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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOUNT

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Problems, 86:plus certain inherent characteristics which may account for much of their trouble. The difficultyProblems, 102:any conditions on their own side which could account for some of the general dislike with whichProblems, 158:is today. The religion [158] of the future will account for the progress of humanity by itsPsychology1, xxv:of history. In the last analysis, history is an account of the growth and development of man fromPsychology1, xxv:to the stage of a perfected son of God. It is an account of the apprehension, by man, of thePsychology1, 43:This purpose remains unknown only on account of the limitations of the "appearance" which is notPsychology1, 90:to heredity and education, are sufficient to account for the phenomena of the human consciousness.Psychology1, 104:and explanations are inadequate and do not account satisfactorily for all the facts. When, however,Psychology1, 104:existence of the soul. It will be impossible to account for the ordinary phenomena then currentPsychology1, 110:light? [110] Question four is of importance on account of its vital practicality. In the lastPsychology1, 238:three major breaths, or three ray vibrations account for this kingdom's life-quality andPsychology1, 279:illustrate my point in two ways, both of which account for the present orgy of sexual expressionPsychology1, 393:certain fundamental conditions which partially account for the (so-called) Jewish problem, - aPsychology2, 9:they indicate the objective before man; they account for and explain the energy of illusion; andPsychology2, 154:activity as the "wish-life" of humanity, and account for all allied characteristic tendencies, allPsychology2, 254:of idealism. Anthropology and history give us an account of the evolution of individual man and ofPsychology2, 550:under which the individual man labors, and will account, therefore, for much of the discomfort andPsychology2, 710:frequently misunderstood and it is difficult to account for all that they are and do. They dominateRays, 56:This is the Voice referred to in the Biblical account of the Transfiguration. This Voice says,Rays, 242:brought forward by the finite mind of man to account for what is called by us "manifestation," andRays, 360:I have emphasized this by constant repetition on account of the great importance the recognition ofRays, 410:are apparent more than real. Two causes account for this: The decision to throw open initiationsRays, 594:ideas. Psychology, with its effort to account for humanity and to discover what man is essentiallyRays, 674:I am not here emphasizing the Biblical account of that purificatory process. That summarizedRays, 702:for a brief period of time, but was called (on account of His unique task of embodying for theRays, 707:claim initiate status. This they could not do on account of their point on the ladder of spiritualSoul, 14:also to show that both schools are necessary to account for all the facts, and that each is reallySoul, 71:discussion, before we pass on to a detailed account of the Eastern teaching as to the forceSoul, 85:progressive development of the God idea to account for nature and the soul idea to account for man.Soul, 85:idea to account for nature and the soul idea to account for man. An anthology of the soul remainsSoul, 105:Serpent Power, p. 3. These two points of view account probably for the phenomenon of the humanSoul, 112:it must by no means be concluded on this account that they can be conceived as a kind of channel inSoul, 113:of the Chakras involves, in the first place, an account of the Western anatomy and physiology ofSoul, 113:and sympathetic nervous systems; secondly, an account of the Tantrik nervous system and Chakras;Soul, 129:investigation, and form a triple hypothesis to account for man as an organism, demonstrating life,Soul, 144:the two great schools of thought which seek to account for the unit man in terms of WesternSoul, 155:person who declines to turn the higher will to account until he is sure he has grasped its ultimateTelepathy, 24:spoken words are not in themselves adequate to account for the display of modern opinion as we nowTelepathy, 77:religious background of the recipient. They will account for five percent (5%) of the teaching
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