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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDING

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Discipleship2, 19:He receives - at specific "points in time" - according to his success in expanding hisDiscipleship2, 29:forms and different degrees of intensity, according to the ray, the type and the point in evolutionDiscipleship2, 52:of achievement. This sensitivity may differ according to ray and [53] type, but the generalDiscipleship2, 53:of aspirants and disciples) to the Hierarchy. According to the status of the groups and theirDiscipleship2, 60:upon the members of the Ashram moving forward according to their degree, and upon the power of theDiscipleship2, 154:imparts the nature of the Plan or the Purpose - according to the status of the initiate - and thatDiscipleship2, 165:as time lacks. It is for you to arrive - according to your evolutionary status and the depth ofDiscipleship2, 205:is to be found. This will necessarily vary according to the ray; the ray - it must be remembered -Discipleship2, 209:karma and of its delayed or rapid application, according to transient planetary indications. TheDiscipleship2, 233:phases of evolutionary development and endeavor, according to the work desired of any Ray AshramDiscipleship2, 261:of initiation to a greater or less degree, according to the initiations already taken. ThisDiscipleship2, 277:and are capable of several interpretations - according to the point of unfoldment and the ray type.Discipleship2, 289:is the motivating potency in every incarnation, according to the experience conditioning, theDiscipleship2, 293:synthesis of perception of the phenomenal world, according to man's point of development, hisDiscipleship2, 305:through the translucence. This formula differs according to the polarization of the one who visionsDiscipleship2, 317:of disciples everywhere for initiation - according to their status and developed ability. TheDiscipleship2, 327:have passed the human stage of consciousness - according to their degree - and the light which isDiscipleship2, 333:of the Plan. It produces also a point of crisis, according to the development of the disciplesDiscipleship2, 346:of the creative work with which he - under law, according to ray, and in relation to one of theDiscipleship2, 350:Will (their perception of that Will will be according to the degree of the initiatory control).Discipleship2, 352:the disciples and initiates will do together, according to their degree and their point inDiscipleship2, 354:a hint is susceptible of many interpretations, according to the point in evolution and the grade ofDiscipleship2, 362:to you, as far as the disciple is concerned. According to his development and his point inDiscipleship2, 379:at each initiation, but differ greatly according to the initiation taken. The use of the WillDiscipleship2, 390:this Plan by the disciple will necessarily vary according to the disciple's point in evolution. InDiscipleship2, 431:and "precipitates" them through his vehicle according to the Will or Purpose of divinity. The stageDiscipleship2, 433:use any center as the point of precipitation, according to the needs of the work to be done or theDiscipleship2, 470:the task demanded for three years or for seven (according to your own choice) and then, if youDiscipleship2, 515:a force, having either a good or a bad effect, according to its coloring by the higher or the lowerDiscipleship2, 558:has been taken, two possibilities are presented, according to whether the karma entailed wasDiscipleship2, 562:and he draws from the force of Shamballa - according to his degree - the inspiration (againDiscipleship2, 620:as strength. This shows itself in various ways, according to the type of person with you at anyDiscipleship2, 631:of the disciple. Necessarily, this work varies according to the status of the disciple and hisDiscipleship2, 665:your future initiate service may be carried out according to plan. That service is the choice ofDiscipleship2, 666:initiation for which you are being prepared); according to the status of the initiate, so will beDiscipleship2, 686:such as the seven principles, will vary according to the point in evolution of the investigator. IDiscipleship2, 736:these decisions can be carried out or avoided according to his own planning. This line of activityDiscipleship2, 740:less, though the degree and quality may differ according to ray or type. Yours is a determination,Education, 22:plus the use of the faculty of choice. According to the depths of a man's discontent, and of hisEducation, 74:often scolded. He is dragged hither and thither, according to his parents' whims and interest, andEducation, 118:life to a certain pattern which seems to them - according to their inclination, type and ray - toEducation, 128:him for many years - the time element varying according to the country of birth and social status.Education, 145:upon earth to a greater or lesser degree, according to the extent of fusion and the consciousExternalisation, 4:and be destructive as well as constructive, according to the quality of the bodies which react toExternalisation, 14:which seek to develop the student must be graded according to his point in evolution, and hisExternalisation, 62:This stage is, however, most important for according to the healthiness of the seeds and theirExternalisation, 85:upon the nature of the vehicle of response. According to his equipment and the nature of hisExternalisation, 86:Atlantean laya-yoga, or the yoga of the centers. According, therefore, to the condition of theExternalisation, 135:inspired leaders, or just and wise men, according to our peculiar ideology, tradition, attitudes toExternalisation, 137:This conflict is expressed in many [137] ways according to the point of view and the background ofExternalisation, 165:is a curious and unusual one and signifies (according to the best derivative sources) simply "toExternalisation, 222:land. Men and women express this recognition according to the trend of their religious andExternalisation, 255:is not a hard and fast rule. It is changeable, according to man's attitude and desire. It is theExternalisation, 276:shares with all men to a greater or less degree, according to the expressive power of the soul.Externalisation, 296:sensed as being on His way. The second Coming (according to prophecy) is imminent, and from theExternalisation, 345:the techniques of the Will of God in operation. According to them, that Will is something withExternalisation, 440:upon humanity, producing seven great results, according to the seven subrays of this first Ray ofExternalisation, 452:Councils. This cycle will prove long or short, according to the release of the will-to-good fromExternalisation, 455:response to human demand (in degree and in kind, according to the quality of the demand), theExternalisation, 547:must ever be the case - to work out the details according to their contributing civilizations andExternalisation, 582:planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. According to the need upon the physical planet, andExternalisation, 587:the human consciousness and enrich its content. According to his hierarchical status, he willExternalisation, 624:the world have not only to train people to give according to the need and their means, but in manyExternalisation, 638:humanity as once before it was destroyed, according to the Bible and the other world Scriptures andExternalisation, 655:out both life and death, health and disease, according to the quality of the substance or materialExternalisation, 664:but they were affiliated with some Ashram (according to their ray), and were therefore subject toExternalisation, 672:stands and works. The Masters are working according to Plan - a Plan which is founded in the pastExternalisation, 683:also to disciples who are in or out of the body, according to their destiny, immediate karma orExternalisation, 695:insulated by his own strong desire to make good, according to his own theories and to hisFire, 72:action varies in point of time and sequence according to the ray itself upon which the Monad may beFire, 92:body. The physical radiations of men differ according to the quality of their physical bodies. SoFire, 99:a process of intensification or devitalization, according to the condition, healthy or not, of thatFire, 102:radiatory heat, varies in vibration and quality according to the receiving Entity. Man passes theFire, 124:three major head centers (the sequence varying according to ray) become active and a similarFire, 142:ring-pass-not, and secondly differentiating it, according to seven vibratory rates or measures intoFire, 155:added momentum and to give specific quality according to the source from which the radiation comes.Fire, 158:and interplay causes repulsion and attraction according to the polarity of the cosmic, systemic orFire, 169:of these triangles, bearing always in mind that according to the ray so will proceed the geometricFire, 169:proceed the geometric rising of the fire, and according to the ray so will the points be touched inFire, 173:thing, and proceeds in ordered cycles varying according to the ray of a man's Monad. [174] The lifeFire, 178:triangles will be brought to full activity according to the ray of the Monad or Spirit. Therefore,Fire, 205:from the bottom upwards, until the centers (according to ray and type) are interrelated andFire, 207:the mystery of personality at this time. Again, according as the centers are active or inactive, soFire, 208:is the object of special attention. This varies according to the Ray, or the specialized work ofFire, 219:The functions of the Vedas must of course vary according to the standpoint. If you take the Pitris,Fire, 225:- Introductory Questions Chart of the Plerôma according to Valentinus (Source: Lucifer, May 1890)Fire, 238:of intelligence, and to call it by diverse names according to the trend (religious, scientific orFire, 248:life, by his persistent will-to-be; all vibrate according to the point reached by the man inFire, 251:and animated by His will to be, and all vibrate according to the point achieved by Him inFire, 263:energy will be of a peculiar color and quality, according to the plane involved. The sevenFire, 272:expresses one form of His force manifestation, according to Their place within the body. HumanFire, 273:length - greater or lesser cycles - but (according to their length) of uniform degree. AFire, 287:thus evident how the range of fact will differ according to: The age of the soul. ExperienceFire, 312:light, there magnetism and its Alter Ego (according to our humble opinion) - electricity willFire, 318:have here an interesting sequence or inversion, according to the angle of vision, involving theFire, 322:activity. The predominance of one certain color according to the quality of the etheric display,Fire, 336:group work, and shows forth in different ways according to the units involved, the forms [337]Fire, 351:touches, and sees, persists and interprets according to the stage of the development of the manasicFire, 357:from the higher planes, a vast lotus. Possess, according to its vibratory capacity, a definiteFire, 357:Be characterized by different stages of activity according to the initiation towards which the
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