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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVEMENT

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Discipleship1, 106:though some of the inner fret for the outward achievement still remains and hinders you on the wayDiscipleship1, 106:will answer some of your questions. I view the achievement of my group of disciples from the pointDiscipleship1, 107:Waste not time in anxiety as to the phenomenal achievement. That must inevitably come if the fieryDiscipleship1, 112:in them for you much of inner testing and the achievement of the subtle sensitivity to the voice ofDiscipleship1, 116:June, 1935, we have set ourselves one technical achievement and one that still remains unachievedDiscipleship1, 137:This tendency, though it has not negated achievement in your personality life and activities, hasDiscipleship1, 141:barriers and carries all before it is your next achievement and unfoldments. May the power and theDiscipleship1, 201:in the outer life, so that others can see the achievement. How can this skill in action beDiscipleship1, 215:to you but there must be for you a still greater achievement. As you realize the status of yourDiscipleship1, 232:innate capacity and most definitely personality achievement, and not soul performance. Forget not,Discipleship1, 232:Forget not, however, that personality achievement is, in its right place and time, divineDiscipleship1, 232:is, in its right place and time, divine achievement. But the point for you to grasp is that thisDiscipleship1, 232:preparatory training for creative group achievement in your next life. One of the problems whichDiscipleship1, 234:unrecognized glamor, owing to the fact that the achievement of intellectual balance can temporarilyDiscipleship1, 242:last year. Such an attitude is easy of achievement and simple to hold; it is the line of leastDiscipleship1, 254:is rightly used, because - though it means the achievement of harmony through conflict - it alsoDiscipleship1, 267:of each disciple, the problems of each and the achievement of each become part of the group life,Discipleship1, 267:the group life, the group problem and the group achievement. I commend these words to you forDiscipleship1, 267:words to you for consideration - life, problem, achievement or, presenting them as a duality,Discipleship1, 267:on the physical plane of experience as achievement. There is no essential failure. At this stage inDiscipleship1, 269:the years go by - what I might call crises of achievement. There must be culminating moments whenDiscipleship1, 270:of steady radiance. There must ever be crises of achievement which will draw upon the fullDiscipleship1, 271:your needed lesson and your [271] ultimate achievement; and that they also indicate in a mostDiscipleship1, 271:in a most amazing manner the work and the achievement of the New Group of World Servers. Discipleship1, 280:as a group asset and not as a personal achievement. This requires emphasizing and involves clearDiscipleship1, 283:use. You belong to this latter group, and in achievement along this line will come for you releaseDiscipleship1, 283:in beauty, the ideal. For you the occult achievement must be the goal, and the revelation ofDiscipleship1, 284:revelation and on their synthesis in all great achievement. The integration of the personality hasDiscipleship1, 285:time I have but this one message: Aim at real achievement in accomplishment. I have definitelyDiscipleship1, 285:which will materialize in an equally definite achievement, so that your soul can say: "I haveDiscipleship1, 286:right motive and true spiritual consecration - achievement on the physical plane in the chosenDiscipleship1, 286:in the chosen field of expression is spiritual achievement and, therefore, possible. How can thisDiscipleship1, 287:time in potency. This implies no lack of potent achievement, but only the using of a differentDiscipleship1, 291:disciples for their work is through service to achievement, with the emphasis upon the service andDiscipleship1, 291:the emphasis upon the service and not upon the achievement. Your work in the world and your workDiscipleship1, 313:intuition, the indication of the next spiritual achievement ahead of you - one that can be quicklyDiscipleship1, 336:be permitted by you to arrest your spiritual achievement once the way appears open to you. But itDiscipleship1, 341:[341] aim of your soul is bridging work and the achievement of clear-sighted control over aDiscipleship1, 348:real value to a disciple at times to summarize achievement and to accept it. A new cycle alwaysDiscipleship1, 352:wherein you lack certain attribute necessary to achievement. You possess four types of ray energy,Discipleship1, 368:simply hold that which has been gained. No light achievement, my brother, given the equipment withDiscipleship1, 368:on earth. Go forward now to greater heights of achievement in self-forgetfulness and in love, andDiscipleship1, 384:efficient dealing upon the physical plane. The achievement of physical efficiency is not for you aDiscipleship1, 384:efficiency is not for you a problem. The achievement of emotional detachment and consequent rightDiscipleship1, 387:what I might call a definite high water mark of achievement, and the age at which this is reachedDiscipleship1, 456:personal reactions - this is for you the desired achievement. So be it, brother. This you haveDiscipleship1, 456:that the incentive, leading to success, must be achievement for the group. Freedom from personalityDiscipleship1, 487:by means of which to express the results of achievement or to express that joy and peace which isDiscipleship1, 504:I have but to look on in silence to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill outDiscipleship1, 513:thus write to you indicates the measure of your achievement. Two years ago, you might haveDiscipleship1, 515:love and not a little concern that upon your achievement much rests - both to yourself and to theDiscipleship1, 519:by a just need of recognition for true past achievement and for your unfaltering aspiration andDiscipleship1, 522:your personality rejects the possibility of achievement. Upon the inner planes you have achieved;Discipleship1, 522:upon the outer plane today see that that achievement is also demonstrated. From the place whereinDiscipleship1, 571:as yet distorted. But you are on your way to achievement and spiritual success, and for that youDiscipleship1, 576:believe me when I tell you that, for you, the achievement of an inner stillness is the way out ofDiscipleship1, 580:a second ray group. For you, there is no real achievement in this life unless you learn this mentalDiscipleship1, 591:Hierarchy invariably look) but it indicates also achievement; [592] we have no time to waste withDiscipleship1, 641:world may see only success or some kind of achievement. Your sense of values is sound, but needsDiscipleship1, 660:is a state of being and not so much a state of achievement. It is a condition of correctDiscipleship1, 663:Discipleship, or is upon the Path itself. The achievement of a more stabilized attitude ofDiscipleship1, 669:This has been the great task and the real achievement of the spiritualistic movement throughout theDiscipleship1, 669:is to avoid becoming too abstract; spiritual achievement for you in this life will come through theDiscipleship1, 680:service and their own established idealism. The achievement of a finer sense of values. Rest,Discipleship1, 688:but the field of experience, of service and of achievement. Ponder on this. Some day you willDiscipleship1, 704:and until he is normally soul conscious. The achievement of this involves great responsibility, andDiscipleship1, 733:future knowledge and as signposts of a relative achievement. But they are not the reality whenDiscipleship2Individuals benefited greatly. As a group achievement it was not a success as is made abundantlyDiscipleship2, XII:was always incidental to a planned special group achievement. It should be remembered that theseDiscipleship2, 34:is the goal and this is not at all easy of achievement. In all times of world agony and catastropheDiscipleship2, 52:surprise and lead to a conscious recognition of achievement. This sensitivity may differ accordingDiscipleship2, 100:That this relationship may prove the signal achievement of the coming year for each and all of youDiscipleship2, 135:and strength can pour. This is a relatively new achievement within the Ashrams of the Masters. InDiscipleship2, 135:has taken the position of Mahachohan, and that achievement has carried the entering force down intoDiscipleship2, 156:the inclusive thinking of the planetary Logos. Achievement, for the disciple, consists (along thisDiscipleship2, 164:but - at the same time - a quite possible achievement, provided the New Group of World Servers andDiscipleship2, 190:this revelation. [190] The polar opposite, i.e., achievement. The trained disciple works alwaysDiscipleship2, 190:trained disciple works always from the angle of achievement, of attained success. This attitude heDiscipleship2, 215:produces integration and definite personality achievement in the three worlds, leading eventuallyDiscipleship2, 234:spiritual which lies beyond the point of present achievement; it is that which embodies the visionDiscipleship2, 315:and somewhat surprisingly brought the final achievement much nearer. The illumination of men'sDiscipleship2, 326:no longer in the experimental stage. This group achievement (I refer not here to your particularDiscipleship2, 338:It is connected in his mind with spiritual achievement, with the attainment of his goal and withDiscipleship2, 368:of revelation so far removed from the possible achievement of the majority of the Masters that theyDiscipleship2, 427:the entire Council over which he presides. The achievement of a point of Polarization. TheDiscipleship2, 430:individual pride and the sense of personality achievement, it is necessarily not spiritual. In ourDiscipleship2, 451:on to action; they require to urge them to achievement and towards freedom from inertia. That isDiscipleship2, 468:the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ, who was the first of ourDiscipleship2, 468:vision forth the higher correspondence of that achievement. This consummating development will markDiscipleship2, 488:discouragement when, after years of work and the achievement of old age, they find themselvesDiscipleship2, 494:awakening brain, soul contact is fairly easy of achievement for you at this particular point inDiscipleship2, 495:exercices [495] which will facilitate the achievement of this clear vision and a correctDiscipleship2, 546:the case of older disciples. In your case, the achievement of a definite focus is now essential. InDiscipleship2, 570:is not based on pride in fancied achievement but is more a fierce resentment over failure. You addDiscipleship2, 601:you are constantly aware of lack of achievement and of failure to do what your soul has made quiteDiscipleship2, 601:of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commendDiscipleship2, 603:But this, as you know, is most difficult of achievement. You ask me: What would I have you do inDiscipleship2, 603:the task is uncomplicated though not simple of achievement. Be, my brother, on the outer plane,Discipleship2, 603:not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of completeDiscipleship2, 645:through; true triumph is dependent upon specific achievement upon the inner planes and upon
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