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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDING

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Fire, 359:felt by His Brothers in a greater or less degree according to the work being undertaken at any oneFire, 369:Venus is either the second or the sixth scheme, according to whether the schemes are countedFire, 375:such triangles, varying at different stages; according to their relation to each other, theFire, 378:emanated via our sixth chain (or the second according to the angle of vision) and affected aFire, 393:a vivification in one or other of His centers according to the purpose in view. This occurred inFire, 395:aura, and he suffers, or he makes progress, according to the application of that principle. So,Fire, 410:present stage. 44 Diversity from Unity. "Now, according to the Adepts of ancient Aryavarta, sevenFire, 432:planes, chains, globes, races, and subraces according to their numerical relationship to the schemeFire, 439:receives and absorbs it, and transmutes it according to its need, and not so much therefore isFire, 440:this Law, and work exoterically, or esoterically according to the Ray in power, with the exceptionFire, 468:of the Rays, Who cycle into and out of power, according to the Ray, waxing or waning. Four devasFire, 492:- different groups of devas coming into action according to the nature of the form concerned, andFire, 492:place. Electric fire passes from atom to atom according to law, and "fire by friction" responds,Fire, 510:groups which most concern evolving man. According to the angle of vision, this numbering of groupsFire, 537:that man has seven centers of force (or ten, according to some calculations); that three of theseFire, 542:a certain geometrical triangle (differing according to the ray of the Monad) can be seen threeFire, 546:bear in mind the following facts: First, that according to the Ray of the Monad, so will the petalsFire, 561:Its method Its objective. All these will vary according to the nature of the emanating Identity.Fire, 591:mental levels. "As a man thinks, so is he;" according to his thoughts are his desires and acts, andFire, 604:solar fire is distinguished by several divisions according to the nature of the rays emitted by theFire, 618:close of the mahamanvantara they will have built according [619] to the plan a perfect sheath orFire, 623:intent, being themselves swayed and actuated according to divine purpose, and from high levels.Fire, 657:certain types of humanity more than others, according to their ray and nature, and this effect willFire, 664:expected under the law, and the triangles vary according to the scheme involved. Fire, 676:incarnation. They are divided into seven groups according to the Ray of the Monad. Those devas whoFire, 686:individualization. Method and time may vary according to the nature of any particular planetaryFire, 692:physical bodies - again at varying times and according to their evolutionary stage. This is ofFire, 694:not exist. Again, forms differ as do kingdoms according to the nature of the force flowing throughFire, 697:the student. We interpret and color statements according to the state of our own innerFire, 697:also the interpretation of these figures varies according to the key employed. The fifth orFire, 700:three groups but varying the methods employed according to the stage of the evolution of the planetFire, 708:brightness. These "lotus buds" are in groups, according to the influence of the particular ones ofFire, 729:times and seasons of their appearing vary [729] according to the particular karma of the Lord ofFire, 739:(of which the planetary body is formed) persists according to the karma of the planetary Lord, forFire, 740:terms; the karma of the units differ and a man - according to the path he chooses after the fifthFire, 745:exist in subtler matter, and yet which seek form according to law, and touch upon their specificFire, 760:plane. An avatar demonstrates one of two things, according to his peculiar karma: The pure light ofFire, 762:By means of these permanent atoms the Ego, according to its state of evolution can construct hisFire, 770:come into incarnation therefore not singly but according to group urge, and thus collectively. ThisFire, 770:working through the groups in His centers, and according to the [771] center under stimulation soFire, 774:As they are galvanized into activity (according to the group affected) the vibration is increased,Fire, 775:position as regards the center of the lotus, but according to the stage of development so will beFire, 782:definitely affects the spirillae of the atom, according to the stage of evolution of the EgoFire, 787:is beginning to vibrate, and the period differs according to the power of the ego over the lowerFire, 789:escape. These units of force, therefore, pile up according to the energy direction around andFire, 790:of a fivefold nature: Head. Two Arms. Two Legs. According to the position assumed by the man, he isFire, 791:subject radically concerns energy, and that according to the place in evolution of the unit ofFire, 792:in the interests of the work to be done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation fromFire, 802:of some kind, impose certain rhythms according to that conscious response, and produce aggregationsFire, 824:of activity. The student must remember that according to these groupings, so will be the tendencyFire, 837:would have remained alone. All things are God according to the measure of the Spirit in them." ThatFire, 848:with our enumeration of the groups of Egos according to their characteristics, but it might be wiseFire, 853:with our planet may be roughly grouped according to the stage of lotus organization, as follows:Fire, 855:are found) the method of grouping will be according to: Ray. Subray. Department (whether under theFire, 855:and Fire Elementals They are grouped also according to primary color, to subsidiary coloring,Fire, 855:to primary color, to subsidiary coloring, according to key or tone, and one tabulation is entirelyFire, 860:studied if a man desires to awaken his centers according to plan, and if he wishes safely to followFire, 862:produces results on the three planes, varying according to the age of the soul. As yet, throughFire, 865:The base of the spine, are - in due order according to a man's ray and subray - transferred intoFire, 867:planes and in the three bodies; this they do according to the particular Ray and subray. In thisFire, 882:3. Knowledge is a relative subject, and varies according to the grade achieved. Ranges of furtherFire, 884:circulation of the force currents perfected. According to a man's ray and subray, so is the RodFire, 884:termed the "key" petal. This of course differs according to the unit of force involved. It is ofFire, 884:petals and to the corresponding petal in a tier according to the initiation taken, and according toFire, 884:in a tier according to the initiation taken, and according to the primary and secondary ray. AFire, 885:that Monad to one of the three tiers of petals, according to the aspect or ray concerned. From theFire, 885:as a unit, to one of the petals in the circle, according to the quality and type of force, usingFire, 885:centered to one of the permanent atoms, again according to ray and type of force. From theFire, 886:of the higher influences, happenings and powers. According to the ray concerned, so is the centerFire, 886:to mount along the triple spinal channel, again according to ray and aspect involved. More anentFire, 889:is either a beneficent or a maleficent creation according to the underlying desire, motive, orFire, 904:this group can be subdivided into four groups according to color - red, orange, yellow, and violetFire, 920:part of the body of the Son, and each of them, according to the plane which he energizes, is aFire, 925:to the second division above enumerated, and according to the subplane on which they work comeFire, 931:any specific form. They exist in many groups according to their point in he evolution, and some ofFire, 937:"army of the voice" responds immediately to it. According to the tone and quality of the voice, soFire, 937:so is the nature of the responsive agents. According to the depth or height of the note, andFire, 937:to the depth or height of the note, and according to its volume, so is the status or grade ofFire, 939:subjective life. This purpose necessarily varies according to the stage of development of the man.Fire, 942:can be subdivided into four or seven or three, according to the plane concerned. Students mustFire, 942:the matter of some subplane will preponderate according to the depth of his nature and his place onFire, 943:of the seven logoic streams of fiery energy. According to a man's egoic Ray, so will be the type ofFire, 968:these results being effective of accomplishment according to the ability of the man to vitalize andFire, 972:is consciously carried out by the man who - according to the original intent or initial impulse -Fire, 972:from one or other of the three higher centers, according to the quality of the embodied idea, [973]Fire, 980:made that was made." (Bible. John I.) Thus, according to the Christian teaching, the worlds wereFire, 1005:are of prime importance in all form-building. According to the substance used and the nature of theFire, 1006:grade, from the planetary Logos downward, and according to its nature and motive so the work ofFire, 1011:white magician, when developed, will be colored according to the man's ray - again esotericallyFire, 1011:this question of color may not be communicated. According to the color, so will be the type ofFire, 1017:lowest sheath then may persist for a short time, according to the strength of the animal life, butFire, 1036:the form-building nature of the Vishnu activity. According to the initiation taken, a reflectionFire, 1052:lives and produce stimulation or retardation according to the nature of the cosmic ideation. TheseFire, 1053:the sphere cyclically; they come and go, and according to their presence or their non presence andFire, 1053:to their presence or their non presence and according to the stage of evolution of the emanatingFire, 1054:and which stimulate it, or retard its activity according to the strength of the initiating life. ItFire, 1055:(if such an unsuitable term is permissible) according to the stage, usage, and particular type ofFire, 1057:with the planets) is increased or mitigated according to the place of the planets on their variousFire, 1063:of the cause of radiation. 10 Form: "The model according to which nature does its external work. -Fire, 1065:nature, the process is undergone unconsciously, according to the human connotation of that term; it
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