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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCURACY

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Astrology, 18:and arresting problems and perhaps arrive at an accuracy which is at present unknown. It might beAstrology, 69:Illusion it should be remembered that the [69] accuracy of astrological prediction andAstrology, 114:hypothetical manner, and then start to prove the accuracy of the hypothesis. Ancient astrology wasAstrology, 208:- is anchored upon the physical plane with such accuracy and clarity that there is no escape fromAstrology, 408:to cosmic law. Whilst they are in progress, accuracy of computation and deduction is unattainable.Astrology, 408:again ascertained. There has indeed been no true accuracy since ancient Egyptian days. Anything nowAstrology, 418:body." Thus he may succeed in proving the accuracy of a statement by the demonstrated quality ofAstrology, 424:the soul on its own plane will illustrate with accuracy a still greater relationship and interplay.Astrology, 514:investigation can run, providing proof of the accuracy of astrological deduction and the guaranteeAstrology, 657:upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particularAtom, 13:to be true. Men everywhere are recognizing the accuracy of [14] the facts of the realistic school,Atom, 44:[44] within" the human form, others with equal accuracy would speak of the "energizing faculty" ofAtom, 146:prove each other wrong, and to demonstrate the accuracy of their own interpretation. We next sawAutobiography, 51:then perhaps we might be more secure as to accuracy of the presentation. But such is not the case.Autobiography, 291:arising in both hemispheres, thereby proving the accuracy of the prophecies of Christ to be foundAutobiography, 297:therefore is ascertainable with some degree of accuracy and the recognition by us all, that we areBethlehem, 4:point of view, the question as to the historical accuracy of His story remains as yet unsolved,Bethlehem, 7:over the time element, and over the verbal accuracy of the many translations, while failing to seeDestiny, 63:various countries and nations or to check the accuracy or the inaccuracy of the statements which IDestiny, 149:is now ready for this. Indications of the accuracy of the above statement can be seen in theDiscipleship1, 14:checked and counter-checked and the strictest accuracy preserved. Thus we shall have the fosteringDiscipleship1, 55:one activity is to sense and touch with greater accuracy the steadily unfolding subjective plan;Discipleship1, 63:of what they sense is of sufficient accuracy so that they will respond intelligently to the need.Discipleship1, 111:levels. This should be proof to you of the accuracy of my diagnosis. Psychic unfoldment, when notDiscipleship1, 326:that crystalline truthfulness and that precise accuracy which will release you increasingly fromDiscipleship1, 327:This self-imposed attention to true accuracy must be your most rigid discipline during the nextDiscipleship1, 328:your inability to bring through the vision with accuracy. In order to do this you must learn toDiscipleship1, 328:In order to do this you must learn to practice accuracy of thought and speech daily. Each Full MoonDiscipleship1, 328:the cultivation of right perception and right accuracy. Where there is the habit of accuracy, theDiscipleship1, 328:and right accuracy. Where there is the habit of accuracy, the clothing of the ideas in proper andDiscipleship1, 512:self is hidden from your eyes. You can check the accuracy of the above statement in a couple ofDiscipleship1, 648:increased service. You must seek to walk with accuracy in the light, for the path of the mediatorDiscipleship2, 77:not words lightly. A.A.B. has taken me down with accuracy during these many years, including theDiscipleship2, 322:in the earlier instruction will reveal the accuracy of the above statement. I enumerated them forDiscipleship2, 415:action upon the basis of the hint, gauging the accuracy of his formulations by the measure ofDiscipleship2, 643:the same time endeavoring to live as souls. The accuracy of my statement is, therefore, apparent ifDiscipleship2, 677:and even a subjective recognition of the accuracy of what I said, they would not accept it;Externalisation, 127:no position to verify what I say or to check the accuracy of my statements. The point which is,Externalisation, 364:it was not then possible to foretell with any accuracy what humanity would do. Even the mostExternalisation, 561:type of understanding with as much speed and accuracy as possible. It is distinctive of theExternalisation, 595:and a revealing expectancy will prove the accuracy of the Biblical statement, "every eye shall seeFire, 123:the man who absorbs and distributes prana with accuracy. This hint is recommended to allFire, 161:of a fourth-dimensional rotary movement, the accuracy of this symbol will be recognized. It willFire, 282:the problem of the Logos, and wherein lies the accuracy of the correspondence between Him and HisFire, 307:[307] conscious cell increases the speed and the accuracy of the work. Time alone is needed for theFire, 347:which originates with Him. Hence the accuracy of the statement that cosmic manas originates on theFire, 360:with perfected glory, vibrate with adjusted accuracy, and a major cosmic initiation be taken. Fire, 363:The statement has been made with entire accuracy that five Hierarchies out of the twelve haveFire, 399:Path he must become that Path itself, and the accuracy of the occult truth that the antahkarana isFire, 419:Most men do not as yet distinguish with accuracy between themselves as the THINKER, persistent inFire, 586:plane of the Personality, the Law of Love. The accuracy of the analogy is quite interesting, andFire, 743:the human Hierarchy (and we must note here the accuracy of the fact that They emanate from theFire, 797:can be made with any hope of approximate accuracy. This was why H. P. B. sought to emphasize theFire, 888:in which students can check up the approximate accuracy of that which is imparted will be through aFire, 958:the process of creation with greater scientific accuracy. We will, therefore, consider two factorsFire, 1032:kingdoms of nature is known with greater accuracy, it will profit us more to deal with force as itFire, 1052:upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particularFire, 1054:is initiated consciously and with scientific accuracy, and the man consciously puts himself intoFire, 1153:between the macrocosm and the microcosm with accuracy. Second. A final systemic triangle will beFire, 1158:higher in the three worlds are vibrating with accuracy. The sevenfold activity of spirit makesFire, 1186:become aware of the basic nature and fundamental accuracy of the method whereby every form can beFire, 1208:labors. If he is to comprehend the matter with accuracy, he must study each hierarchy in aGlamour, 9:microcosmic manifestation. But that activity and accuracy of the memory will do naught to awakenGlamour, 55:unsuitable. The equipment does not suffice for accuracy. The ways in which this distortion and thisGlamour, 132:lies behind their ideal and to interpret it with accuracy in the light of their soul, besidesGlamour, 148:of your love will count and not so much the accuracy of your analysis or the perfection of yourHealing, 13:of the human mind, you can say with a measure of accuracy: God, [14] the planetary Deity, is guiltyHealing, 76:body. They even condition the activity and accuracy of the instinctual nature and its relation toHealing, 135:however, concerns me not. Time will prove the accuracy of my statements. [136] The new medicineHealing, 401:reasoning; among the arguments which negate its accuracy lies the fact that [402] ChristianityHealing, 437:few of you will be in a position to prove the accuracy. But surely, brother of mine, it may be moreHealing, 593:The impact of the "energy" (note the technical accuracy of my phrasing) of the centers above theHealing, 611:what a principle is can the beauty and accuracy of his statement be grasped. What, in the lastInitiation, 44:he left the earth, as related with approximate accuracy in the Bible story (though with much errorInitiation, 100:of these occurrences, and proof of the accuracy of the transmitted knowledge will demonstrate asInitiation, 115:This is seen by the inner eye with the same accuracy of vision and judgment as when a man standsInitiation, 119:and can begin to wield power with scientific accuracy and direction. He knows now whence he drawsInitiation, 178:it means a faculty of vibrating with atomic accuracy, and the development of the quality ofInitiation, 195:of the plan logoic proceed with greater accuracy. The kingdom of God is within, and the duty ofIntellect, 107:rapidly developed if we cultivate the habit of accuracy in all the affairs of life. Accurate speechIntellect, 239:well-stocked mind, if he is to interpret with accuracy that which he sees; it is evident that heIntellect, 243:into a physical brain-consciousness, with accuracy, the phenomena of the spiritual world which heMagic, 10:conductor of the light, thus demonstrating the accuracy of the statement of the Christ "I am theMagic, 13:Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky expresses this with accuracy in the words "Life we look upon as the oneMagic, 138:smoke and roar of battle, to judge results with accuracy or to judge people with perfect propriety.Magic, 176:through mental clairvoyance), to ascertain the accuracy of their teaching. Those who workMagic, 177:express these contacted thoughts on paper - the accuracy of the transmission being dependent uponMagic, 178:line of thought. The responsibility as to accuracy is therefore divided between the one who impartsMagic, 178:plane agent must be carefully chosen and the accuracy of the imparted information, as expressed onMagic, 179:matter is found can work this way. Safety and accuracy lie in this equipment. From ego to ego viaMagic, 180:various lines and, when this is the case, great accuracy of transmission is found. OccasionallyMagic, 208:daily breathing exercise keep your count with accuracy, listen attentively for the sound thatMagic, 530:mode of its materialization is grasped with such accuracy and energized with such intent that theMagic, 585:the impulses of the soul has to cultivate an accuracy of summation and a truthfulness with himselfMeditation, 6:of the imparted teaching, and may reflect with accuracy the higher consciousness. Wherein,Meditation, 20:the causal body and carrying to perfect accuracy and clarity of tone the desired chord. See thenMeditation, 20:if in any way I can elucidate the matter; accuracy of comprehension is desired. We will assume thatMeditation, 91:to another, and we shall have to specify with accuracy. 1. Dangers inherent in the Personality ofMeditation, 104:specialists will study with greater care and accuracy the electrical condition of the spinalMeditation, 153:to his stability of temperament will be the accuracy of the inner symbol or picture around which
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