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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACQUIESCENCE

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Astrology, 371:will which will not involve the hitherto blind acquiescence and unavoidable acceptance of theAstrology, 559:take shape until he reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration. Then he finds himself uponAstrology, 591:of divine expression. Mankind's so-called acquiescence in the will of God is based on his wishDiscipleship1, 56:of his work, an astral body of stillness and of acquiescence, sensitive to impressions from theDiscipleship1, 128:this difficulty, I would remind you that your acquiescence in the matter has been quite voluntaryDiscipleship1, 129:and to give me the opportunity by a temporary acquiescence and a voluntary obedience to prove toDiscipleship1, 137:you right at the beginning for your voluntary acquiescence in the suggestions I shall make to you,Discipleship1, 154:and teaching and whose tendency is to confuse acquiescence in your teaching and acceptance of yourDiscipleship1, 208:is no escape) is one thing and simply involves acquiescence, the cultivation of a willingness toDiscipleship1, 274:injunctions. If you grant them an obedient acquiescence and an intelligent understanding of theirDiscipleship1, 439:it is with disease, per se. Remember that inner acquiescence with physical limitations is the keyDiscipleship1, 587:sensation which comes from speech which evokes acquiescence. This serves to place you "in the seatDiscipleship1, 587:but that the finer minds have no time for such acquiescence; they proceed upon their way, leavingDiscipleship1, 677:the forms man learns through discontent. Thus is acquiescence in the work of the greater BuildersDiscipleship1, 687:and factually - makes you afraid of a too prompt acquiescence in the known suggestions of theDiscipleship2, 651:to your own inner attitude of recognition and acquiescence, of Being and attainment. Those are theDiscipleship2, 730:masterhood is released, bringing quiescence and acquiescence, it is difficult to predict theDiscipleship2, 740:to use your mind at times when the simple acquiescence of a loving heart is what you need. L.F.U.Education, 120:steeped in misery and an unhappy psychological acquiescence in sorrow and pain. The clear light ofExternalisation, 29:he has molded human [29] minds - either through acquiescence in his theories or through refutationExternalisation, 520:people everywhere, and also with the devoted acquiescence (though blind acceptance) of the man inFire, 575:they remain negative, taking the line of acquiescence, of falling in with the law. Only the humanFire, 575:battle and strife learn the lesson of divine acquiescence. Yet, owing to the increase of frictionFire, 802:to unitary sensation), and its conscious acquiescence in group response and work. It marks theHealing, 297:soul desires. These steps will include: A mental acquiescence and an acceptance of the fact of theHealing, 385:based upon mutual understanding. A determined acquiescence on the part of the patient to acceptHealing, 544:in the patient a constructive attitude of acquiescence - not an acquiescence which leads toHealing, 544:a constructive attitude of acquiescence - not an acquiescence which leads to non-action, but oneHealing, 552:will have to strive for a spirit of hopeful acquiescence in the man; the emotional nature will beHealing, 553:healing. Bringing about a condition of hopeful acquiescence on the part of the personality of theHealing, 556:relation with the patient of either cooperation, acquiescence or spiritual control. PhysicalHercules, 121:On this cross the man reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration, and so prepares himself forMagic, 14:color the point of view and meet with a ready acquiescence from the untrained mind, and that is theMagic, 104:and not by unquestioning obedience, negative acquiescence, and blind following. Let this not beMagic, 410:man to the [410] point of revolt and away from acquiescence in authority. They have driven man toMagic, 533:the forms man learns through discontent. Thus is acquiescence in the work of the greater BuildersMagic, 582:in forward-looking ideals, and a pleased acquiescence in the truths of the New Age do notMeditation, 340:process brought about by the Master with the acquiescence of the disciple which welds into aPatanjali, 189:This does not entail a settling down and an acquiescence producing inertia, but a recognition ofPsychology2, 268:unused. This impact is called the "Touch of Acquiescence," and marks the acceptance by the soul ofPsychology2, 269:on the physical plane, The touch of acquiescence on the astral plane, The touch of enlightenmentPsychology2, 269:lies racially in the past. The Touch of Acquiescence takes place upon the battlefield of thePsychology2, 270:upon the part of man. b. The Approach of Acquiescence will be equally well recognized by thePsychology2, 271:These lead, in due time, to Appropriation - Acquiescence - Enlightenment through the racial stagesPsychology2, 275:individual personality life of the Approach of Acquiescence. This takes place upon the battlefieldPsychology2, 276:every disciple subjects himself. It is through acquiescence that the astral aspect of thePsychology2, 276:far off days acquiesced, and gave the touch of acquiescence in the obligation assumed when thePsychology2, 276:and endeavoring to make the approach of acquiescence, they fall into the illusions of self-pity.Psychology2, 278:which comes from the Touch of Divine Acquiescence. He was the embodied force of submission, and HePsychology2, 278:energy upon the astral plane through His divine acquiescence that He is the First Initiator. [279]Psychology2, 279:and these are steps towards the Approach of Acquiescence which will become possible on our planetPsychology2, 282:and most transforming of the initiations. The acquiescence of the soul to the demands of thePsychology2, 289:and etheric integration. The technique of acquiescence. Astral or psychic healing. The technique ofPsychology2, 290:gradually bring enlightenment and lead to [290] acquiescence in the techniques of the soul, and thePsychology2, 407:when the blind process of evolutionary acquiescence becomes the living conscious effort, and it isPsychology2, 422:begun and two possibilities lie ahead: Eventual acquiescence of a nature which ends the life inPsychology2, 482:the guiding Presence of God, coupled to a blind acquiescence in what is generalized as the "will ofPsychology2, 482:submissively to live. A spirit of submission and acquiescence is inevitably developed, and byPsychology2, 482:In some of the more sublimated states of this acquiescence, the sensitively inclined person voicesPsychology2, 483:unintelligent acceptance. Life does not demand acquiescence and acceptance. It demands activity,Psychology2, 579:There is what I might call a flat or unemotional acquiescence in the condition which is due to thePsychology2, 737:the familiar or the newly imposed rule with acquiescence and oft quite unintelligently, providedPsychology2, 747:peaceful relationships with, and harmonious acquiescence in, as well as cooperation with theRays, 210:and drive him to what we might call "ashramic acquiescence," but the all-impelling motive of worldReappearance, 114:of spiritual reorientation, of submission and of acquiescence. Christ demonstrated this submissionReappearance, 114:Him Who sent me." (John VI, 38.) He proved His acquiescence when He cried, "Father, not my will butReappearance, 114:but which submits to that which is imposed. Acquiescence has in it the element of an understandingReappearance, 114:expectancy, leading eventually to a positive acquiescence. A spiritual expectancy is also to beReappearance, 114:to foster spiritual submission and intelligent acquiescence in the masses, who normally divideReappearance, 114:two attitudes; these factors of submission, acquiescence and expectancy are latent in every man. ItReappearance, 115:are the factors recognized in submission and acquiescence. In establishing right human relations,Reappearance, 115:submission to existent facts, and obedient acquiescence to divine law are all involved. These are
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