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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVED

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Intellect, 108:of concentration sufficient control should be achieved, so that the student is not bothered by theIntellect, 109:The result is a clarity of thought never before achieved, because the mind in ordinary activity isIntellect, 127:of consciousness is to be added to those already achieved. Intellect, 133:That is past, while the later stage is not yet achieved. It is a period of mind steadiness, and ofIntellect, 142:through right concentration and meditation. This achieved, there ensues the interlude wherein theIntellect, 151:illumination." "The knowledge (or illumination) achieved is sevenfold and is attainedIntellect, 154:Through concentration and meditation he has achieved a large measure of mind control and learnedIntellect, 159:and a sensitiveness to other minds which have achieved an ability to function on soul levels. I doIntellect, 166:now appearing. They indicate that man has achieved much, and that he is becoming coordinated. TheyIntellect, 189:Becoming, page 254 The Yogi, or the one who has achieved union (for Yoga is the science of union)Intellect, 205:will be, not something that has still to be achieved, or is to follow, for instance, after death...Intellect, 233:laziness can be overcome, and those who have achieved know of its supreme value. In concluding thisIntellect, 234:the Hindu aspirant calls it. If success is to be achieved, there must be a genuine and persistentIntellect, 234:the results, a realization that the goal can be achieved and definite knowledge of the technique ofMagic, 80:of the middle fire of mind, can a full light be achieved, and the whole body be full of light, theMagic, 114:the greatest qualities members of the Lodge have achieved is their ability to view the destructionMagic, 121:a well-nurtured intelligence, and also to have achieved some measure of mind control. These rulesMagic, 139:in their choice of workers by a man's personally achieved capacity and by his own hard won ability.Magic, 145:The forms, veiling the radiant soul, emerged, achieved their purpose and vanished into night, butMagic, 161:of others. There are many disciples who have achieved a fair measure of self-control and ofMagic, 161:of that desire has been passed; thus mankind has achieved and surmounted much. But the rhythm ofMagic, 166:is taking up the thread of an older or partially achieved undertaking. Magic, 172:contacts are more frequent, being more easily achieved and bearing more rapid results. It should beMagic, 248:the seven notes of music. When this has been achieved he can begin to train himself in wider andMagic, 258:been overcome and liberation from its control achieved) the real significance of purity will not beMagic, 258:one in the esoteric groups of the world has yet achieved the fifth initiation, wherein the meaningMagic, 269:the right and left hand ways and when they have achieved, these two ways will disappear. When theMagic, 276:Age is really with us and the new orientation achieved. The form of humanity is completed. ItsMagic, 276:of the forces of the human kingdom is now achieved, there will be manifested on the earth aMagic, 279:the cessation of the form ensues when purpose is achieved, or when impotency of will producesMagic, 281:and thereby results of practical value can be achieved. We can study it from the standpoint of theMagic, 287:complete and utter control and coordination is achieved, through the arousing of the purifyingMagic, 342:enters, and that mental equilibrium must be achieved. The cure lies in the realization that time,Magic, 345:whole process may be needless, for you will have achieved conquest. This applies to the fearsMagic, 347:you are working. Then when stillness has been achieved, you visualize those Masters of whom youMagic, 349:and to brave evil for the sake of the good achieved is the mark of a White Brother. Be preparedMagic, 351:out being carried forward until the answer is achieved. This work is done both on the inner planesMagic, 356:the past and the present produce. They have achieved through the sacrifice of the many. But theMagic, 390:buddhic principle manifests and at-one-ment is achieved shall we see this age of air coming intoMagic, 404:with which cooperation is possible, that can be achieved by all disciples and should be held as theMagic, 411:true, but the initial group has uniformly achieved. This surely negates pessimism and demonstratesMagic, 412:and performed most notable service. The results achieved have reached a stage where they areMagic, 494:elsewhere. They forget that they have already achieved facility in leaving the physical body; [495]Magic, 504:until facility in the work of abstraction is achieved. Record and watch all phenomena connectedMagic, 515:work on the physical plane, is the interlude achieved and utilized during the meditation process.Magic, 516:the first or contemplative interlude has been achieved. The disciple who is seeking to cooperateMagic, 517:is only capable of right use when a man has achieved the power to follow the interlude ofMagic, 517:five commandments and the five rules, and have achieved right poise, can begin to use theMagic, 527:be suitably impressed when quiescence has been achieved, and can become the medium of expressionMagic, 527:of the hierarchy represent those who have achieved peace and quiescence, and can be impressed;Magic, 533:acquiescence in the work of the greater Builders achieved. Pain is that upward struggle throughMagic, 535:of conquests to be made, of desires to be achieved, of knowledges to be mastered, there you willMagic, 546:to function as a soul. Until this has been achieved, one can be an aspirant to the practice ofMagic, 557:are unified and facility in unification has been achieved, further instructions will be given inMagic, 557:is the first basic lesson given when men have achieved the capacity to function on the mentalMagic, 591:and rounded-out person, and by one who has achieved the capacity to focus his attention in the headMagic, 596:apparent therefore that only a teacher who has achieved synthetic vision and can see a man "whole,"Magic, 618:lost effort is to be avoided and real progress achieved. Many well-intentioned aspirants are proneMeditation, 4:secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved. At first, there is dissonance andMeditation, 5:the body egoic, till the one straight line is achieved and the man becomes the One. Each life thatMeditation, 5:one line, and gradually this consummation is achieved. The Master is He Who has blended all theMeditation, 21:ray methods with fifth ray application will be achieved. Have I made this matter clear? I write forMeditation, 25:in alignment. Alignment is now easily achieved between the physical and emotional bodies. TheMeditation, 43:One, and to hold naught back, that liberation is achieved, and the body of desire becomesMeditation, 65:as protection, quieting and correction may be achieved. Meditation, 81:is truly occult expected effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seem in any one incarnationMeditation, 90:powers gained in meditation, the [90] capacities achieved by the adjustment of the bodies throughMeditation, 90:to the too early development of the powers achieved in meditation. I seek to sound a note - not ofMeditation, 94:of thought, or into the lower mind body. Having achieved that much, he seeks then to transcend thatMeditation, 94:inwards, and a consequent centralization. Having achieved that [95] centralization and focused inMeditation, 96:elimination? How can placidity of mind be achieved without the use of the will in inhibition? TheMeditation, 104:that of the brain. Good results will thus be achieved. Meditation, 127:is more difficult. Most of the first cures achieved in the future will center around the first twoMeditation, 144:for those upon the Probationary Path. It is not achieved by simply giving thirty minutes a day toMeditation, 155:may not be in the least conscious of the results achieved. He will obey the orders, say theMeditation, 155:as to how the results indicated may be achieved. That will be done later, but when, it is notMeditation, 164:reached, and a similarity of vibration somewhat achieved, before the privilege is afforded theMeditation, 169:remember that in time and before perfection is achieved he must realize the synthesis of the whole.Meditation, 170:has its specific forms whereby those results are achieved, and the time is coming when theMeditation, 177:day. But, as a man approaches adeptship and has achieved mastery over himself, and can consequentlyMeditation, 184:comes, and the purpose of meditation is achieved. The vital fires that keep the internal economy ofMeditation, 191:Now having some dim idea of the results to be achieved, and the methods to be employed inMeditation, 191:peoples that its raison d'ętre, and the results achieved, are apt to be overlooked. Every religionMeditation, 191:to contact the Divine. Results are inevitably achieved, ranging all the way from the calm andMeditation, 193:one or other of the major centers. The effects achieved by a group of persons who have the power toMeditation, 204:finding out of the method whereby results are achieved, and it involves close analysis of eventsMeditation, 215:When the fourth plane of harmony or of buddhi is achieved, then is consummation. When the work ofMeditation, 223:life so that that duty may be perfectly achieved. Meditation, 234:You will see, therefore, how synthesis is achieved at the end of a greater mahamanvantara. TheMeditation, 241:technical knowledge and at length, the results achieved might prove more disastrous thanMeditation, 246:of all those units in the group, results will be achieved that will merit the name of miracles. InMeditation, 250:sound. In this way terrific effects will be achieved. Color can destroy just as it can heal; soundMeditation, 264:another step ahead to be taken; each initiation achieved but reveals still higher ones to beMeditation, 281:- the forms and methods whereby success may be achieved. We have dealt also with those aids toMeditation, 282:here point out again that these results are only achieved after long practice, strenuous struggle,Meditation, 285:But I would seek to point out that the love achieved by the student of meditation who follows thisMeditation, 286:law, the significance of time, and the point achieved. This is the line of the second ray and itsMeditation, 288:to make clear all the many and various results achieved by the successful following of the occultMeditation, 340:things before the plane of the mental unit is achieved, and before the causal consciousness (theMeditation, 340:effect. It renders durable the results achieved by the disciple. Like as a potter moulds and shapes
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