, weRays, 646:therefore (and I reiterate) that the revelation accorded to the disciple-initiate is along the lineRays, 651:moment when the revelation of the seven Paths is accorded to him at the following or sixthRays, 652:concerned with the method whereby the vision is accorded and revelation given: Ambition,Rays, 652:of men. He realizes, through the revelation accorded, more clearly than has hitherto been possible,Rays, 707:indicate the nature of the revelation which is accorded to the initiate of the fifth initiation. ItRays, 725:time. Karma no longer holds Them. The revelation accorded to the Initiate in the first stage of theRays, 726:At the seventh Initiation of Resurrection, He is accorded a revelation of the quality which mustRays, 728:to the smallest. When that revelation is accorded to the initiate, he for the first time receivesRays, 733:are but a part. It is this revelation which is accorded to the initiate at this seventh InitiationRays, 736:this planet and in relation to the planet. He is accorded this last contact, but such a contact isRays, 741:resurrection, though the revelation subsequently accorded is lasting and permanent in its effects.Rays, 741:Himself is not the revelation which is to be accorded, but He will simplify the thinking of men soReappearance, 40:and divine recognition of His coming will be accorded. Then the Christ will take that stupendousReappearance, 72:such terms (reverent and symbolical), the reward accorded to the Christ, as He announced HisReappearance, 73:Power or "Stanzas of Direction" is never lightly accorded. The decision of Christ to appear againReappearance, 88:is contacted, where, recognition of Sonship is accorded and where the divine purpose can be known.
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