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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVE

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Intellect, 178:be enumerated as follows: [178] First: They achieve direct experience of divine realities, ofIntellect, 237:that lasts one minute is difficult to achieve but is a real step upon the way to meditation, whichIntellect, 259:man or woman cannot attain illumination and achieve the goal, then there is something wrong andMagic, 54:hare that arrives first at the goal, though both achieve eventually. Thirdly, I assume that thoseMagic, 94:1. The period wherein the aspirant struggles to achieve that inner quiet and directed attentivenessMagic, 126:field of endeavor, as does the soul. They can achieve, from their proximity and identification withMagic, 136:their ability to sense the higher vision and to achieve at the cost of the lower, the consciousnessMagic, 161:satisfied or dissatisfied by the results they achieve or fail to achieve; this achievement or lackMagic, 161:by the results they achieve or fail to achieve; this achievement or lack of achievement and theMagic, 221:a man can "see" on the astral plane, and can achieve equilibrium and hold steady in the midst ofMagic, 230:the significance of "the vibrating poles", and achieve that point of equilibrium which is theMagic, 230:its first activity in enabling the aspirant to achieve a point of balance and so stand on thatMagic, 246:form and the true spiritual man. The ideal is to achieve such a condition of conscious control thatMagic, 317:the resources of his being and take much time to achieve. It is not the harmlessness that comesMagic, 376:attention, and, through right use of the mind, achieve a higher realization, and bring into activeMagic, 390:with Him, and, on our particular level, we achieve as cells in His Body. As time progresses, IndraMagic, 391:fifth to the fourth plane. The Lord of Fire will achieve his peculiar work for this cycle byMagic, 408:approach to the truth will nevertheless achieve the realization that other approaches and otherMagic, 435:problem and an indication of what he can be and achieve. It presents to him the type of force whichMagic, 453:in the crucible of life experience. They will achieve meaning as the aspirant learns to handleMagic, 462:submerge their personalities, and achieve true realization. Humanity must be more diligent and moreMagic, 466:and smaller groups as the individual units achieve - one by one - the status of trulyMagic, 481:but the way to such a point of view is easy to achieve, and many need to guard themselves lest theyMagic, 512:(putting the truth in the simplest terms) is to achieve that wisdom which is based on a knowledgeMagic, 519:from the level of the intellect as he seeks to achieve his own separate ends. The difference is notMagic, 535:of the planet"? What can humanity as a whole achieve along this line? What can the individual do?Magic, 536:to a Christ and a Buddha. The capacity of man to achieve in any field of human expression seemsMagic, 538:effort to develop the intuition and to achieve illumination. Every human being who reaches the goalMagic, 543:or mind stuff in such a manner that it can achieve objectivity on the physical plane and bringMagic, 558:aspiration is strong enough, he is then urged to achieve the capacity to "hold his mind steady inMagic, 558:in the light". When he can do this, he will achieve power and possess that single eye which willMagic, 571:such a condition that he can or cannot rapidly achieve the spiritual objective of his soul. ThisMagic, 575:or perish that the modern mystic can hope to achieve his object." I intend to speak a few wordsMagic, 587:group. Is it not apparent therefore why so few achieve and so many fail? Magic, 595:time and looking for a Master; they should achieve mastery where now they are defeated and in theMagic, 618:of spiritual achievement or their failure to achieve a sphere of service. Thus they become lost, onMagic, 630:to make that vision a reality; he aims to achieve what, from the standpoint of the world seems toMagic, 640:deep and unfaltering love for each other, can achieve significant results. That each of you may soMeditation, 26:the cosmic mental atom in the body of the Logos achieve polarization. Here and there individualsMeditation, 67:Word, coupled to the true occult meditation, achieve certain results. The time for this is not yet,Meditation, 99:negativeness that beginners in meditation so oft achieve, and so run into danger. The aim should beMeditation, 138:positive; keep busy on the emotional plane and achieve the inner calm. Do naught to overtire theMeditation, 140:in this sixth letter certain specific forms to achieve certain results cannot be fully acquiescedMeditation, 150:to martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Before he can achieve and before he can take initiation he hasMeditation, 162:and sounds which by virtue of rhythmic effect achieve results that would not be possible apart fromMeditation, 187:All these mantrams can be used separately, and achieve their own result. There are seven greatMeditation, 250:simply be the utilization of ordered sound to achieve certain ends. [251] You will ask, what placeMeditation, 257:that veil and hide the inner center do we achieve the goal, and find the Ones we seek. Only by theMeditation, 298:point. That some individuals here and there achieve the goal, that some people do master the systemMeditation, 298:beings in incarnation at the same time. They achieve by right of agelong effort, and because inPatanjaliwith the concrete world. 20. Other yogins achieve samadhi and arrive at a discrimination of purePatanjalidispassion, erroneous perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold thePatanjali, 38:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 20. Other yogins achieve samadhi and arrive at a discrimination ofPatanjali, 39:and purified centers. They know how to achieve the real samadhi or state of occult abstractionPatanjali, 50:statements: An urge, or determination to achieve the new knowledge, The holding of thePatanjali, 62:dispassion, erroneous perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold thePatanjali, 66:one-pointedness and attention so difficult to achieve. It is literally the thought-form-makingPatanjali, 67:and his performance. [67] Though he longs to achieve and to know, it is too hard work to fulfil thePatanjali, 70:next step forward. Obstacle VIII - Inability to achieve Concentration The two last obstaclesPatanjali, 81:processes can be arrived at, and the man can achieve an understanding of the laws whereby all formsPatanjali, 112:which must be followed if the aspirant hopes to achieve, and which indicates those methods whichPatanjali, 127:the man who seeks to quiet the mind and so achieve soul vision. Patanjali, 189:the aspirant can best work out his problem and achieve the goal for any specific life. This doesPatanjali, 224:is here dealt with and that no aspirant can achieve this means of yoga without workingPatanjali, 265:that at some future date all the symbols will achieve the fruition of their mission. A symbol is anPatanjali, 311:(found in the well or pit of the throat) he can achieve absolute immobility and rigidity of thePatanjali, 342:the five pointed star and therefore can (as man) achieve only a fivefold illumination. There are,Patanjali, 347:- prapti. This is the capacity of the yogin to achieve his goal, to extend his realization to anyPatanjali, 358:great realization which the aspirant has to achieve is that of omnipresence; he has to realize hisPatanjali, 358:in the hearts of men. Finally, he can eventually achieve omnipotence or all-power, when the keys ofPatanjali, 396:images which eternally exist. Thus only can he achieve the "condition of Isolated Unity" describedProblems, 24:unity. Their psychological problem is to achieve an integration which will be based upon theProblems, 47:Here the question at once arises: How can one achieve this and at the same time bring about a highProblems, 132:control. Again, however, the first efforts to achieve some form of unity and cooperation havePsychology1, xx:activity, intelligently undertaken, which would achieve great things. So many people run hither andPsychology1, xx:working with lack of intelligent coordination, achieve nothing and no group results. But unitedPsychology1, 13:that consciousness of all else drops away. To achieve that is their aim and objective. Psychology1, 71:for spirit. Now he passes on his way to achieve the greater synthesis. The Lord of the fourth rayPsychology1, 81:of his life's attention. This goal may be to achieve discipleship, or to raise a family, or to getPsychology1, 81:or to raise a family, or to get money, or to achieve [82] popularity, or any other objective toPsychology1, 170:Plan. If the teachings in this treatise are to achieve the purpose, for which they are intended, itPsychology1, 195:through the world of appearances. As they achieve this, they will dominate the activity of the formPsychology1, 284:a divine standard of brotherhood or a failure to achieve that standard. Standards are shiftingPsychology1, 314:the general accomplishment will the entire group achieve and the Christ again appear on earth,Psychology1, 343:Harmony through conflict, and the power to achieve knowledge through discriminating choice - thesePsychology1, 398:[398] all. He was the first of our humanity to achieve, and was a direct descendant of the eldestPsychology1, 406:been brought about. It causes the mind nature to achieve that clear vision which finds itsPsychology2, 50:and its technique is understood, man can then achieve escape from the physical body in full, wakingPsychology2, 74:of the significant fact that the more people can achieve this linking of the higher and lowerPsychology2, 157:is reached, for in time all men do eventually achieve that which they demand. Then comes the demandPsychology2, 161:which is not the pairs of opposites (and thus achieve "the Central Way"), steadily the Law ofPsychology2, 162:the initiate? I think not. The disciple seeks to achieve, without passion, pain or suffering, thePsychology2, 210:Christ was the first of our earth humanity to achieve the goal, whereas the Buddha was the last ofPsychology2, 281:principles. Later will come an Avatar Who will achieve neither the full enlightenment of the BuddhaPsychology2, 344:the personality, and from that pass on to achieve contact or fusion with the Self, the ego or soul.Psychology2, 352:form; 'Stand up. Press [352] outward into life. Achieve a goal. For you, there must be not aPsychology2, 360:he persistently surrounds himself. How can he achieve his goal when he is ceaselessly runningPsychology2, 360:dim and distant future, and he fails ever to achieve the immediate objective. He is often thePsychology2, 361:When he can do this and be willing to achieve divine idleness (from the angle of a glamored thirdPsychology2, 361:he has learnt to be quiet and still, he can achieve his goal with greater rapidity. The second ray
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