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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCORDING

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Psychology2, 479:physical or mental occupation (again arranged according to type) should be arranged and the manPsychology2, 481:direction. Many analogous terms are used, according to the school of thought to which the man mayPsychology2, 485:but not graded contacts with personalities. According to the realized soul development upon thePsychology2, 510:thrown down into the quiescent waiting brain. According to the mental development and educationalPsychology2, 534:the centers, major and minor, carried forward according to ray tendencies and influences. ThePsychology2, 535:its way to some one or other of the centers, according to the ray type or stage of unfoldment.Psychology2, 553:the spine and is the seat of personality power. According to the use made of that power andPsychology2, 553:According to the use made of that power and according to the direction of the force sent forthPsychology2, 570:(some quite nebulous and some quite substantial according to the power of thought) which concernPsychology2, 570:spiritual or religious wish life of the race and according to the basic trend of his individualPsychology2, 620:in leadership for some good reason or other. According to the general flow of group life andPsychology2, 684:This hint can be accepted or rejected according to the intuition of the individual student. [685]Psychology2, 711:inflow of energy, and the use of that energy, according to the predisposition of the man and hisRays, 7:the powers of Director, Teacher or Manipulator according to the major ray upon which his Monad mayRays, 35:and higher factors are then evoked and respond according to the measure of understanding and theRays, 61:and the three worlds of identification. According to ray type this unfoldment proceeds, and eachRays, 63:underlies the initiate's three demands which (according to the Rule earlier given to aspirants andRays, 63:that this flowering forth should take place according to the Plan. This involves upon his part aRays, 64:the Plan (let me repeat myself) may go forward according to divine purpose through the power of theRays, 133:spiritual effort or sustained ridicule - according to the type of mind, the sensitivity to truth orRays, 165:incarnation of the life principle. This varies according to the point reached upon the ladder ofRays, 165:point reached upon the ladder of evolution, and according to the personality ray, with later theRays, 169:words must be interpreted esoterically and not according to their usual and obvious meaning. It isRays, 178:is cautioned to work within those levels according to the methods [179] of the deva or angelRays, 183:the force used by the initiate must pour, and according to the nature of the work to be done willRays, 221:its purpose - dies and is destroyed. So died, according to theological injunction, the Christ uponRays, 262:forms wherein he now chooses to work and serve, according to his ray and ashramic intent. [263]Rays, 275:(I speak from the long range view) according to the intensity of purpose and the depth of loveRays, 295:of nature as they scientifically interpret it. According to their spiritual development and theirRays, 329:theme I propose to divide what I have to say, according to my usual custom as follows: The AspirantRays, 338:and their distinctive natures will differ according to their ray type; this constitutes a mostRays, 339:through them sequentially and serially, and according to his horoscope and according to theRays, 339:and serially, and according to his horoscope and according to the exoteric mode of the zodiacalRays, 360:though their expression and emphasis may vary according to His rays; He is aware of the fact of theRays, 370:fourth degree, are conscious in varying ways (according to ray) of the Eternal Now, and can workRays, 386:These are the fifth and sixth initiations, according to the Christian terminology. [387] This wasRays, 396:the symbolism involved - will comprehend according to their point in evolution. [397] As weRays, 399:astral plane or to the cosmic mental plane, according to the decision made at the sixth initiation.Rays, 480:escape. These units of force, therefore, pile up according to the energy direction around andRays, 488:from sight or any recorded possible vision. According to the responsiveness of the astral vehicleRays, 500:which is a mode of focused, concentrated effort, according to the ray and life purpose of the soul.Rays, 504:method to be employed in building the bridge, according to the particular ray technique, and withRays, 509:process. A focused activity of the will, according to the ray, in which a line of light or ofRays, 512:or other of the seven Ray methods of projection, according to the Ray of the disciple. The use of aRays, 539:in a peculiar sense; it permeates his nature according to his development at any point in time andRays, 542:the will-to-good. These points of tension vary according to the divine purpose and the individualRays, 559:on to one of the three Rays of Aspect, according to the predominance of the energy or the line ofRays, 568:creates a radiation or stream of energy which - according to type and quality - plays upon allRays, 585:differentiate and condition his group service, according to the initiation being undergone; it isRays, 606:which laid the emphasis upon the matter aspect, according to their desire and their emotionalRays, 621:life of nations to a greater or lesser degree, according to their materialistic or their spiritualRays, 621:their materialistic or their spiritual status, according to the type of energy which may beRays, 621:which may be expressing itself through them, and according to the age of the nation underRays, 690:of that ray. The effect produced - according to his capacity of absorption and direction - willRays, 696:of a protracted nature, its last "three hours" according to the Bible story, typifying the threeRays, 707:behind the symbol and will make interpretations according to the point they have attained upon theRays, 744:or schools of thought, and automatically - according to their background, tradition, training andRays, 744:as false and wrong. They are apt to forget that according to the locale of birth, the national modeReappearance, 64:Christ Who has been with us in bodily Presence (according to His promise) for twenty centuries. LetReappearance, 113:can move rapidly or slowly into manifestation, according as man decides; hitherto, man has decidedReappearance, 144:can be called by any name that man may choose according to his mental or emotional bent, racialReappearance, 172:the world have not only to train people to give (according to their means) but, in many cases, theySoul, 23:is the more surprising when we remember that, according to its derivation, psychology is theSoul, 62:things with them as are necessary to produce according to your principles light, colors, and theSoul, 68:and its methods are experimental, varying according to the stage of evolution which, in the personsSoul, 70:is free to lay the emphasis wherever he pleases; according to the 'place' thus stressed the psychicSoul, 82:as our self. Three positions are here possible, according as by the atman is [83] understood (1)Soul, 83:longer distinguished from one another, or which, according to the Indian conception, is theSoul, 84:the scientist, and the philosopher, according to their peculiar predilections and tendencies. AllSoul, 94:Matter has been dematerialized and reduced, according to current [95] hypotheses, to somethingSoul, 96:not matter solid, permanent and real enough? But according to science what are we (as physicalSoul, 96:to reveal the soul of India to the West, says: "According to the philosophers of India, the wholeSoul, 99:universe are divided into three main divisions according to the Ageless Wisdom. Fohat, is analogousSoul, 100:forms. The process repeats itself in man, according to the Hindu philosophy. The physical body isSoul, 102:appended to the verses. The highest bliss, according to Kath. 5. 14, consists in the consciousnessSoul, 105:to hold it to be the seat of cognition. According to the Tantras, however, the chief centers ofSoul, 109:Force In the previous chapter we have seen that, according to the Eastern teaching, the vital orSoul, 112:total number of nadis is seventy-two thousand; according to other texts, however, it should beSoul, 119:Centers of Force These centers vary in activity according to the evolutionary status of theSoul, 119:of the emotional and mental consciousness. According, then, to the development of the man theseSoul, 119:force centers become alive and dominant, and according to their aliveness various types of activitySoul, 120:and each center of force might well be (and according to Indian teaching is) the source of powerSoul, 139:nervous mechanism can carry forward their work. According to this theory, the majority of peopleSoul, 150:control gravitation,' said Professor Sheldon. According to Einstein's latest mathematical theorySoul, 151:revealed in the physical things which are made. According to this interpretation of the Apostle'sSoul, 154:with the decline of the traditional disciplines. According to Mr. Walter Lippmann, the convictionSoul, 155:the higher will is not peculiar. "All things," according to the scholastic maxim, "end in aTelepathy, 2:swing it into activity of some kind or another, according to the nature and power of whatever typeTelepathy, 4:tapped by some member of the planetary Hierarchy according to His mental bias and equipment, andTelepathy, 23:on both levels, can be either good or bad, according to the quality or caliber of the groupTelepathy, 44:Certain great Lives Who, at specific times and according to cyclic rhythm, or in times ofTelepathy, 77:and lectures, are conditioned by many minds, according to their ray type of receptivity. As trueTelepathy, 78:reaction to impression has been rapid or slow, according to the will of the controlling life. InTelepathy, 80:all of it concerned to a greater or less degree (according to the quality of the mechanism ofTelepathy, 89:to the mental plane. The time equation varies according to ray and the age of the soul. Sixth rayTelepathy, 104:or other, and are receptive to these impressions according to the level of consciousness upon whichTelepathy, 117:which are the source of their creative work. According to the success they have in such creativeTelepathy, 117:they have in such creative production, and according to the beauty of their work, will be theTelepathy, 145:the physical form and surrounds it like an aura. According to the point in evolution will be theTelepathy, 145:no matter how high, except in this manner. According to the focus of the consciousness, the psychic
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