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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCOUNTS

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Astrology, 22:what I am here saying. Properly understood, it accounts for much that is happening in the world atAstrology, 239:one of the four arms of the Cardinal Cross. This accounts for our difficulty in understanding theAstrology, 252:thought is also to be found in the traditionally accounts of the ancient [253] Amazons, whose queenAstrology, 267:This constitutes an unalterable law and accounts for the power of certain planets which may haveAstrology, 278:it becomes the vehicle of the soul. It accounts also for the reaction of the personality againstAstrology, 312:becoming self-conscious individuals. [312] This accounts for much of the present world difficultyAstrology, 364:Organization, Ceremonial Magic and Ritual. This accounts for the instability and the fluidity ofAstrology, 450:present and future - of human evolution. It accounts for the changing emphases of that story, itsAstrology, 685:the macrocosmic and microcosmic centers, for it accounts for diversity in manifestation, in formsAutobiography, 63:for the gosling. My work was varied: keeping accounts, doing the flowers in the reading rooms,Autobiography, 75:went from one Home to another, attending to the accounts, interviewing the managers, holdingAutobiography, 77:the managers, and to tearing my hair over the accounts, for I never had the slightest head forAutobiography, 92:Home in Ranikhet and, as far as I knew, the accounts were in good order. I had tried to take theAutobiography, 189:one cannot be a good Theosophist. Perhaps this accounts for the fact that all these fundamentalistAutobiography, 297:our factual relation to the Hierarchy, not only accounts for our very existence as a spiritualBethlehem, 153:the three Crosses on Calvary! What accounts for this constant recurrence of three? What does itDestiny, 48:on today on a large scale everywhere and it accounts for the tremendous growth of theDestiny, 79:Germany (which is the sign governing mediumship) accounts for the apparently fluid grasp ofDestiny, 79:attitude provides a great obstacle and accounts for what has puzzled all who know and love theDestiny, 83:a study of the earlier tabulation will show). It accounts for the warlike history of Great Britain,Destiny, 84:a link with the first ray German personality. It accounts also for the forging of the chains whichDiscipleship1, 155:of the fact of your physical constitution. It accounts for your intense feeling that you have noDiscipleship1, 481:chosen to work in my group of disciples which accounts for that which has been brought about. ThereDiscipleship1, 549:on the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. This accounts for much in your life interests, whichDiscipleship1, 566:and physical bodies being so closely allied, accounts for the dominance of your devotional will inDiscipleship2, 67:the attention of D.E.I. to this fact because it accounts for his reaction during the past two yearsExternalisation, 71:of politics and international governments, and accounts for the trend toward synthesis,Externalisation, 108:the new and more adequate outer expression. This accounts for the world crisis at this time. TheFire, 375:macrocosmic and the microcosmic centers, for it accounts for diversity in manifestation, in formsFire, 497:the other kingdoms, globes and other forms and accounts somewhat for the fact that this fourth 63,Fire, 703:the function of the fifth Hierarchy. This accounts for the activity of Venus at the moment ofFire, 932:their activity. With them came in much that accounts for the present sad condition, for much of theFire, 975:and is equally unpleasant and unwholesome. It accounts for much of the diseased condition of theFire, 1003:sending it forth to accomplish its purpose. This accounts for many of the apparently phenomenalFire, 1150:rounding of his sphere of manifestation. This accounts for the peculiar, yet powerful, people whoFire, 1157:of a permanent atom. It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of aHealing, 63:This I say with advisement. This category accounts for many of our Sodomites and Lesbians. A fewHealing, 402:the activities of this present life episode and accounts in no way for the distinctions andHealing, 595:to take the first and second initiations. And it accounts for the diseases of the saints! A greatHealing, 689:initiate of the fourth and higher degrees. It accounts also for the need for the egoic body toHercules, 16:are not any part of our objective. The various accounts differ in detail, according to the bias ofHercules, 42:is [42] told us in fullest detail. Some of the accounts given of the various tests to whichHercules, 142:versions state that it was so buried. In some accounts it is stated that Hercules burned off theInitiation, 85:rapid development is usually to be seen. This accounts for the fact that this initiation and theIntellect, 23:us better men. There is no equation between bank accounts and goodness of heart. Knowledge is by noIntellect, 53:the bodies in which the souls are incorporated accounts for their various degrees of obscuration...Magic, 245:because not the subject of attention. This accounts for much of the sickness and lack of vitalityMeditation, 232:or life, and its relative density or rarity accounts for much of the color distinction. One of thePatanjali, 45:In some of the old books there are detailed accounts of these three groups of aspirants and theyPatanjali, 64:to mental types than to pure devotees, and it accounts for the fact that those whose mental bodiesPatanjali, 274:links the higher three centers and the lower. It accounts also for the fact that flowers are such aProblems, 71:control publicly or sub rosa the world's banking accounts. The responsibility for the widespreadPsychology1, 204:ray, would hardly be troubled to keep his accounts accurately. His imaginative faculty will bePsychology1, 350:is a point to be remembered with care, for it accounts for much that we can see happening in thePsychology1, 381:on today on a large scale everywhere, and it accounts for the tremendous growth of thePsychology2, 83:is such a thing as electricity, that it probably accounts for all that can be seen, sensed andPsychology2, 123:is working out through the solar plexus. This accounts for the emotional nature of most of thePsychology2, 327:This is a rough and broad generalization, but it accounts for human experience and consequentPsychology2, 382:dynamically under the control of the soul. This accounts for the intense difficulty of the life ofPsychology2, 470:to the concrete levels of mental substance. This accounts for the futility and the apparent andPsychology2, 542:following the natural course of evolution. This accounts, partially, for the present world upheavalPsychology2, 569:thought of the departed or living friend. This accounts for the mediocre caliber of the usualPsychology2, 615:as is possible or available at this time. This accounts for the failure of the group, as a rule,Rays, 523:phases exist simultaneously; this largely accounts for the relative differences and difficultiesRays, 744:born in a democracy, but the accident of birth accounts largely for his attitude. Men need toReappearance, 118:man to become a member of the Kingdom of God. It accounts for the differences among men and - inReappearance, 118:(called the Law of Karma in the East) - it accounts for differences in circumstances and attitudesSoul, 19:and experiment. It investigates the body and accounts for the emotions and the mentality, and evenSoul, 55:the structure or mechanism, it will be seen, accounts fully for the psychical nature of man, bothSoul, 83:the bodies in which the souls are incorporated accounts for their various degrees of obscuration.Telepathy, 76:but is of no true importance whatsoever. It accounts, however, for eighty-five percent (85%) of theTelepathy, 76:consciousness as a result of soul contact. This accounts for eight percent (8%) of the writings andTelepathy, 77:from a Master to His disciple. This accounts for two percent (2%) of the entire telepathicTelepathy, 114:This is happening today in an acute form and accounts for much that is taking place in the world of
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