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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDING

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Initiation, 17:in the three worlds, He controls more or less (according to His line of development) the five raysInitiation, 40:with one or another of the sacred planets. According to astrological conditions, and according toInitiation, 40:According to astrological conditions, and according to the turning of the planetary wheel of life,Initiation, 68:graded, therefore, if it may be so expressed, according to the magnitude of the light, according toInitiation, 68:according to the magnitude of the light, according to the rate of vibration, according to theInitiation, 68:the light, according to the rate of vibration, according to the purity of the tone and the clarityInitiation, 68:finding the Master. Groups of Egos are formed: According to their ray. According to their subray.Initiation, 68:of Egos are formed: According to their ray. According to their subray. According to their rate ofInitiation, 68:to their ray. According to their subray. According to their rate of vibration. They are alsoInitiation, 68:grouped for purposes of classification: As Egos, according to the egoic ray. As personalities,Initiation, 68:according to the egoic ray. As personalities, according to the subray which is governing theInitiation, 80:and in the three bodies, and this they do according to the particular ray and subray. In thisInitiation, 95:The Egos in incarnation on any planet will - according to ray type - be easily stimulated or not asInitiation, 95:be easily stimulated or not as the case may be, according to astrological conditions, and this willInitiation, 98:energy, therefore, is sevenfold, and differs according to a man's ray or type. [99] It is notInitiation, 124:with his group. He sees and identifies himself - according to the particular initiation - withInitiation, 133:center in the body of the Initiate which is (according to the initiation) to receive stimulation.Initiation, 134:The effect is fourfold and lasting, but varies according to the initiation taken. The action of theInitiation, 138:the petals in a scientific manner, and regulated according to ray and tendency. This brings aboutInitiation, 138:is the object of special attention. This varies according to ray, or the specialized work of theInitiation, 143:and embodies a peculiar type of energy or force. According to the energy desired at a particularInitiation, 148:This great oath is couched in different terms, according to the initiation undergone, and, asInitiation, 148:way energy of a triple nature becomes available according to the different sections of the oathInitiation, 158:group divides itself into [158] seven groups, according to subray or ray formation, and each groupInitiation, 158:sanction of one of the departmental heads (according to the syllable involved each Word is directlyInitiation, 159:is either of a beneficent or maleficent agency, according to the underlying motive or purpose ofInitiation, 164:six differing in one particular in each case according to the primary law manifested. Each secretInitiation, 165:clairvoyantly) of an oval of a specific hue, according to the secret imparted, containing fiveInitiation, 182:of the threshold in the Sirian Lodge. Finally, according to the ray on which initiation is taken,Initiation, 185:the great law of attraction, and therefore, according to our vibration, [186] according to ourInitiation, 186:and therefore, according to our vibration, [186] according to our color and tone, will depend, inInitiation, 215:that was submerged in the Atlantic ocean, according to the occult teaching and Plato. Atlantis wasInitiation, 217:are gathered together into groups according to the ray or quality of the particular Ego involved.Initiation, 218:double) The physical body of a human being is, according to occult teaching, formed of two parts,Initiation, 219:Kali yuga "Yuga" is an age or cycles. According to the Indian philosophy our evolution is dividedInitiation, 220:Theosophists to indicate a continent [220] that, according to the Secret Doctrine of the East,Intellect, 43:into contact with his environment. Second, according to the caliber of his apparatus and theIntellect, 51:aspects develop sequentially and progressively, according to the eastern philosophy, and only onIntellect, 81:'the production of a non-pre-existent result,' according to Shankaracharya's expression, for theIntellect, 86:apparent to earnest unbiased seekers. According to Plotinus, the act of contemplation whichIntellect, 137:steady and positive, oriented to the soul, and according to the facility with [138] which this isIntellect, 148:not scattered by outside things, but circulates according to its own law." (Wilhelm, Richard, andIntellect, 149:of the mind, considered a few pages earlier. According to the pioneers into the realm of the soul,Intellect, 159:and coordinated man, results which differ according to the part of his instrument with whichIntellect, 189:things are illumined (partaking of Its essence according to their degrees of reality), the Light ofIntellect, 190:and unconsciousness described by M. Oltramare, according to the Sarva-darsana-sangraha: 'It is inIntellect, 212:becomes very powerful. It should be noted that according to this theory, when the personality is ofMagic, 23:call this unknown something by differing names, according to our particular school of thought; weMagic, 44:who is will and love-wisdom, or atma-buddhi, according to the occult terminology. In the upper bodyMagic, 94:purposes and plans with which he may cooperate. According to his stage of development those plansMagic, 96:its energies. The plans can then mature according to divine purpose and proceed with their buildingMagic, 109:and of initiation becomes possible and proceeds according to the Law of Being. Magic, 135:humanity and thus aid evolution on every plane. According to the response of disciples, of mysticsMagic, 166:his vision. This period may be long or short according as the aspirant is entering into theMagic, 173:a "Chela in the Light". The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chelaMagic, 179:ego via the causal body and transmitted direct according to the preceding method or stored up toMagic, 200:giving them in their sequential order and according to their importance from the standpoint of theMagic, 206:retention, and exhalation - and this will vary according to the counts. There is a subtle effect ofMagic, 207:entire vital body assumes a particular rhythm according to the breathing exercises. This kept upMagic, 222:upon, around and through every human being, and according to the caliber of his physical body, andMagic, 226:matter. It is the plane of externalization and, according to the condition and point of developmentMagic, 243:back into the center from whence it came. According to the point of view will be the understandingMagic, 251:thought-form making activity by this impression. According to the lucidity and illumination of theMagic, 266:upon the word realized in the above paragraph. According to the clarity of vision and the depth ofMagic, 294:by his peculiar quality, and limiting him or not according to his point on the ladder of evolution.Magic, 315:to all the four above types of astral energy and according to the caliber of the individual astralMagic, 315:the caliber of the individual astral body, and according to the stage of development so will comeMagic, 315:more than he may credit, or he may affect them, according to which side is positive and which isMagic, 347:with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, withMagic, 378:if the evolution of the race was to proceed according to plan. Students of these mysteries need toMagic, 384:certain major activities and life tendencies, according to his particular ray. These are mentalMagic, 454:of awareness, of rhythm, and of coherency according to the force of the Law of Attraction, utilizedMagic, 457:the formula itself, but the secondary process. According to the strength, the simplicity and theMagic, 461:work, provided their minds are open and focused. According to the simplicity of their approach toMagic, 461:to the simplicity of their approach to truth, according to the clarity of their thought, accordingMagic, 461:according to the clarity of their thought, according to their group influence and state ofMagic, 461:influence and state of inclusive awareness, and according also to their power for long sustainedMagic, 465:They were swept in and out of manifestation according to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in stillMagic, 491:without attachment". These two points will vary according to the growth and status of the aspirant.Magic, 496:varying degree of the world in which he lives, according to the point in evolution and theMagic, 529:the disciples of the Christ, and other names according to the trend of the disciple's convictions.Magic, 550:and the etheric reflection is found in all forms according to the type of energy whichMagic, 558:are concerned, mixed in varying degree. According, however, to the purity of intent and theMagic, 568:the true substance of the physical body. According to the nature of the force animating the ethericMagic, 568:nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to the activity of that force in theMagic, 568:the activity of that force in the etheric body, according to the aliveness or the sluggishness ofMagic, 568:the physical body. Similarly and symbolically, according to the wholeness of the breathingMagic, 568:to the wholeness of the breathing apparatus, and according to the ability of that apparatus toMagic, 574:argumentative, forceful, rude or irritable, according to his personality trends and inclinations.Magic, 579:to be found. It is profoundly true that according to a man's desires so will be the forms of lifeMagic, 588:and of charging, - the methods differing according to the ray, personality and egoic, of theMagic, 592:which differ for the different centers, and according to the point in evolution of the system ofMagic, 609:oft-times unrealized unity, and all responsive (according to their degree) to the impulsion of theMagic, 611:esoterically one fire but this fire produces, according to the witnessing consciousness (itself atMagic, 624:up emotionally and this produces two effects according to the point of development of the aspirantMeditation, 32:that the circumference of the causal body varies according to type and ray. Some egoic bodies areMeditation, 40:enters now, - a factor that varies somewhat according to the need of the period. All cycles are notMeditation, 52:plane the Word has a different effect. [52] That according to the note of the Word, or theMeditation, 66:units of the group to work with greater ease and according to the law, and helps the inner TeachersMeditation, 79:The order of the development of the centers, according to the ray of the Spirit. The complexity is
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