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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVE

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Fire, 422:the words "I am That I am." Two fifths will achieve the fifth Initiation and will know themselvesFire, 462:such a term) who were passed in this round will achieve individualization during the fifth andFire, 487:the evolutionary bringing in of those who can achieve. The problem of speaking clearly on thisFire, 494:working in the mineral kingdom have failed to achieve their objective has been due to three things:Fire, 599:marks a point in evolution where those who will achieve the goal, and those who will not, areFire, 605:Manvantara - Three-fifths of the manasaputras achieve. The 5th scheme - The Lord of concreteFire, 613:one, the sumtotal of the three kingdoms, and achieve a human form. - S. D., I, 203. In Rounds twoFire, 689:[689] and control of the Agnishvattas, achieve something of which even the illuminated mind of theFire, 747:proficient in meditation than others, and thus achieve differing results which work out in TheirFire, 755:social and scientific. These groups will achieve results now impossible, owing to the retention ofFire, 755:is now being made use of by certain powers to achieve ends contrary to the plans of the Lord. TheFire, 792:to be done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation from form. It must also beFire, 842:will regenerate the fourth kingdom. They will achieve emancipation in the fifth round, four fifthsFire, 928:through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieve results that would not be possible apart fromFire, 953:it has represented that which he has failed to achieve. It affects not only himself but also allFire, 957:to manifest upon the physical plane, and thus achieve objectivity, man has to work as a unit. ThisFire, 1002:of a denser nature upon the astral plane, and to achieve greater consolidation. This is broughtFire, 1003:use. It might be asked how it is that men do achieve their ends, through concentration andFire, 1003:pronouncement of certain sounds. They did not achieve their ends through mental ability, butFire, 1070:to the point where they become radioactive and achieve [1071] liberation. (The term "liberation"Fire, 1078:entered upon now in which men and women will achieve a larger realization, they will begin toFire, 1092:they seldom emerge, pass through their cycle and achieve their objective. It is not possible toFire, 1137:elemental kingdoms. These three lower groups achieve concretion, and enter the upward arc, throughFire, 1147:fostering) the ability to arrive, and to achieve full self-consciousness. These three methods bringFire, 1174:members of the human family; some of whom will achieve slowly and under the sway of the basic LawFire, 1192:doing so, but in the attempt may learn much and achieve new light upon a most difficult subject. InFire, 1200:on our planet with extraneous aid. This they achieve through a "marriage" with the order next toFire, 1243:who, through devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack as yet the fullGlamour, 5:Is that not something which all aspirants aim to achieve? And is it not something that each of you,Glamour, 16:and use your illumined intelligence (if you can achieve this, my brothers) you can help in time toGlamour, 59:steady in the light, to perceive correctly, to achieve a right outlook, and to attain a rightGlamour, 95:that a process of unification and an attempt to achieve at-one-ment should be undertaken. From thatGlamour, 100:the pairs of opposites, and through that "light" achieve freedom by treading the noble middle way.Glamour, 114:with the surrounding glamor, and thus failing to achieve identification with itself. As evolutionGlamour, 133:how they must eventually disappear; thus you can achieve some standard of comparison whereby toGlamour, 140:disciple and the worker, he must first of all achieve a recognized contact with the soul throughGlamour, 179:when the personal self has done its utmost to achieve the desired tension. These are the threeGlamour, 181:But we are concerned with the effort to achieve an understanding of that which through the mediumGlamour, 186:money and to teach its adherents to do so and to achieve temporary good health; the Greek OrthodoxGlamour, 197:and who are doing so not so much in order to achieve their own liberation but with the specialGlamour, 213:even if they could not - alone and unaided - achieve the desired results. They can hasten theGlamour, 268:for him to answer is whether his will to achieve is strong enough for him to submit his personalHealing, 6:and impersonality, and at the same time to achieve, during their work, a one-pointedness which willHealing, 8:patient, that patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired - which may be completeHealing, 8:the body. Or it may be enabling the patient to achieve (with joy and facility) the right liberationHealing, 30:healer is as follows: Rule two The healer must achieve magnetic purity through purity of life. HeHealing, 57:of the natural physical body to seek relief and achieve release from inner pressures, fromHealing, 84:and all states of consciousness, and so achieve that omniscience which is the birthright of all theHealing, 86:that the healing art is at this time failing to achieve all that it desires. It has done much, butHealing, 96:and the unselfish and all kinds of people, can achieve integration and a thought-directed life. TheHealing, 97:greatly lessened and more and more people will achieve integration. Where there is integrationHealing, 98:The soul displays its power. 2. The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. HeHealing, 98:magnetic purity, through purity of life. He must achieve that dispelling radiance which showsHealing, 134:with soul energy. Rule two The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. He mustHealing, 174:set the pace for the rest of humanity. This they achieve through the pressure of life itself and ofHealing, 348:through the intense effort the man is making to achieve some mental consciousness, but noHealing, 366:law, or some basic personality weakness, never achieve in this life their goal, and so are swept byHealing, 385:enters not at all. The effort of the patient to achieve faith is frequently a great detriment toHealing, 387:healing agent should be to aid the patient to achieve a happy, sane, expectant outlook upon hisHealing, 526:purity and the needed radiance. "The healer must achieve magnetic purity...and attain dispellingHealing, 533:force and all is well. Rule Two The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. HeHealing, 567:the ladder of evolution. The inability of man to achieve at any time what he considers "theHealing, 577:Enumerated and Applied Rule Two The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. HeHealing, 577:The healer, in this rule, is advised to: Achieve magnetic purity through purity of life. Attain aHealing, 708:as one and thus the work is done. Two energies achieve this consummation and the three whose numberHercules, 9:labors; each of us has the same goal to achieve and the same circle of the zodiac to encompass. TheHercules, 21:the light; he has reached the point where he can achieve knowledge of himself and can begin toHercules, 32:the process and focus itself in the urge to achieve liberation from form, and the emergence of theHercules, 33:work, there begins to be felt the urge to achieve freedom from the form, to roll away the stoneHercules, 37:guarantee that Hercules then had that he would achieve. Hope, his untried divine equipment, hisHercules, 48:broad lesson to be learned in this sign is to achieve right understanding of the law of attractionHercules, 60:in the world of mental effort, must manifest and achieve objectivity. It is the place also whereHercules, 61:The Symbols Eurystheus, having watched Hercules achieve mental control and then ride the bull ofHercules, 68:and visions the goal which ultimately he must achieve. Hercules, 75:which must inevitably enable the aspirant to achieve. They bolster up their position by promises;Hercules, 103:found that the only way in which he could achieve his object was to chase the lion inHercules, 130:expend more force than is necessary. He seeks to achieve his ends gently, not coercively. We areHercules, 144:that beset the courageous person who seeks to achieve mastery of himself. Three of these headsHercules, 144:and transmuted. Men today are still striving to achieve what Hercules succeeded in accomplishing.Hercules, 148:however, the will to power becomes the will to achieve and the will to sacrifice. The harsh,Hercules, 151:will carry me along until at some time I achieve. It does mean that at this time I am on theHercules, 153:form and the Christ [153] nature, until I achieve balance and the Christ and matter are in a stageHercules, 155:marsh stood Hercules, and pondered how he might achieve the task assigned, how rid the place ofHercules, 168:harmless all enmity ceases. I know that when I achieve harmlessness in thought, word and deed, thenHercules, 207:aspect of the disciple's life, may enable us to achieve a different attitude and release us intoHercules, 209:than that of Hercules and we see the Buddha achieve final illumination, passing through initiationsInitiation, 35:fetters which [35] imprisoned spirit, and thus achieve spiritual freedom. This problem exists notInitiation, 48:and who hope through strenuous effort to achieve affiliation. From another point of view we canInitiation, 78:who count all things but naught if they may but achieve the goal, and who steer a steady courseInitiation, 90:if he will, take two further initiations. To achieve the sixth initiation the Adept has to take aInitiation, 92:in the affairs of daily life can he expect to achieve those later stages which are but culminationsInitiation, 96:is to say that all those who, in any scheme, achieve the needed expansions of consciousness (suchInitiation, 161:scheme, and few, if any, of our humanity achieve the eighth and ninth initiations. To do so, theyInitiation, 170:he cannot work off that which hinders, and thus achieve liberation; he can read the akashic recordsInitiation, 183:and ritual, and that the occidental will achieve largely through the organization which lower mindInitiation, 183:Teacher stands aside and watches the aspirant achieve. As he watches, he recognizes points ofIntellect, 30:of those individuals who have the capacity to achieve greater, because more spiritual, things.Intellect, 31:only be realized in its fulness when the masses achieve some of the magnificence which hasIntellect, 92:efforts; we struggle and fight and anguish to achieve a realization to which the saints haveIntellect, 119:then, through concentration and meditation, to achieve facility in forcing the mind to be
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