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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCURATE

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Astrology, 5:can gain a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the divine Plan, as it isAstrology, 6:system. I desire to give you a truer and more accurate picture. This has now become possibleAstrology, 63:to have a perfectly correct understanding and accurate deductions in connection with theAstrology, 299:of the year will later be dedicated (through accurate astrological and astronomical knowledge) toAstrology, 412:it will not be possible for them to be truly accurate in their interpretations of group orAstrology, 527:and using it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate: "Consciousness is dependent upon itsAstrology, 652:The first one given above will be regarded as accurate for this world period and will be the basisAutobiography, 231:and their horoscopes will therefore be entirely accurate from the predictional angle. When this isAutobiography, 232:and say [232] that their horoscope is entirely accurate and that everything happened to them asDestiny, 102:and using it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate: "Consciousness is dependent upon itsDiscipleship2, 152:into relation with the soul. This is entirely accurate, yet alignment is a term which in realityDiscipleship2, 221:or susceptible to the influence of the accurate, esoteric approach. Their guided, mysticalDiscipleship2, 481:the point of comprehension and to aid him in the accurate performance of this duty. But as heEducation, 59:hidden realities. This would not, however, be accurate. The mystic is never a true esotericist, forExternalisation, 11:by a more intelligent training and by a more accurate understanding of the technique of their workExternalisation, 93:that the correspondence will appear to you as accurate. The mineral kingdom and the Forces ofExternalisation, 93:that no correspondences are correct and entirely accurate in their parallelism in this solar systemExternalisation, 469:surely cannot be so. None of these pictures is accurate or adequate; they are not true in any senseExternalisation, 574:Lodge in Masonry. The analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy ofFire, 83:the lowest cosmic plane. We might note here the accurate working out of the correspondence inFire, 83:and the radiatory correspondence is equally accurate. PHYSICAL SUBPLANES SOLAR SYSTEM PLANES 1.Fire, 106:of the spinal column (which in so many is out of accurate alignment), its position in the back isFire, 274:is Governed by Two Laws Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is governed by one law,Fire, 290:of a sevenfold nature, or the achievement of accurate vibratory relationship with the otherFire, 292:and therefore, five schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact and stimulation. He hasFire, 369:other. Only two are to be considered numerically accurate at this stage and in this round, i.e.,Fire, 394:Man, himself. The analogy is nevertheless accurate. 39 Man's physical body, for instance,Fire, 449:only drawn out by the adoption of a certain very accurate rule of pronunciation (swara). They sayFire, 454:due appreciation and apprehension by means of accurate scientific ceremonial. This ceremonial ofFire, 506:the analogy between the Logos and man is not accurate, for man has to undergo the whole processFire, 545:from each other. The interplay is too accurate, and the mutual stimulation too important to beFire, 589:comes in (as now) the Ray of Law and Order, of accurate arrangement and formation. It is theFire, 598:the whole moves in unison, and is geometrically accurate. In order to give some idea of theFire, 782:essence. This differentiation is not entirely accurate, and a truer idea of the underlying conceptFire, 786:will speak less, know more, and construct more accurate forms, which will produce powerful effectsFire, 789:and Fire Elementals An interesting analogy (accurate on general lines [790] though in detail not soFire, 919:and their work will be brought into a more accurate correspondence with things as they really are.Fire, 960:then be given to the attainment of alignment. Accurate alignment entails, Mental quiescence, orFire, 960:Fire Elementals b. Physical Brain Impression The accurate realization by the physical brain of whatFire, 1057:astronomical and astrological student to make accurate computations or to draw accurate horoscopes.Fire, 1057:student to make accurate computations or to draw accurate horoscopes. Within the Hall of Wisdom,Fire, 1158:slightly above the top of the head, to be more accurate, but pass it out through the head centerFire, 1246:twelve-petalled lotus. It will be noted by the accurate student that we are now discontinuing theGlamour, 101:and to discern. His perception is becoming accurate and he stands relatively free from deceptionGlamour, 105:them as reasonable speculations and possibly accurate hypotheses: Causes inherent in substanceGlamour, 142:no matter how good the intention or how accurate may be the grasp of the needed technique. Glamour, 212:the materializing of that vision and the accurate reception of the truth. They must also be able toHealing, 39:from room to room. The analogy is far more accurate than appears to the casual thinker. In everyHealing, 43:connection is frequently more truly occult and accurate than is that of [44] the orthodoxHealing, 76:inclinations and indications, a far more accurate diagnosis can be produced. The key to all releaseHealing, 76:transmission. There is no symbol so relatively accurate to the whole [77] creative process as theHealing, 308:lies. This form of diagnosis is not always accurate and can be "colored" by conditions present inHealing, 380:intuitive of you, it was at its best a "possibly accurate" hypothesis. I would here ask you to noteHealing, 479:have given to modern man a wide and definitely accurate knowledge of the outer aspects and effectsHealing, 528:certified records which would be scientifically accurate (and practically none of them do) - wouldHealing, 547:they will make no mistakes, for they will have accurate spiritual perception; this will give themHealing, 605:trouble and, therefore, to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. Ordinarily, the spiritual healer isHealing, 610:correspondences are as a general rule accurate. This law gives an amazing picture, and one tooHealing, 699:advanced knowledge on the part of the healer, or accurate information given by the patient. ThisHercules, 142:used by Francis Merchant in the myth seems more accurate, namely that nine heads were destroyed andInitiation, 5:of the place of time in eternity must be more accurate than ours. He sees things from aboveInitiation, 6:unison, producing a form geometrically accurate. Browning had hold of a part of this truth when heInitiation, 198:for their originator to be pure in thought, accurate in word, and skillful in [199] action. WhenIntellect, 106:it there as long as desired; it is the method of accurate perception, and the power to visualizeIntellect, 107:habit of accuracy in all the affairs of life. Accurate speech would necessitate accurate attentionIntellect, 107:of life. Accurate speech would necessitate accurate attention to that which is said, read or heard,Intellect, 143:of the soul in gaining a right record and an accurate registering of its knowledge. Then, followingMagic, 65:right vibration which will produce eventually accurate work. Lack of faith, of calmness, ofMagic, 82:of all preceding events, and the longer and more accurate his memory the more he can dominate allMagic, 129:in every group, are capable of clear thinking, accurate discrimination, patient endurance, and anMagic, 185:The above language is symbolic and yet vitally accurate but is expressed thus in order to conveyMagic, 211:therefore study that word with care and seek its accurate definition. To contemplate involvesMagic, 251:and Flow It is in meditation that this work of accurate reception [252] and correct building isMagic, 252:an ability to build thought-forms, and an accurate grasp of egoic intent. Hence also the need ofMagic, 295:the reason why a horoscope is frequently quite accurate in its delineation for the unevolved andMagic, 466:alone, with the faculty of clear thinking and accurate visualization, but demonstrate also thatMeditation, 47:medical history. This record will be minutely accurate, and much will be learnt this way. The lifeMeditation, 156:the higher subplanes, is clear and sensitive, an accurate transmitter, and which [157] isMeditation, 184:for the internal fire. The correspondence is accurate, mysterious and interesting. TheMeditation, 188:use of elementals, so disturbed the accurate working of the logoic plans, and so displeased theMeditation, 192:knowledge of dynamics. It is dependent upon the accurate formation, through occult knowledge, of aMeditation, 195:here. The time is not ripe for the opening up of accurate information on this matter. We willMeditation, 207:and orange may be called blue. The key to the accurate interpretation of the term employed lies inMeditation, 208:of development can hope to attain any measure of accurate discrimination. Just as the green of theMeditation, 219:(awakened through meditation) playing in accurate geometrical form between the three major centers:Meditation, 222:brain can in any way be [222] considered accurate. It has a close bearing upon the alignment of theMeditation, 225:between the microcosm and the macrocosm is accurate, and exists not only broadly but likewise inPatanjalicorrect deduction, and correct witness (or accurate evidence). 8. Incorrect knowledge is based uponPatanjali, 16:correct deduction and correct witness (or accurate evidence). One of the most revolutionaryPatanjali, 18:somewhat as essential premises where all accurate testimony is under consideration in worldPatanjali, 74:is directed constantly into an increasingly accurate expression of the one truth. This is the truePatanjali, 108:In this condition perception is unfailingly accurate and the other modes of vision are seen inPatanjali, 124:to the Master" and this is the true and accurate translation but in view of the fact that the wordPatanjali, 185:from theft. The disciple is precise and accurate in all his affairs and appropriates nothing whichPatanjali, 195:attempts to speak only that which is entirely accurate will find himself confronted by veryPatanjali, 196:the great creative process: Correct perception, Accurate construction, and it leads on to thePatanjali, 232:will find it useful to note the graded and accurate method outlined in this marvellous treatise. ItPsychology1, 22:if we train ourselves to regard ourselves as an accurate (though as yet undeveloped) expression andPsychology1, 110:understanding of psychology, comes to a more accurate knowledge of himself he will begin to actPsychology1, 120:together, we shall evolve a truer and more accurate psychology and a new science of human culture.
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