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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOUNT

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Astrology, 166:that the constellation Gemini appears twice on account of its close connection with the fourthAstrology, 292:vibratory impacts to which it is subjected on account of its being an integral part of other andAstrology, 364:of the man born in Gemini. Thus we can easily account for the versatility of the Gemini subject.Astrology, 372:undesirable as well as desirable results on account of man's present point of evolution and is,Astrology, 507:in this lesser world cycle is very important on account of its esoteric approach to the Earth,Astrology, 582:desire (necessarily of the very highest order on account of His high point in evolution) HeAstrology, 616:itself to the gradual expression of that will on account of the limitations of those aspects ofAtom, 120:speculations become, and the more we attempt to account for telepathic, psychic and otherAtom, 123:of the planetary Deity, and this perhaps would account for various vicissitudes and happenings uponAutobiography, 41:Y.W.C.A. worker. I was present (on sufferance on account of my youth) at the meetings of the headsAutobiography, 118:paid, and each time I sent him five dollars on account I would get back a grateful letter from himBethlehem, 65:of the Messiah took place under a tree. One account says that 'she had alighted at an inn whenBethlehem, 75:First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem V. The account of Christ's childhood as given us in theBethlehem, 77:After the hidden experience in Egypt (for no account of this is given to us in the Bible), andBethlehem, 111:not told what Christ did in those forty days. No account is given to us of His thought andBethlehem, 178:mankind) is so great as to be difficult to keep account of. The god Krishna in India, the god IndraBethlehem, 250:this. Humanity has evolved many theories to account for man and his future, for his preparation forBethlehem, 263:A reaction to the appearance of the kingdom may account for the unrest of the masses, and theBethlehem, 266:emotional state of consciousness. It takes into account the point in evolution and the developmentDestiny, 7:and the beneficent influences. They, therefore, account in their totality for all that we seeDestiny, 79:diverted into sentimental personality devotions, account temporarily for the mass negligence toDestiny, 85:the interplay of these energies and forces will account adequately for Great Britain and herDestiny, 133:produced the many schisms and cleavages and will account for much that happened. Under the seventhDiscipleship1, 222:for all this first ray energy; this will account to you for much of your inner experience and forDiscipleship1, 304:easily on the mental plane than on the astral on account of your ray polarization. Continue withDiscipleship1, 568:mental polarization is also essential. This (on account of your having a third ray physical body)Discipleship1, 613:organizer. They are ever those of no great account in the scale of spiritual usefulness and everDiscipleship1, 636:expression, i. e., on the physical plane, on account of the glamor which surrounds you. YourDiscipleship1, 640:much facilitates the task of your soul, and will account for the ability which you will discover inDiscipleship2, 314:should be substituted. This is now necessary on account of the surprising unfoldment of the humanDiscipleship2, 336:is, of course, not [336] apparent to you, on account of your day by day consideration of eachDiscipleship2, 482:others still more subtle, have to be taken into account by a Master, as well as the age, theDiscipleship2, 503:him to the world of men. This activity, on account of the natural and normal deterioration of theDiscipleship2, 516:Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram on account of the nature of the vibratory activity ofDiscipleship2, 570:difficult to know just how to approach you on account of your exceeding sensitivity both to lack ofDiscipleship2, 650:that suffering humanity has evolved to account for things as they are. None of these in any wayDiscipleship2, 673:therefore with myself, and because time is of no account esoterically, their relation remainsExternalisation, 78:been referring must, therefore, be taken into account by all disciples as they seek to serve inExternalisation, 123:care pages 275-466. To our understanding, this account may seem vague and obscure, but the issuesExternalisation, 131:Great Britain expresses the will-to-power but on account of age and experience, dearly bought, thisExternalisation, 449:recognized as the work asked of them on account of their discipleship, but they automaticallyExternalisation, 476:Hierarchy. This has been amply demonstrated. On account of this decision of the Hierarchy, ChristExternalisation, 539:of far greater power than heretofore, on account of Its adjustment to Shamballa. This hierarchicalExternalisation, 635:of the Christ can reach. Here you have a brief account of the work which I undertook on behalf ofFire, xiv:cosmological scheme or plan which will seek to account as much as may be for conditions as they areFire, 136:it is called the serpentine or annular power on account of its spiral-like working or progress inFire, 214:P. B. says it is "a very mysterious locality on account of its future s." - S. D., II,Fire, 237:out the motivation of all that is seen, and to account for sensuous life; by philosophers in theirFire, 237:source of life, and in his strenuous endeavor to account for the principle of life that is seenFire, 417:erroneous ends, not along the line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery. CertainFire, 432:than will be possible with most of the others on account of its holding a place of such importanceFire, 512:handicapping, misleading words) LOVE. This will account for the fact that the force that playsFire, 638:"entified" nature of substance, 8, 9 and thus account for the life that energizes the substance ofFire, 679:of deva substance to the notice of students on account of the pre-eminent importance of the astralFire, 722:difficulty to the occidental mind above all (on account of the fact that it has not yet grasped theFire, 778:with Egos exists in the minds of our students on account of their failure to realize that (as H. P.Fire, 856:under symbological terminology keep a minute account of the following facts concerning each unit:Fire, 947:to deal with cannot be handled too explicitly on account of the attendant dangers. In the creativeFire, 1057:the first Ray. This of itself is sufficient to account for varying and diverse influences which mayFire, 1098:of the most interesting of the various bodies on account of its fiery gaseous constitution. HeFire, 1194:is such a Nirmanakaya, higher than whom, on account of his great renunciation and sacrifice forFire, 1196:Students are often puzzled in trying to account for the "twelves" in the cosmos. A correspondentFire, 1234:He reaches out beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in time at the soul whichFire, 1270:of the words or symbols which are missing on account of the extreme age of the material upon whichFire, 1270:serve to awaken confusion and even ridicule on account of the impossibility of translating themGlamour, 37:leaving you all the richer and more united on account of the strong stand in love taken by theHealing, 19:These four types of disease and causes of death account for much that we see happening around us inHealing, 66:be pronounced and powerfully demonstrating, on account of the inflow to a greater [67] or lessHealing, 182:of arousing the activity of this center, on account of the extreme danger involved in any prematureHealing, 235:from Group Life The subjective reasons given to account for the appearance of these two mostHealing, 236:practices and modes of living and desiring which account for these diseases is one littleHealing, 249:than with giving you a specific and detailed account of the diseases which are allied [250] to theHealing, 328:and often hinders true physical healing, on account of the astral turmoil produced. On this matter,Healing, 358:following from among several possibilities which account for the happening: The healing which isHealing, 587:is a deep mystery, but has remained so only on account of the lack of development of the fourthHealing, 656:hands is now required, and the healer must on no account touch the patient. The situation is summedHercules, 58:the Teacher then he stood and rendered due account of all that had transpired. To him the TeacherHercules, 100:and grasp its true significance, we must take account of the number five which distinguishes it.Initiation, 85:is vivified. This causes a capacity to turn to account in the Master's service, and for the helpingInitiation, 155:the radical importance of the matter, and thus account for the carefully guarding of this aspect ofInitiation, 199:he will, three times a day, keep a written account of the investigations he pursues, which concernIntellect, 21:by the state; any religious bias is ignored on account of the many differentiated religious bodies,Intellect, 26:and intuition, which have their place here on account of our plea in this book for the recognitionIntellect, 114:He reaches out beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in time at the soul whichIntellect, 165:we call God may be working. In this way we can account for the coming forth of the steady stream ofIntellect, 166:of a worthy and high-grade mentality, will account for ninety-eight percent of the material nowMagic, 74:the factors which he feels he needs to take into account as he seeks to decide his evolutionaryMagic, 114:act. Their superiors stand by to turn to good account situations brought about by the errors ofMagic, 133:suitable, but the only one available on account of the failure of the first one approached. ItMagic, 244:life, and the drift back to the center took no account of the mental life at all. This was at itsMagic, 312:it, and yet have a very potent influence. On account of this close relation, they produce two typesMagic, 317:the whole subject of initiation into such small account that it becomes unimportant. But let himMagic, 551:environing conditions of every human being. They account for all that is, and lie back of the lawMagic, 623:His whole nature is under undue stimulation on account of his inner contacts and the spiritualMeditation, 48:desired by the man himself) may be withheld on account of their being unsuited to the work in band,Patanjali, 129:unfoldment, that two factors must be taken into account which are based on the fact ofPatanjali, 201:technical translation of the Sanskrit words on account of the misunderstanding of the words used.Patanjali, 380:wheel of rebirth. This must ever be taken into account. Everyone is not yet at the stage where itPatanjali, 405:combinations in different degrees are enough to account for all that. In the case of YoginsProblems, 82:and it is one of the main agencies for peace. On account of this energy discovery capital and labor
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