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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACCURATELY

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Astrology, 23:story of the zodiac can be picturesquely yet accurately summed up in the following statement: ThereAstrology, 75:and initiates. This has not hitherto been accurately possible. It will only come about, however, ifAstrology, 89:is fortunate enough to know or to guess it accurately; if, however, the subject is an advancedAstrology, 252:the truth as to the mission of Virgo most accurately is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." ThereAstrology, 268:constellations - it expresses the situation more accurately than the usual mode of saying it) comeAstrology, 286:exact hour, moment and day of birth has not been accurately ascertained. This sign, Leo, is theAstrology, 307:Leo subject can usually attain his goal, once he accurately perceives that objective. This sign hasAstrology, 311:difficult for the casual student to distinguish accurately between mass consciousness and groupAstrology, 322:or to transmute them and interpret them accurately. Upon the Path of Discipleship and along theAstrology, 324:truths which have not yet been sensed or noted accurately by esotericists; they are secondary inAstrology, 325:and outbreathing" would describe more accurately this cosmic process. It is, however, difficult forAstrology, 342:who places the rulers of the decanates more accurately than does Leo. Usually this is reversed andAstrology, 346:clearly when astrologers are able to determine accurately the point of development and theAstrology, 351:of the planet (a thing that has never yet been accurately done, owing to the lack of data availableAstrology, 363:note, therefore, how necessary it is to realize accurately the point in evolution of the soul. TheAstrology, 651:follows, and the rays working through them are accurately given. The student, however, mustAtom, 20:of the center to stimulation is even more accurately [21] to be seen. In considering humanAtom, 119:it is not possible for finite mind to gauge accurately the plan of the Deity. All that we can do isAtom, 138:the capacity to hear and see as clearly and accurately upon the subtler planes as we do upon theAutobiography, 22:response and the power to feel (and to feel accurately) should naturally and normally precede theAutobiography, 254:my identity and many of them have guessed it accurately. Therefore, today, in spite of all thatDestiny, 42:it will nevertheless be more rapid and more accurately defined in the mind of the magician. All,Discipleship1, XIV:is it possible for the esoteric student accurately to surmise what his ray may be. People of allDiscipleship1, 5:those instructions must be followed accurately. Also, there must be none of that constant lookingDiscipleship1, 11:by such a name) must be carefully striven for, accurately observed when in any way attained, and anDiscipleship1, 191:long but must be sincere. Note specifically and accurately your emotional effect upon: Your family.Discipleship1, 230:is to enable you to pursue two lines of activity accurately and simultaneously. Meditation Work:Discipleship1, 309:a condition wherein the inner activities can be accurately registered but that is no indicationDiscipleship1, 333:carefully study and learn to differentiate more accurately in the year of training which liesDiscipleship1, 544:path will now be more definite and your way more accurately defined. This, too, your friends mayDiscipleship1, 786:my identity and many of them have guessed it accurately. Therefore, today, in spite of all that A.Discipleship2, 197:the spiritual Beings who have created - or more accurately - have formed Shamballa, is the highestDiscipleship2, 234:adequately met and the great mass of men swung accurately into line with evolutionary purpose. Discipleship2, 252:present is pronouncedly more perceptive and more accurately interpretive and his vision moreDiscipleship2, 271:can grasp these new emerging truths more accurately. Eventually the truths thus grasped change theDiscipleship2, 397:- within a set time and then to direct them accurately (via the ajna center) into the work and intoDiscipleship2, 539:your own aiding and help) analyze them, define accurately to yourself the conditioning motivesDiscipleship2, 541:deal that I have to say to you. You are now accurately self-directing (like you not that phrase?)Discipleship2, 625:and the average aspirant cannot distinguish accurately between mind, emotion, feeling and theExternalisation, 13:let them see clearly, hear truly and report accurately, and so serve their age and generation, andExternalisation, 317:conflict cannot and will not be able to judge accurately the measure of accomplishment. Only theExternalisation, 605:the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accurately called in the East) the GreatFire, 155:Every atom, though termed spheroidal, is more accurately a sphere slightly depressed at oneFire, 224:the general theme, he can then more easily and accurately fit the detailed information into itsFire, 225:a consideration of the plan, and to grasp more accurately the immediate stage ahead to be attained,Fire, 309:the fire of the intelligence, and should be able accurately to comprehend its correlating syntheticFire, 327:The solar physical plane might also be expressed accurately as follows, working out the analogy toFire, 405:of three lokas the cosmos is divided more accurately into seven lokas, you may assort the threeFire, 466:yet only be reached by a particular group ritual accurately performed, - a thing as yet practicallyFire, 895:connection between the birds and the devas be accurately realized by the occult student unless heFire, 939:human physical vehicle, so that it may follow accurately the lines of growth of the two subtlerFire, 954:think clearly, to energize their thought forms accurately, and to hold in vital form those thoughtFire, 967:The capacity he displays for bringing through accurately from the subtler levels the plans andFire, 977:he but see on the mental plane. He builds more accurately than the average men, his subsequentFire, 1088:lines if the true nature of the Self is to be accurately known. We might consider that the Monad ofFire, 1156:point of view of the Logos they represent more accurately, highest, intermediate and lowest, andGlamour, 173:must be remembered and its power to register accurately, to [174] interpret and transmit knowledgeGlamour, 177:be dispelled and thinkers can begin to register accurately and without misapprehension that whichHealing, 11:which will surely see life more truly and more accurately than does mankind? It is possible, is itHealing, 369:I must point out that to answer such a question accurately would necessitate two things: theHealing, 370:brought into a condition wherein he will respond accurately to magnetic radiation? If he is anHealing, 600:success, he must learn to place the patient as accurately as possible upon the correct rung of theHealing, 603:with the healer himself : He must know as accurately as possible his own point of development, forInitiation, 166:aspirants, and as they learn to imprint details accurately upon their memory they are laying theInitiation, 166:teach the student to visualize his thought-forms accurately, so that when he begins to createInitiation, 166:transformation. To enable him to picture again accurately the imparted secret, so that it mayIntellect, 97:The student of meditation learns to distinguish accurately between these three. This requirement,Intellect, 164:When this is carried forward automatically and accurately, we have the illumined man, the sage. Intellect, 189:an expression which might be rendered fairly accurately as 'intellectual intuition'), he perceivesIntellect, 242:contacted, and later transmit it correctly and accurately to the attentive and impressionableMagic, 38:its instincts and tendencies. H.P.B. defines man accurately as "an animal plus a God". Later it isMagic, 174:is necessary that they should be enabled to act accurately and adequately as transmitters andMagic, 423:in the physical brain, so that it can register accurately any information coming from the physicalMagic, 457:through steadfastness in contemplation, receive accurately the vision of the inner structure, or ofMagic, 548:it symbolically, and yet at the same time accurately, be able to utter forth the achievement whichMeditation, 79:each center and when kundalini is spiraling [79] accurately and geometrically from vortex toMeditation, 246:in each group will be found some person who can accurately transcribe all that takes place, and soMeditation, 290:the higher vibration necessitated, and therefore accurately record what has transpired. Meditation, 338:of surface even, a limpid reflector, - one that accurately transmits the wishes, the desires, thePatanjali, 85:coupled with an inability to recollect truly and accurately when awake. This condition is physicalPatanjali, 105:can transmit to the physical brain unerringly, accurately and without mistake, that which isPatanjali, 275:adequate, they cannot discriminate nor ascertain accurately what they see. The akashic record isPatanjali, 378:powers, for they abrogate them. These latter are accurately described for us in Book III, Sutra 37:Psychology1, 117:that the observers train themselves or - more accurately - the soul of each trains the personalityPsychology1, 204:would hardly be troubled to keep his accounts accurately. His imaginative faculty will be highlyPsychology1, 335:follows, and the rays working through them are accurately given. The student however must rememberPsychology1, 347:noted and the point in evolution can be more accurately realized. We have now to consider the raysPsychology2, 67:what occurs, it will be wise to define more accurately what that higher nature is, and of what itPsychology2, 510:from mind to brain and to interpret them accurately. They are communicated by the Master to thePsychology2, 556:surety and knowledge. They will thus be more accurately sure of the nature of the contacts of whichPsychology2, 570:the average audience. The medium is truly and accurately relating just what he sees and hears andPsychology2, 574:definitely physical functions sympathetically, accurately and synchronously with its subjectivePsychology2, 593:The state of the pranic channels reveals this accurately, particularly those found below theRays, 309:line with the purpose of God. It might be said (accurately to a certain esoteric extent) that theRays, 461:Absorbed the soul, or to put it perhaps more accurately, both soul and personality have been fusedRays, 531:and Solar, are not correct or do not recount accurately what the candidate believes has takenRays, 614:and must and will be restored or - perhaps more accurately - reach its first stage of expression.Rays, 666:in the true sense of the term, for it is seldom accurately realized or consciously prepared for, asRays, 752:problem of the Hierarchy (if I may put it both accurately and yet symbolically) is to liberate theReappearance, 52:the triumph of the Crucifixion or (as it is more accurately called in the East) the Great
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