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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVED

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Astrology, 17:man. It indicates also the integration already achieved and the present point of unfoldment of theAstrology, 17:the spiritual man "to carry on" from the point achieved so that when the life energy is temporarilyAstrology, 33:plane. The four Creative Hierarchies which have achieved liberation are now to be found focusedAstrology, 35:Hierarchies who are out of incarnation, having achieved liberation, is only on the lower planes.Astrology, 36:confuse the student. The first four Hierarchies achieved liberation in the first solar system.Astrology, 43:it carried in it the germs of the Lives which achieved the human stage in another solar system, butAstrology, 83:spiritual vibrations in our solar system and has achieved that detachment which will enable him toAstrology, 95:the Path stands clear and unobstructed vision is achieved." Old Commentary. Through the fieryAstrology, 140:but all the time the effects and conditioning achieved and attained under the old influences areAstrology, 147:the initiate consummates all that has been achieved in Leo through the influence of the Sun, for inAstrology, 152:activity of all the states of consciousness, achieved upon the first two wheels, and which [153]Astrology, 158:and again, a certain measure of concreteness is achieved, only again to undergo destruction, priorAstrology, 197:in the symbolism of the sky and when it has been achieved then there is a direct inflow of divineAstrology, 203:will solution come and rectification of error be achieved. The tests of Scorpio are necessarilyAstrology, 204:hence also the nature of the stupendous victory achieved by Hercules, the Sun-God, in this sign. ItAstrology, 204:the triumphant disciple. In Taurus - The Buddha achieved victory over desire and arrived atAstrology, 250:in the man who is a pure Libran; a balance is achieved and thus they esoterically "tune each otherAstrology, 254:path of discipleship that right orientation is achieved and humanity swings into the correct rhythmAstrology, 272:condition our systemic lives. These Lives have achieved Their goal, but Their energies are stillAstrology, 288:dross. Purification of the entire nature is thus achieved gradually, and the man becomes sensitiveAstrology, 302:forward; it is the keynote of the man who has achieved that true "self-centered" attitude whichAstrology, 303:which the body of which it is the nucleus has achieved. They are material in nature, are connectedAstrology, 305:of those members of the human family who have achieved adeptship and upwards. They are composed ofAstrology, 305:indicate the point of spiritual consciousness achieved and the responsiveness of the initiate toAstrology, 315:He was the first of our humanity Who, having achieved divinity (and this many have done), wasAstrology, 324:The first is that if perfection has not been achieved then the soul must return and continue theAstrology, 330:that oscillates until a point of balance is achieved. It is the light which is distinguished by aAstrology, 338:The Disciple and Initiate. Libra-Aries The achieved equilibrium, at the point of rest, provides theAstrology, 348:but six great potencies, because he has achieved "the freedom of the two," as it is sometimesAstrology, 359:from form, but all these aspects of will are achieved through conflict and interplay of whichAstrology, 360:in the place of power, swinging the earlier achieved balance and control definitely into the realmAstrology, 367:Gemini, that the final release can be mentally achieved. Ponder upon this statement, for in Gemini,Astrology, 391:in its highest possible expression is also achieved in Taurus. Aspiration is linked, however, inAstrology, 398:centers; to show that right direction has been achieved and that there is no longer any fear thatAstrology, 401:light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritualAstrology, 402:and destroy all that has been so laboriously achieved upon the ordinary wheel and to demonstrate inAstrology, 485:of advanced humanity so that initiation will be achieved. The effectiveness of this dual processAstrology, 495:[495] Libra - expresses the point of balance achieved, prior to a secondary activity and the periodAstrology, 537:potent effect upon our planet began in 1875, achieved momentum in 1925, will reach its highestAstrology, 538:are recognized and unions and friendships achieved. Pisces - Ruler: Pluto, governing the eighthAstrology, 593:of the ultimate goal of life when fruition is achieved; it is the final united success or unifiedAstrology, 598:of the will. Christ had to die because He had achieved harmony with the will of God and then "theAstrology, 618:their eyes off the goal of transfiguration (achieved at the third initiation and increasinglyAstrology, 618:(imaginatively reached at first and practically achieved later) they would find it useful to workAstrology, 620:and basically at-one. This will-to-good (achieved through fulfilment) works out in relation to theAstrology, 620:the higher initiations when God-consciousness is achieved. This is the third stage of divineAstrology, 638:mastered upon these lines. This mastery can be achieved only-through initiation. (S.D. Vol. I, 703)Astrology, 657:evil will be negated and a relative perfection achieved." (C.F. 990) "Great waves of energy sweepAstrology, 680:Entities came from the Venusian chain, that They achieved the necessary juncture, undertook theAtom, 22:can be demonstrated. The method whereby this is achieved is that of discrimination, or ofAtom, 48:us will be complete until all other units have achieved their fullest and most completeAtom, 62:has been traversed and the point of origin achieved. This is the meaning of evolution and here liesAtom, 104:of manifestation, leading on to a goal not yet achieved, the group stage. If there is one thingAtom, 105:as having attained perfection, or having achieved the goal), we are most of us intensely selfish,Atom, 112:the spirit, which is life. The goal will not be achieved that way. [113] For most of us theAtom, 114:about with the help of Those Who have already achieved the goal, Who have already identifiedAtom, 116:is brought to us from outside sources is not achieved because there are great Beings anxious toAtom, 116:stop it coming. It is our right. Those who have achieved can and will and do aid and assist us, butAutobiography, 167:of meditation can demonstrate to hold one's achieved point of spiritual attention at the veryAutobiography, 238:in the East, the Buddha, Who came to earth and achieved illumination and became the guide andAutobiography, 284:from our point of view - a man or woman who has achieved a certain basic integration orAutobiography, 284:self. When this latter integration has been achieved, then the man can be regarded as aAutobiography, 291:of men. The Masters are men who have achieved liberation from the control of the personality orAutobiography, 298:do not have this spiritual link consciously achieved. All through her life A.A.B. shunned anyAutobiography, 298:a hard-working disciple of the Great Ones with achieved status sufficient to her task and thatAutobiography, 300:thirty years' work, that the fruitage already achieved, which is greater than we know, will be onlyAutobiography, 300:the group achievement ours as well as hers. This achieved group consciousness is our greatestAutobiography, 303:in making its work successful. This is our achieved [304] position and for us the most significantBethlehem, 14:who had preceded Him. The Buddha, when He achieved illumination, "let in" a flood of light uponBethlehem, 21:and that always there have been those who have achieved. The fact of the cosmic Christ, manifest asBethlehem, 24:one would think that as long as the aspirant has achieved a measure of tolerance, of kindness,Bethlehem, 28:deliverance be found, can unity [28] with God be achieved. Only through the sacrifice of humanity,Bethlehem, 35:Only by following the example of those who have achieved can we ourselves learn the meaning ofBethlehem, 46:for the many. The voice of those who have achieved, the clarion call of those who are [47] initiateBethlehem, 47:that of the Baptism, then took place. Christ had achieved manhood, and this attainment was followedBethlehem, 82:become possible, until a complete unity has been achieved. We begin to see what must be done, weBethlehem, 82:nearer and nearer until complete union is achieved and the Christ is born through theBethlehem, 90:He did; it was the basis and the result of His achieved perfection; it was the incentive andBethlehem, 109:of our own ultimate victory. Christ as man achieved victory. We too can do the same. To thisBethlehem, 113:of opposites, until eventually the balance is achieved and, from then on, he moves towards thatBethlehem, 127:desire was transmuted into power, though victory achieved led to developments which had in them theBethlehem, 140:one transcendent Personality, all that had been achieved and all that was immediate in humanBethlehem, 141:the "individual." It is here again that Christ achieved success, and the second duality, which HeBethlehem, 141:influence Him nor determine His conduct. He had achieved contact with that realm of being in whichBethlehem, 158:dare to climb Mount Golgotha. Only when we have achieved expression of divinity in and through theBethlehem, 163:son of God until he stands perfected, having achieved "the measure of the stature of the fullnessBethlehem, 166:accorded public recognition, and to seem to have achieved the earthly goal are far more difficultBethlehem, 176:this in His life and work. We have not yet achieved this greatness, but the signs of it can beBethlehem, 189:all moving. Some of the sons of men have already achieved, through the realization of theirBethlehem, 191:there had always been those who, having achieved humanity, had then passed on to demonstrateBethlehem, 207:a human being. He was perfectly balanced and had achieved that equilibrium which released Him fromBethlehem, 222:the consciousness of every son of God who has achieved divinity, and which indicates hisBethlehem, 245:He made it. Because of the worth of what He had achieved, and the value of the livingness of HisBethlehem, 246:of worth shines forth in all its glory. Having achieved that moment of heightened experience, andBethlehem, 249:last analysis, if perfection is to be ultimately achieved, the question is merely one of time andBethlehem, 250:possibility, and will not rest until he has achieved it. Whether it is plurality of lives upon ourBethlehem, 258:the Path of Discipleship. Then, having Himself achieved Illumination, He entered into the "SecretBethlehem, 260:in process of becoming facts. Christ therefore achieved through His work the following things: HeBethlehem, 280:again and again, here one and there another, achieved perfection and disappeared from human view.Destiny, 38:of them a certain perfection of presentation was achieved which (as far as this present world
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