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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACHIEVEMENT

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Hercules, 6:before humanity as a whole, whose ultimate group achievement will be brought about by the manyHercules, 9:this condition. Herein lies the wonder of past achievement, and herein lies the hour of presentHercules, 23:turned him back. Perhaps his outstanding achievement was what he accomplished in the sign Scorpio;Hercules, 24:speak, he symbolized the high water mark of his achievement by strangling the two serpents. Then,Hercules, 36:in himself the guarantee of his ultimate achievement, even though at the time the difficulties withHercules, 36:of the twelve labors the nature of his final achievement. It has been said that the keynote of theHercules, 60:of this labor. It is in this physical plane achievement, and in the work of gaining the goldenHercules, 60:present to him fresh spheres for conquest and achievement. It is the place, therefore, whereHercules, 70:knowledge of our goal and learn the mode of its achievement. Hercules, 70:visionary mystic, but must add to the mystical achievement the occult knowledge of reality. This isHercules, 82:as the signs of physical plane struggle for achievement, we have portrayed for us the tremendousHercules, 82:In the final four signs, we have the signs of achievement. The aspirant has worked out of the worldHercules, 90:All that is to be heard is the note of possible achievement. All that is to be found is a deepHercules, 105:the initiate and his ultimate spiritual achievement. The Three Symbolic Constellations There is anHercules, 134:forces. That is the goal, but not always the achievement. However, this longing for harmonyHercules, 136:they will have a picture of physical human achievement and of future spiritual expression whichHercules, 146:spurs man to ever greater heights of achievement. Comfort is often a brake upon such striving.Hercules, 150:him in every future undertaking. Such is the achievement of Hercules, psychologically speaking, inHercules, 158:That is the destiny of this race. It will be the achievement of all the races gathered together inHercules, 163:interesting to carry the sequence of thought or achievement from Scorpio into the power and successHercules, 174:is based upon a fundamental personality achievement. You must have been tremendously attachedHercules, 174:That is a paradox, but there is no achievement in being impersonal if there is no temptation to beHercules, 184:to us perfectly what would be our ultimate achievement when we had linked those two together, theHercules, 209:this condition. Herein lies the wonder of past achievement, and herein lies the hour of ourInitiation, 3:of the greater cycle, absorb the others in the achievement of synthetic perfection. It is theInitiation, 103:He is one who, in spite of all this great achievement, is seldom understood by his own generation.Intellect, 5:of the western worker to creative scientific achievement, yet the world into which they enter isIntellect, 13:but are themselves the guarantee of the ultimate achievement of the whole. Irving Babbitt remarks,Intellect, 14:added to the emotional rapture an intellectual achievement (an orientation of the mind) whichIntellect, 22:of the masses. In an age of scientific achievement and of a synthesis [23] of thought in everyIntellect, 27:There must be no standardized limit of achievement, the attainment of which will leave themIntellect, 27:the finest and the best amongst us, for in their achievement lies the [28] promise of the New Age.Intellect, 33:legitimate objective, capable of successful achievement, he will eagerly grasp at it. If societyIntellect, 60:of the race is steadily mounting the ladder of achievement. Humanity, through its vast groups ofIntellect, 72:Being and into another dimension. The goal of achievement has shifted into higher realms of thoughtIntellect, 74:world, and who stand in the forefront of human achievement, testifying to faculties beyond ourIntellect, 78:position of mental attainment, scientific achievement and divine unrest. Steadily his center ofIntellect, 81:ought not strictly to be regarded as an 'achievement,' or as 'the production of a non-pre-existentIntellect, 95:of success through the agency of the mind, the achievement of [96] perfection, the taking ofIntellect, 108:factor and would seem to make of both stages an achievement of control. Through the practice ofIntellect, 112:can be begun, and brought to a high point of achievement, making it possible for the soul to haveIntellect, 142:on the brain and the guarantee of future achievement is recognized." - Bailey, Alice, The Light ofIntellect, 147:of the intellect, so much so, that to many the achievement of intellectual ability is theIntellect, 147:and application, reach the same standard of achievement to which meditation brings the easternIntellect, 158:be carefully noted. For many at this time, the achievement of knowledge of God is of greater importIntellect, 213:from that realm. This is a definite stage of achievement and is not simply a symbolic way ofIntellect, 266:and theologies; they work in all fields of human achievement - the scientific field, the political,Magic, 18:spirit, soul, and body lies as yet beyond man's achievement, but an idea as to their relationshipMagic, 59:the versatile psychic nature." The hindrances to achievement and the obstacles to progress areMagic, 90:of which the Christ speaks. This is the achievement of the true Nirvanee who, living in unbrokenMagic, 100:when the point of balance can be found. In man's achievement and spiritualization is the hope ofMagic, 107:caliber of the physical body, by past karma and achievement, and by the ability of the aspirant toMagic, 161:results they achieve or fail to achieve; this achievement or lack of achievement and the steadinessMagic, 161:or fail to achieve; this achievement or lack of achievement and the steadiness or disloyalties ofMagic, 182:right use of knowledge leads to experience and achievement of the goal." How often does one find aMagic, 224:But in the attaining of success and in the achievement of clear vision and right discernmentMagic, 227:right use of the intellect is the outstanding achievement. This is also characterized by threeMagic, 230:of balance and so stand on that pinnacle of achievement whereon "a choice is made". What is thatMagic, 239:The crystallized thought form of intellectual achievement for selfish ends, and the use ofMagic, 245:and then "having done all, stand." That the achievement of equilibrium is only possible whereMagic, 285:in a three dimensional world is the outstanding achievement of that aspect. The self-consciousnessMagic, 287:To Will. These words relate to the ultimate achievement, when, by an act of the combined will ofMagic, 323:by one of greater activity, and of more potent achievement. Rhythm, ebb and flow, and the measuredMagic, 342:and in contemplation sense the ultimate achievement of that great factor, Time. A third cause liesMagic, 343:side, and slows down his vibration. It prevents achievement and his service to the world suffers inMagic, 344:regulation of thought will lead to the sphere of achievement. Remember too that it is not purposedMagic, 368:be yours, for to the tired warrior the fruits of achievement and rest are doubly sweet; the joy ofMagic, 455:as any of the great spans which signalize human achievement, convey [456] naught to theMagic, 515:all disciples are learning and this is the high achievement of the initiates and trained workers ofMagic, 535:does that lead to? Straight to the summit of achievement, to the fulfilment of cyclic destiny, toMagic, 548:same time accurately, be able to utter forth the achievement which is the goal of his endeavor inMagic, 558:and where it exists there is ever success and achievement. Such pure motive can be entirely selfishMagic, 582:Ones, if not recognized by the world); it is the achievement of that spiritual orientation, heldMagic, 610:to the work of those who through intellectual achievement have learnt to work as magicians but onMagic, 618:mystic, or in deploring their lack of spiritual achievement or their failure to achieve a sphere ofMagic, 630:interpretation of that which is perceived. The achievement of true vision, plus rightMagic, 632:to work is - on its own level - as great an achievement as to fulfil the destiny of a Christ or aMagic, 635:at this time can be seen to be as follows: An achievement of clarity of thought as to their ownMeditation, 12:ahead of those upon the Path will come final achievement through the instrumentality of the orderedMeditation, 15:the lower vehicles; it is largely what we term achievement by an intense focusing, a terrificMeditation, 16:in the consciousness. Carried to the point of achievement, this expansion results in the finalMeditation, 16:the fourth Initiation. In the first instance - achievement via the Power Ray - the driving forwardMeditation, 42:line with the ray, and its ultimate success and achievement is more nearly [43] possible thanMeditation, 81:and one thousand the number of spiritual [81] achievement. When every petal vibrates in all theMeditation, 107:to certain rules with the aim in view of the achievement of a particular goal, and the attainmentMeditation, 131:has developed his vehicles to a point of real achievement, then his vibrations set in motion matterMeditation, 137:foregoing all that might be His as the price of achievement - stays amid the fogs, the strife, theMeditation, 173:second line) as from admiration and joy in their achievement, and gratitude for what they haveMeditation, 251:the motive underlying their work, and their achievement will then outrun that of other students.Meditation, 344:of that end. A definite personal goal of achievement, some great ideal - such as holiness ofMeditation, 349:past deeds, and casting the mind back over old achievement, is in the nature of involution, and thePatanjali, 22:which is not the samadhi of the yogi, nor the achievement of one-pointedness such as the student ofPatanjali, 22:quieting is not only a detriment to the achievement of the highest yoga but is excessivelyPatanjali, 26:Master is the result of patient endurance; his achievement is the fruit of a steady effort which isPatanjali, 27:- must be justly appraised; the reasons for its achievement correctly judged, and the results to bePatanjali, 35:and is applied to different stages of yogi achievement. This makes it somewhat difficult for thePatanjali, 40:the solar angel, ego or soul. This is the achievement of the previous group. Then the PresencePatanjali, 54:student how interdependent all are and how the achievement of one will profoundly affect the entirePatanjali, 230:from that realm. This is a definite stage of achievement and is not simply a symbolic way ofPatanjali, 246:into one's consciousness is most difficult of achievement, and when it can be done for the space of
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