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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCUMULATED

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Autobiography, 217:where she had built a lecture hall and accumulated a very good library. One day in the fall of 1930Discipleship1, 106:of rhythm may be achieved. Later, upon that accumulated knowledge of years, a fresh structure ofDiscipleship1, 253:experiences which you undergo and not from an accumulated series of life episodes. This thoughtDiscipleship1, 415:this force [415] in service so that it is not accumulated but made to serve a spiritual purpose?Discipleship2, 279:with the factual world; it concerns the accumulated information of the ages; it is closelyDiscipleship2, 555:them. The fund of knowledge which you have accumulated in this life is very real. Draw, however,Education, 3:has been largely gauged by its reaction to accumulated information (where education is concerned),Education, 82:gather from this mass of information, gradually accumulated, that which can be of practical use inExternalisation, 116:Lords of Destiny, to bring about liberation. The accumulated pain of the present war and theExternalisation, 142:also an effect in his environment, and the accumulated effects in the world, as you spread theExternalisation, 267:numbed by disaster, and bewildered by the accumulated weight of misery. By so doing, the problemExternalisation, 293:summarizes in itself the evil tendencies, the accumulated limitations and the sumtotal of theExternalisation, 701:thousands of years, and is the expression of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. You must tell themFire, xiv:subject of world origins and to the data already accumulated as to the nature of man. The best thatFire, 472:karma includes human merits and demerits accumulated in the preceding and in all other previousFire, 869:sufficiently active and alive through the energy accumulated and stored up in the [870] ego duringFire, 1155:is tangible and physical, a mass of data has accumulated which is based (not on spiritualGlamour, 22:confronted, when he seeks to pierce through the accumulated glamor of the ages and find his trueGlamour, 133:levels of the mental plane will have acquired or accumulated - down the ages - a vast number ofGlamour, 207:that he is drawn as by a magnet (the force of accumulated ancient glamor with its karmic effects)Healing, 57:Inhibitions, psychical starvation, and those accumulated subjective forces which dam the flow ofHealing, 175:for instance, that the transference of all the accumulated energies in the solar plexus center intoHealing, 253:and seem unable to recognize that the knowledge accumulated by medicine and by those who workHealing, 256:knowledge which medicine down the ages has accumulated; they need also to keep a record of theirHealing, 530:anent the dense physical vehicle. This has been accumulated by men of science down the ages and isHercules, 142:in humility and raising the monster (all the accumulated evils, mistakes, failures of his longHercules, 181:Augeas. The rushing torrents swept away the long-accumulated filth. The realm was purged of all itsHercules, 190:had not been cleared so that the filth had accumulated. Hercules was told to do something about it;Intellect, 250:knowledge which is his, and which he has accumulated through his reading, thinking and contacts.Magic, 370:felt, as the environment is difficult and the "accumulated karma of many births" presses down, orMagic, 584:and something of greater moment than the accumulated experience of his own period and time. HeMagic, 606:Steadily they take the knowledge and information accumulated by the organized observers and adaptMeditation, 347:a sequential grasp of the innate mental faculty accumulated in previous lives, and lastly, aPatanjali, 25:intricate subdivisions) memory includes also the accumulated experiences gained by the soul throughProblems, 53:gather from this mass of information, gradually accumulated, that which can be of practical use inProblems, 77:exceedingly rich and untold millions have been accumulated by the great national organizationsPsychology2, 66:and by an act of the will, raises the accumulated energies at the base of the spine, he draws themPsychology2, 106:as they appear to the individual, and the accumulated experience of the disciple, - which isPsychology2, 401:the impossible. It is as if the human frame had accumulated so much physical disability, so muchPsychology2, 440:and innate predispositions, all the acquired and accumulated characteristics (acquired in pastPsychology2, 618:and it can not only kill the leader through accumulated poison and distress but it can also killPsychology2, 625:of man's knowledge, of the insufficiency of his accumulated wisdom to cope with the worldRays, 459:and summarizes in itself the results of all accumulated knowledge which is wisdom, illuminatedRays, 489:which works upon and within the ring-pass-not of accumulated energies, held in a state of tensionRays, 491:to bring about the needed projection of the accumulated energies, organized by the creativeRays, 724:karma has necessarily been worked off, but His accumulated good karma makes His final decisionSoul, 16:with a long past, much gained experience and accumulated knowledge, which stands thus waiting, butSoul, 29:knowledge of the West about the form, and the accumulated and inherited wisdom of the East about
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